The module IntegrationInterpolationPolynomial computes a partial anti-derivative (of arbitrary order) of a multidimensional, scalar interpolation polynomial.


There is no way to specify any of the integration constants.

Note in particular that for multivariate polynomials, the integration “constant” is in fact a function of all variables except the one with respect to that is integrated.


Default Panel


Input Fields


name: inputPolynomial, type: MLBase

Output Fields


name: outputPolynomial, type: MLBase

Parameter Fields

Visible Fields

List of Variables

name: variableList, type: String

Sets a comma-separated list of variable numbers with respect to which the polynomial has to be integrated.

The numbering starts with 0. The order of the indices should not matter (due to Schwarz’s theorem). Consistently, if the field is left empty, the polynomial will be left unchanged.

Auto apply

name: autoApply, type: Bool, default: FALSE

If checked, the module computes anew on any parameter or input change.


name: apply, type: Trigger

If pressed, the module computes anew.