Chapter 11. Module Inspector

Table of Contents

11.1. Fields
11.1.1. Editing Field Values
11.1.2. Module Inspector Fields Context Menu
11.2. Files
11.2.1. Module Inspector Files Context Menu
11.3. Tree
11.3.1. Tree Context Menu
11.4. About
11.5. Related
11.5.1. Related Context Menu
11.6. Scripting

The Module Inspector gathers and displays extensive module information. This information can also be found in other parts of the software.

11.1. Fields

The Fields tab lists all fields available in the module.

Figure 11.1. Module Inspector — Fields

Module Inspector — Fields

The Fields tab contains the same information as the automatic panel's Parameters tab.

Figure 11.2. Automatic Panel

Automatic Panel

As they can be edited in the same way, they shall be discussed together here.

11.1.1. Editing Field Values

The values of fields can be edited. The options depend on the parameter type. Click the entry to edit. To finish the edit, press RETURN (to save the field value) or TAB (to save the field value and open the next field value for editing).

Figure 11.3. Module Inspector — Edit Boolean

Module Inspector — Edit Boolean

Figure 11.4. Module Inspector — Edit Color

Module Inspector — Edit Color

Figure 11.5. Module Inspector — Edit Text

Module Inspector — Edit Text

Figure 11.6. Module Inspector — Edit Values

Module Inspector — Edit Values

Just like with automatic panels, parameter connections can be created by dragging the parameter of another module onto the Fields tab.

11.1.2. Module Inspector Fields Context Menu

For the fields of the Module Inspector, a context menu is available. The options depend on the type of the field and if it is part of a parameter connection.

Figure 11.7. Module Inspector Fields Context Menu

Module Inspector Fields Context Menu

<ModuleName>.<FieldName> [FieldType]: <Value>

Displays the module name, the name of the field, its type, and its current value.


If the title is selected, the <ModuleName>.<FieldName> is copied to the paste buffer. This string can be pasted into any text editor, for example inot MATE.

Copy Name

Copies the name of the field to the paste buffer.

Copy Value

Copies the value of the field to the paste buffer.


Pastes the field's value. The field's value can not only be pasted into an editor but also directly into another field.

Edit Field Value...

Opens an editor to edit the field's value.

Restore Default Value

Restore the default value of the field. This is only available if the current value is not the default value and the field is editable. (The field's value is displayed in a bold font in this case.)

Show Defined Enum Items...

Opens a window with four different representations of the enumeration's items:

  • String list: the names of the items as strings

  • MDL code: a snippet of MDL code that defines a field with the enumeration items

  • Python code: a snippet of Python code that defines directives to react to each chosen item

  • Detailed list: a list of the enumeration items with the item's name, the item's title, and the item's integer representation

This option is only available if the field is an enumeration field.

Set Open Inventor Ignore Flag

Toggles the field to be ignored. Only available for Open Inventor fields.

Select Field for Connection

Selects the field so that it can be connected to another field in the next step.

Connect From

Connects the selected field as source. Shows the field to connect from in the submenu.

Connect To

Connects the selected field as destination. Shows the field to connect to in the submenu.


Disconnects a parameter connection (to be selected from the submenu).


Touches the field value without changing it. This might trigger a recalculation of values or outputs.

Select Field In Module Inspector

Selects the field of a parameter connection to jump to in the display.

Add To Network Field WatchList

Adds the parameter to the Network Field WatchList, see Chapter 14, Network Field WatchList.

Show Scripting Help

Opens the scripting reference for the field's type in the default web browser.

Show Field Help

Opens the field's mhelp documentation in the default web browser.

Module Context Menu

Opens the module's context menu in a submenu.

Show Module In Network

Selects the module and zooms to it in the network.