4.9. View Menu

Figure 4.26. View Menu

View Menu

4.9.1. View All

Displays the complete network.

4.9.2. Zoom To Selection

Zooms the selection to 100%.

4.9.3. Zoom In

Zooms in for displaying more network details.

4.9.4. Zoom Out

Zooms out for displaying less details and more of the full network.

4.9.5. Zoom 100%

Zooms the network to 100% (size based on the standard module design).

4.9.6. Layout

Figure 4.27. View — Layout Submenu

View — Layout Submenu

In this menu, the MeVisLab interface layout concerning the visible Views and their arrangement is defined, see Section 4.9.8, “Views”.


The Layout menu is also available from the bottom bar, see Chapter 6, Bottom Bar.

The following pre-defined settings are available:


Opens Output Inspector, Module Inspector, Module List, and Debug Output.

Module Search

Opens Module Inspector, Module List, and Module Search.

No Dock Windows

Hides all docking windows, that is all Views. This leaves only the network workspace visible.

Screenshot Gallery

Opens the Screenshot Gallery, see Chapter 19, Screenshot Gallery.

User Default Layout

Opens the layout saved as “User Default Layout”. If none was saved, opens the last used layout.

The following options for layout handling are available:

Store and Set Current Layout as "User Default Layout"

Saves the current configuration of Views as the user default and activate this user default layout.


The default user layout is a persistent setting. If it is the currently active layout, the configuration of Views last changed by the user is saved as “Default User Layout”. Therefore, changes done on the layout will "overwrite" the default user layout.

Store Current Layout

Opens a window to save the current configuration of the Views under another name. Stored user layouts are not overwritten when updating/reinstalling MeVisLab but are are saved to the places listed in the Preferences chapter per operating system, see Section 4.3, “Preferences”.

Figure 4.28. Store Current Layout

Store Current Layout

Edit User Layouts

Opens a window to copy, rename or delete saved user layouts.

Figure 4.29. Edit User Layouts

Edit User Layouts

User layouts cannot be edited via the menu. For editing, open the user layout in MeVisLab, edit its Views configuration and save it under its old name.

4.9.7. Toolbars

In the Toolbars menu, toolbar elements can be enabled and disabled.

Figure 4.30. View — Toolbars Submenu

View — Toolbars Submenu


In the Views menu, Views elements can be enabled and disabled.

Figure 4.31. View — Views Submenu

View — Views Submenu

Available Views: