11.5. Related

The Related tab lists all modules related to the currently selected module.

The relatedness is shown as a blue bar in the right-most column. The related modules are sorted by default by their relatedness

The relatedness score is computed by the seeAlso and the keyword tags, and also by the modules' names. In case of the seeAlso tag, the relatedness works bidirectional: if a module A refers to a module B via the seeAlso tag, the relatedness score of module B to module A also raises. This way, the seeAlso tags of only one of the modules needs to be updated.

Figure 11.14. Module Inspector — Related

Module Inspector — Related

Scroll to the right for more information.

Double-click a related module to add it to the workspace.

11.5.1. Related Context Menu

Figure 11.15. Module Inspector Related Context Menu

Module Inspector Related Context Menu

Show Example Network

Opens the example network in the workspace.

Show Example Network Folder

Opens the folder of the example networks in the default file browser.

Show Help

Opens the module help (HTML) in the default web browser.

Edit Module Definition File

Opens the .def file in the default text editor.