The module MultiplyInterpolationPolynomial multiplies two multidimensional, scalar interpolation polynomials.

The internal representation is chosen in the style of the first factor. In particular, the bounding box will be the same as for the first polynomial.


If you experience that multiplication is too slow, try using SimplifyInterpolationPolynomial modules before both inputs. This should speed it up considerably, because it allows the module to use a different (simpler) algorithm.

Note that the result in this case will already be in the simplified form so that there is no need to use a SimplifyInterpolationPolynomial module after the output even if you feed that to another MultiplyInterpolationPolynomial module.


Default Panel


Input Fields


name: inputPolynomial1, type: MLBase


name: inputPolynomial2, type: MLBase

Output Fields


name: outputPolynomial, type: MLBase

Parameter Fields

Visible Fields

Auto apply

name: autoApply, type: Bool, default: FALSE

If checked, the module computes anew on any parameter or input change.


name: apply, type: Trigger

If pressed, the module computes anew.