27.7. Multi-threading in MeVisLab

27.7.1. Multi-threading in the ML

Since MeVisLab 2.5, a new ML host is available that optimizes multi-threading for page-based image operations.

To enable the new optimized host, go to the General tab of the Preferences panel (Section 4.3.1, “Preferences — General”) and uncheck the option to use the classic ML host.

In order to profile modules using multi-threading, use the view described in Chapter 9, ML Parallel Processing Profiler View.

27.7.2. Background Tasks

The new feature Background Tasks allows for sending complete tasks into the background of MeVislab, for example to disconnect calculation tasks from the GUI functionality. However, Background Tasks handle only complete tasks and will not allow breaking a task into a number of parallel processes.

For more about Background Tasks, see Chapter 7, Background Tasks and the ToolBox Reference, chapter “Background Tasks”.

27.7.3. Modules for Multi-threading

Many modules do not have enabled multi-threading, because it requires good knowledge about common multi-threading pitfalls to decide if a module is already thread-safe or what needs to be done.