6.4. Miscellaneous

6.4.1. Fields

  • SettingsManager: loads/saves field contents from/to a file or a settings string.

  • SoCalculator: calculates by evaluating expressions (with access to input/output fields) and writing the result to the output fields.

  • StringUtils: offers a collection of general purpose operations on strings, for example comparison, case-conversion, find+replace, etc.

  • BoolInt: translates between a Boolean and an integer value.

  • BoolString: translates between a Boolean and a string value.

  • ComposeVector3: composes a vector from float values x, y, and z.

  • DecomposeVector3: decomposes a vector into single float values of x, y, and z.

  • ComposeMatrix: composes a matrix from float values or from vectors.

  • DecomposeMatrix: decomposes a matrix to float values of components or vectors.

  • WorldVoxelConvert: converts between voxel and world coordinates with respect to the image that is connected to the operator's image input field. All coordinate fields are interconnected, changes in one field are immediately reflected in the other fields.

  • FieldIterator: iterates through a list of field values and successively assigns these values to a collection of specified fields in a network. Can be used to batch-process a number of images, or to perform an operation for a list of parameter values and store the results in different output image files.

  • FieldShift: saves the last ten field changes of an input field. Can be used to collect the most recently selected coordinates, text string changes, enum changes etc.

  • FieldListener: displays information about a field and logs field changes.

6.4.2. Diagnostic

  • SystemInfo: lists information about the computer, the operating system, and the OpenGL driver and version details.

  • StopWatch: measures the time needed for an operation. Three methods are available: Start-Stop, external duration and image computation.

  • SoActionLog: log actions occuring in an OpenInventor scene.