The module ScalePointInterpolationPolynomial is a utility that simplifies evaluation of a multidimensional, scalar interpolation polynomial.

Use the EvaluateInterpolationPolynomial module in the case where you want to specify the evaluation point relative to the bounding box of the polynomial (or of a different polynomial).


Default Panel


Parameter Fields

Visible Fields

Unscaled Point

name: unscaledPoint, type: String

Sets the unscaled point(s).

Separate components with comma. For each component, -1 means the lower boundary of the bounding box, 1 means the upper boundary, and 0 means the midpoint. Of course, you can use any real numbers.

Bounding Box

name: boundingBox, type: String

Sets the bounding box according to which the point shall be scaled.

Separate lower and upper boundaries with comma; separate components with semicolon.

Scaled Point

name: scaledPoint, type: String, persistent: no

Shows the scaled point.

The scaled point will always have the same dimension as the unscaled point; if the bounding box has not enough components, the remaining components of the unscaled point are just copied (i.e. not scaled).