19.3. Movies in the Screenshot Gallery

To add movies, a module that supports a movie output needs to be available. For 2D, movies can be recorded for moving through slices (for example in the CineMode of the View2D module) by combining this with a Viewer.

For a 3D example, open the SyncroView2DExample network, add the View3D module and connect it with an OrthoReformat3 connector. Open the panel of the View3D module and and click the Advanced tab to find the movie recording settings. Record a movie and then click Create Movie so that the output is generated.

Movies are saved in the same folder as screenshots, as movie_<name>_<number>.<videoformat> and screenshot_<name>_<number>.<videoformat>.thumb.png.

The final result will be displayed as a thumbnail in the Screenshot Gallery with a video symbol in the top left corner. Click it once for a small preview in the gallery or double-click it to open it in a video viewer (for example Windows Media or Quicktime player).