27.8. Set Open Inventor Override Flag (Inventor Modules)

In the context menu of Open Inventor modules, the option Set Open Inventor Override Flag is available (see Section 3.9.1, “Module Context Menu”). This option has an effect on how Open Inventor scenes are rendered.


For information on Open Inventor scenes, see Getting Started, chapter Creating an Open Inventor Scene, or the Inventor Module help, first chapter.

Here an example for the effects of the Override option:

Figure 27.7. Open Inventor Scene Without Override

Open Inventor Scene Without Override

In a normal scene rendering, the blue color overrides the red color. However, if in the context menu of SoMaterial (red) the Override Flag is set, the red color overrides the blue color.

Figure 27.8. Open Inventor Scene With Override

Open Inventor Scene With Override


The Override Flag only works for modules within the traversing route. For example, if SoMaterial (red) were connected to a SoSeparator module, the override would have no effect outside this separator.

In addition to the override on module level, an ignore flag for each parameter can be set in the context menu of the automatic panel. In the example with the module override, if the red color is ignored, all colors are overridden with the default gray.

Figure 27.9. Open Inventor Scene With Ignore Flag (Red)

Open Inventor Scene With Ignore Flag (Red)

The ignore flag can also be set in the SoMaterial (blue) panel. In the example without module override, if the blue color is ignored, the red color is visible.

Figure 27.10. Open Inventor Scene With Ignore Flag (Blue)

Open Inventor Scene With Ignore Flag (Blue)