6.3. Data Objects

6.3.1. Markers

  • XMarkerListContainer: stores a list of XMarker objects as an XMarkerList object. The contents can be displayed, edited and saved. An XMarker object consists of a 6D Position, a 3D Vector, a Type and a Name property.

  • SoView2DMarkerEditor: allows for an interactive placement, editing and showing of markers on a 2D viewer.

  • So3DMarkerEditor: displays markers in 3D and provides some possibilities to interactively edit the markers.

6.3.2. Curves

  • ProfileCurve: extracts a profile curve from an image along any data dimension, by reading voxel values from its input image at positions along a specified line.

  • SoDiagram2D: displays 2D curves, such as time series, gray scale profiles, histograms, etc.

6.3.3. Contours

  • CSOManager: allows for editing the setting parameters and default parameters for CSOs and CSOGroups, as well as for the maintaining of the togetherness of CSOs and CSOGroups.

  • SoCSO3DRenderer: enables a visualization of the CSOs of a CSOList in 3D as an Open Inventor scene. Needs a valid CSOList for input (for example via CSOManager).

  • CSOIsoGenerator: allows for a generation of iso contours for a whole image at a fixed iso value. Needs a CSOList that is to be filled (for example via CSOManager).

  • SoView2DCSOExtensibleEditor: allows for editing and drawing CSOs. To be used in combination with CSOManager, a CSO sub-editor and a 2D viewer for output.

  • SoCSOSplineEditor: allows for a freehand or point-by-point generation of CSOs. Those CSOs are smoothed by a spline interpolation or approximation.

  • SoCSOEllipseEditor: allows for generating an ellipse or circle CSO.

6.3.4. Surface objects

  • SoWEMRenderer: renders a WEM as an Open Inventor scene.

  • WEMIsoSurface: generates the iso surface of a scalar volume image at a certain threshold.

  • WEMSmooth: smoothes a WEM by applying either a surface smooth (Laplacian), or a smoothing of the surface's normals.

  • WEMBulgeEditor: interactively bulge a WEM surface in a 2D viewer with SoView2DWEMBulgeEditor or directly in 3D with SoWEMBulgeEditor.