19.2. Screenshot Gallery Context Menu

In the Screenshot Gallery, a context menu is available. To open it, right-click the thumbnail.

Figure 19.2. Screenshot Gallery Context Menu

Screenshot Gallery Context Menu

Open In External Viewer: Open the selected screenshot in the default viewer for .png format or the selected movie in the default player for the video format (the viewer can be set in the Preferences, see Section 4.3.4, “Preferences — Supportive Programs”). Alternatively, double-click the thumbnail.

Copy To Clipboard: Copy the screenshot or movie to the clipboard.

Save As: Save the screenshot or movie under another name and path.

Delete Selected Screenshots: Delete the selected screenshots and movies from hard drive. To select more than one screenshot, use the platform's standard features. (For example, on Windows use SHIFT+click for selecting continuous and CTRL+click for selecting multiple screenshots.)

Show All Screenshots: Show all screenshots and movies that are saved in the mevislabscreenshots folder.

Show Recent Screenshots: Show all screenshots and movies of the current day.