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 NboostForward declaration for the boost::mutex class
 NDCMTreeClass to dump a DCMTree dicom message into a human readable file this class could be used as a starter to write a DCMTree::Writer subclass
 NDCMTree_UtilsDictionary class to provide dicom-meta information
 NDICOMCachedIOToolsNamespace collecting some DICOM IO functionality to read, write, and cache DICOM trees and tags
 NDPLForward and includes of internally used DPL classes
 NFileListToolsNamespace containing a number of tools and classes to scan directories for files, assign attributes to files and to filter file sets
 NgdcmNamespace of the Grassroots DICOM library
 NitkInclude dll-specific settings
 NmlDefine a template class for multi-valued fields
 NCSOGeneratePathPointsThe CSOGeneratePathPoints namespace offers interpolation methods (computing path points between seed points) as a linear interpolation, a spline interpolation and a spline approximation
 NCSOGenerateSeedPointsThe CSOGenerateSeedPoints namespace offers methods to compute seed points for given CSOs while retaining the path points
 NCSOGeometryThe CSOGeometry namespace offers some common methods for various geometric problems, e.g., determining whether a CSO lies in a plane, if a CSO is self-intersection, computing the center of gravity, thinning out path points or applying Boolean operations
 NCSOMathThe CSOMath namespace offers some common methods for various problems, e.g., computing the area, mapping from voxel to world or computing numerical problems real fast
 NDicomIODsCreateNamespace containing a number of tool function interfaces to create DICOM IODs as tag sets
 NDICOMTagInformationNamespace collecting tools, tables, and dictionaries about known DICOM tags
 NDICOMTagToolsA namespace collecting tools related to DICOM tags and tree tools
 NDicomToMLToolsTool functions for the extraction and handling of information of specific DICOM frames
 NDirectDicomImportDPLImageToMultiFileVolumeTools to convert a DPLImage to one or more MultiFileVolumes
 NMLToDicomToolsTool function namespace with many tool functions for the conversion of DICOM information and tag values to comparable ML information objects
 NModuleLoaderBackendsA collection of some tool functions loading files with modules or other backends
 NMultiFileVolumeProcessorTools for MultiFileVolume manipulations
 NMultiFrameToolsA tool library with useful functions to detect, analyze, decompose multi-frame DICOM trees
 NPCLInventorToolsNamespace with a collection of converter tools between the libraries Open Inventor and PCL
 NPCLMLToolsNamespace with a collection of converter tools between the libraries ML and PCL
 NPCLSupportToolsA collection of tool functions used in MLPCLSupport
 NR2SonicWCNamespace containing R2Sonic loader specific functionality.
 NReleaseToolsIOA collection of static IO tool functions
 NReleaseToolsMiscA collection of miscellaneous tool functions
 NReleaseToolsStringCollection of some string tools
 NTextStringParserToolsA collection of string tools useful for DICOM/ML IO projects
 NWEMConnectedComponentThe WEMConnectedComponent namespace
 NWEMCutOpHelper namespace for operations on cuts (partial, face, or full)
 NWEMEdgeOpHelper namespace for performing swap, split and collapse operations on edges of a WEM
 NWEMFaceOpHelper namespace for performing operations on a face
 NWEMGeometryTool namespace for performing geometric operations on a WEMPatch
 NWEMNodeOpHelper namespace for performing smoothing on nodes
 NWEMSetOpTool namespace for performing set operations on WEM patches
 NWEMShortestPathThe WEMShortestPath namespace implements Dijkstra's shortest path algorithm for a WEM
 NMLPCLTestToolsNamespace containing useful tools for Google tests written for PCL related classes in MeVisLab
 NSoView2DShaderBuiltInIncludesAll includes implemented by the GVR itself shall be included in this namespace