TestCenter Reference
Here are the packages with brief descriptions (if available):
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 NChangeSetModule to handle changes to field values
 NCodeTestModule to allow running CodeTests (currently only GoogleTest tests) from a FunctionalTestCase
 NConfigModule to handle TestCenter's configuration
 NFieldValueTestsClass to handle field-value test-cases
 NIPCSocket based communication between a master and a slave
 NMasterThe master instance of the TestCenter
 NSlaveThe slave instance of the TestCenter
 NTestCaseThe test case superclass
 NTestCaseFunctionalThe functional test case class
 NTestCaseGenericThe generic test case class
 NTestHelperA singleton to provide important data for the testing process
 NTestSupportA package of python modules helping to build tests
 NAsyncSupport functions for asynchronous module handling
 NBaseBasic support functions
 NFieldsPackage to handle all field related support functions
 NImageSupport functions regarding image handling
 NLoggingPackage to provide logging functions
 NMacrosAdds GoogleTest like methods
 NMathBasic math functions
 NScreenShotPackage to provide screenshot related support functions