13.3. Module Search Result Context Menu

For the results of the module search, a context menu is available. The options depend on the module. For example, if no example network is available, this option is grayed out in the context menu.

Figure 13.5. Module Search Results — Context Menu

Module Search Results — Context Menu

13.3.1. General Options

Show Example Network

Opens the example network in the workspace.

If a module has no example network, this option is grayed out.

If a module has multiple example networks, this entry is a menu with a submenu that shows a list of all available example networks by their names.

Show Help

Opens the module help (HTML) in the default web browser.

Edit Help

Opens the .mhelp file in the default text editor.

13.3.2. Additional Options for Macro Modules

Related Files

Lists all files belonging to the module. Possible file types are .def/.script (MDL definition files), .mhelp/.html (uncompiled/compiled help file), and .py (scripting files). Select a file to open it in the default editor (as set in Section 4.3.4, “Preferences — Supportive Programs”).

Show Enclosing Folder

Opens the main folder of the module, which contains the .def file.

Run As Application

Runs the macro as an application in a stand-alone window.