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PCLBaseListToPointCloud Wolf SpindlerMLModulePCLMLAdaptersMLPCLMLAdaptersConverts a BaseList to a point cloud
PCLBilateralFilter Wolf SpindlerMLModulePCLFiltersMLPCLFiltersWraps the pcl::BilateralFilter to smooth an input point cloud
PCLClusterStatistics Wolf SpindlerMLModulePCLClusterStatisticsMLPCLClusterStatisticsExtracting same integer valued clusters and calculating statistics for each of them.
PCLClusterStatisticsToInventor Wolf SpindlerMLModulePCLClusterStatisticsMLPCLClusterStatisticsDisplays results from PCLClusterStatistics in an Open Inventor Scene.
PCLCompare Wolf SpindlerMLModulePCLSupportMLPCLSupportCompares two PCL point clouds and optionally posts an ML error if they differ.
PCLConcaveHull Wolf SpindlerMLModulePCLSurfaceMLPCLSurfaceWraps the pcl::ConcaveHull filter to determine the concave hull of the given input cloud
PCLConvexHull Wolf SpindlerMLModulePCLSurfaceMLPCLSurfaceWraps the pcl::ConvexHull filter to determine the convex hull of the given input cloud
PCLCopy Wolf SpindlerMLModulePCLFiltersMLPCLFiltersCopy points or point components from points in input 1 to points in input 2, optionally using indices.
PCLCropBox Wolf SpindlerMLModulePCLFiltersMLPCLFiltersWraps the pcl::CropBox point cloud filter to filter all the data inside of a given, possibly transformed, box
PCLEuclideanClusterExtraction Wolf SpindlerMLModulePCLSegmentationMLPCLSegmentationWraps the pcl::EuclideanClusterExtraction point cloud feature filter to find clusters in a point cloud
PCLFeatureHistogram Wolf SpindlerMLModulePCLCommonMLPCLCommonWraps the pcl::FeatureHistogram to create a Histogram from the in point cloud filter and to provide it as a curve base object
PCLIndexFilter Wolf SpindlerMLModulePCLFiltersMLPCLFiltersML PCL module class creating a subset of indices of input one given by indices at input 1, then of input 2, and so on.
PCLInfo Wolf SpindlerMLModulePCLSupportMLPCLSupportDisplays information about the connected point cloud.
PCLInspector Wolf SpindlerMacroModuleGUIOutput inspector module for PCL connectors
PCLIntensityRankFilter Wolf SpindlerMLModulePCLFiltersMLPCLFiltersPerforms a rank filtering on intensity replacements of each point of a point cloud
PCLIterativeClosestPoint Wolf SpindlerMLModulePCLRegistrationMLPCLRegistrationML Module class wrapping pcl::IterativeClosestPoint class.
PCLLoad Wolf SpindlerMLModulePCLIOMLPCLIOLoads a point cloud from file.
PCLMarchingCubesHoppe Wolf SpindlerMLModulePCLSurfaceMLPCLSurfaceWraps the pcl::MarchingCubesHoppe reconstruction filter to create a surface from the input point cloud
PCLMarchingCubesRBF Wolf SpindlerMLModulePCLSurfaceMLPCLSurfaceWraps the pcl::MarchingCubesRBF reconstruction filter to create a surface from the input point cloud
PCLMemberCopy Wolf SpindlerMLModulePCLFiltersMLPCLFiltersML PCL module class allowing to copy a point member to another.
PCLMLImageToPointCloud Wolf SpindlerMLModulePCLMLAdaptersMLPCLMLAdaptersConverts an ML PagedImage to a point cloud
PCLModule Wolf SpindlerMLModulePCLSupportMLPCLSupportNo operation module; it is the base class for all PCL modules.
PCLMovingLeastSquares Wolf SpindlerMLModulePCLSurfaceMLPCLSurfaceWraps the pcl::MovingLeastSquares surface algorithm of the point cloud library
PCLNormalEstimation Wolf SpindlerMLModulePCLFeaturesMLPCLFeaturesWraps the pcl::NormalEstimation feature filter to extract normals from the given point cloud
PCLPassThrough Wolf SpindlerMLModulePCLFiltersMLPCLFiltersWraps the pcl::PassThrough point cloud filter which filters input points with an interval over one or all fields.
PCLPCA Wolf SpindlerMLModulePCLCommonMLPCLCommonWraps the pcl::pca point cloud filter to filter input points with an interval
PCLPointCloudToXMarkerList Wolf SpindlerMLModulePCLMLAdaptersMLPCLMLAdaptersConverts a point cloud to an XMarkerList
PCLPointMemberArithmetic Wolf SpindlerMLModulePCLSupportMLPCLSupportProvides a number of convenient operations on point members, such as set, scale, min/max, normalize etc.
PCLR2SonicWCLoader Wolf SpindlerMLModuleFileMainMLPCLR2SonicWCLoaderLoader for .83B and .837 sonar data files as a point cloud
PCLRadiusOutlierRemoval Wolf SpindlerMLModulePCLFiltersMLPCLFiltersWraps the pcl::RadiusOutlierRemoval point cloud filter which filters input points using point neighborhood statistics to filter outliers and noise.
PCLSampleConsensus Wolf SpindlerMLModulePCLSampleConsensusMLPCLSampleConsensusML Module class wrapping pcl::SampleConsensus classes class which search objects in point clouds.
PCLSampleConsensusModels Wolf SpindlerMLModulePCLSampleConsensusMLPCLSampleConsensusWraps currently available pcl::SampleConsensusModels of the PCL.
PCLSave Wolf SpindlerMLModulePCLIOMLPCLIOSaves a point cloud in a file.
PCLScriptOutput Wolf SpindlerMLModulePCLSupportMLPCLSupportA no operation module providing nothing but a PCL output connector for scripting purposes.
PCLStatisticalOutlierRemoval Wolf SpindlerMLModulePCLFiltersMLPCLFiltersWraps the pcl::StatisticalOutlierRemoval point cloud filter which filters input points using point neighborhood statistics to filter outliers and noise.
PCLToInventor Wolf SpindlerMLModulePCLInventorAdaptersMLPCLInventorAdaptersConverts a point set to a vertex set in a SoVertexProperty.
PCLVoxelGrid Wolf SpindlerMLModulePCLFiltersMLPCLFiltersWraps the pcl::VoxelGrid point cloud filter and produces a grid aligned point cloud as well as an ML image output.

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