The module IntegrateBoxInterpolationPolynomial integrates a multidimensional, scalar interpolation polynomial over its generic bounding box or over any other bounding box.


Default Panel


Input Fields


name: inputPolynomial, type: MLBase

Parameter Fields

Visible Fields

Automatic Bounding Box

name: autoBBox, type: String, persistent: no

Shows the automatically determined pre-image bounding box of the polynomial.

Use manual bounding box

name: useManBBox, type: Bool, default: FALSE

If checked, the polynomial is integrated over the manually set pre-image bounding box.

Manual Bounding Box

name: manBBox, type: String

Sets the manual pre-image bounding box.

Divide by box size

name: divideByBoxSize, type: Bool, default: TRUE

If checked, the integral will be divided by the size of the bounding box.

In other words, the result will be the mean value of the polynomial over the bounding box.

Evaluation Value

name: evalValue, type: Double, persistent: no

Shows the value of the integral.