Chapter 19. Screenshot Gallery

Table of Contents

19.1. Screenshot Gallery
19.2. Screenshot Gallery Context Menu
19.3. Movies in the Screenshot Gallery

19.1. Screenshot Gallery

The Screenshot Gallery maintains the screenshots and movies made with MeVisLab's viewers. The screenshot gallery offers a preview of all screenshots and movies, as well as the possibility to show an enlarged version, or to copy, rename, or delete a screenshot or movie.

For showing movies, additional video software may be necessary.

Figure 19.1. Screenshot Gallery

Screenshot Gallery

To capture a screenshot, select any viewer and press F11 (on Win/Lin) or + 4 (on MacOs). A thumbnail of the screenshot is added to the gallery.

For each screenshot, two files are saved locally in .png format:

  • an image file in


  • a thumbnail file in


The path for screenshots can be changed in the Preferences, see Section 4.3.5, “Preferences — Paths”.

To view a larger version of the screenshot, click it. The screenshot is displayed below the gallery. Its size depends on the available space.