Chapter 8. Debug Output

The Debug Output View shows all events in the same way as they are written to the log file (see Section 4.3.5, “Preferences — Paths”).

Figure 8.1. Debug Output

Debug Output

Paths and files for which standard programs are defined are marked as links (in blue and underlined). Click them to open the folder or file.

To clear the Debug Output, click it and press L. This has no effect on the log file, and clear actions are not being logged.

A context menu with editing options is available when right-clicking the Debug Output. The context menu has a submenu to manage massage filters for info messages, errors, and warnings. The filters do not prevent messages from being printed, but only from being shown. This means that previously hidden messages will be shown when the message type is enabled again, unless the Debug Output has been cleared.

Figure 8.2. Context Menu

Context Menu