Chapter 13. Module Search

Table of Contents

13.1. Module Search
13.2. Advanced Search
13.3. Module Search Result Context Menu
13.3.1. General Options
13.3.2. Additional Options for Macro Modules
13.4. Search in Network

13.1. Module Search

With the Module Search View, complex search filters can be constructed. When opened for the first time, it looks similar to the quick search in the toolbar, see Chapter 5, Toolbar.

Figure 13.1. Module Search with Demo Entry

Module Search with Demo Entry

Click the magnifier button to select search criteria.

The search starts immediately with each entered key (incremental search). The result list can be scrolled to the right for more information. Click a column header to sort the list by the contents of this column.

Double-click a module to add it to the network. If other Views are open, for example the Module Inspector, the module is also opened in this View.


A module can also be instantiated from the Module Search by dragging its name onto the network window.