TestCenter Reference
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 CComMasterThe connection's master
 CCommunicatorThe Communicator is the superclass for the communicating entities
 CComSlaveThe connection's slave
 CMasterThe coordinator of test execution
 CSlaveThe class controlling a MeVisLab slave instance
 CTestCaseThe superclass for the different test case categories
 CFunctionalTestCaseImplementation of the TestCase superclass for functional test cases
 CGenericTestCaseThe implementation of the TestCase superclass for generic testing
 NTestSupportA package of python modules helping to build tests
 NBaseBasic support functions
 CMacrosShouldLogOnSuccessDecoratorDecorator to globally enable or disable if the ASSERT_*/EXPECT_* macros log an info message on success
 CChangeSetClass to handle field changes and make them revertable
 CFieldValueTestCaseA class implementing the field-value test cases
 CFieldListList of field information
 CFieldListBaseSuperclass for the field lists used in the field-value test case
 CFieldValueListList of field information including field values
 CFieldValueTestCaseIteratorA class to iterate over the list of field-value test cases of a given set
 CFieldValueTestCaseSetA class collecting a set of field-value test cases
 CTestHelperSingleton for important helper facilities for the different tests