The module SlightlySimplifyInterpolationPolynomial simplifies the internal representation of a multidimensional, scalar interpolation polynomial.

It uses a less radical method to do this than the SimplifyInterpolationPolynomial module. It does not change the bounding box, is less prone to large round-off errors, and will never make computations slower. On the other hand, it is only useful in very special situations, since it will otherwise just do nothing.

A situation where it is useful is when two or more Smolyak interpolation polynomials on the same (or a related) grid have been added.

Another situation where it may be useful is when a complicated Smolyak polynomial has been partially evaluated (using the PartiallyEvaluateInterpolationPolynomial).


Default Panel


Input Fields


name: inputPolynomial, type: MLBase

Output Fields


name: outputPolynomial, type: MLBase

Parameter Fields

Visible Fields

Auto apply

name: autoApply, type: Bool, default: FALSE

If checked, the module computes anew on an input change.


name: apply, type: Trigger

If pressed, the module computes anew.