13.2. Advanced Search

The advanced search allows for more complex search statements which can be combined. Click to show advanced search entry fields.

Figure 13.2. Module Search — Advanced

Module Search — Advanced

In the first list, the area to be searched in has to be selected.

Figure 13.3. Module Search — Searching In

Module Search — Searching In

In the second list, the operator has to be selected.

Figure 13.4. Module Search — Operators

Module Search — Operators

Only visible search statements are executed. By clicking , less search entries are visible (and active).

Search statements can be turned on or off with the check box in front of the entry.

Search statements offer two additional options at the end of the line:

: Negates the statement. For example, the search is done for “does not contain” instead of “contains” .

: Applies case-sensitive search.


Selections in the Module Search View are persistent and set as default the next time the View is used.