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TestSupport.FieldValueTests.FieldValueTestCase.FieldListBase Class Reference

Superclass for the field lists used in the field-value test case. More...

Inheritance diagram for TestSupport.FieldValueTests.FieldValueTestCase.FieldListBase:
TestSupport.FieldValueTests.FieldValueTestCase.FieldList TestSupport.FieldValueTests.FieldValueTestCase.FieldValueList

Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, name)
 Default constructor. More...
def add (self, fieldInfo, index=None)
 Add the field with given info to the list. More...
def remove (self, index)
 Remove the element at the given index. More...
def swap (self, indexA, indexB)
 Swap the given two elements. More...
def load (self, xmlNode)
 Load the given xmlNode. More...
def save (self)
 Save the field information to XML. More...

Detailed Description

Superclass for the field lists used in the field-value test case.

This class is derived from python's standard list.

Definition at line 527 of file FieldValueTests.py.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

def TestSupport.FieldValueTests.FieldValueTestCase.FieldListBase.__init__ (   self,

Default constructor.

nameThe name the list is stored under.

Definition at line 537 of file FieldValueTests.py.

References TestSupport.FieldValueTests.FieldValueTestCase.__name, and TestSupport.FieldValueTests.FieldValueTestCase.FieldListBase.__name.

Member Function Documentation

◆ add()

def TestSupport.FieldValueTests.FieldValueTestCase.FieldListBase.add (   self,
  index = None 

Add the field with given info to the list.

If the index is greater than the length of the list or the index smaller than zero the new element is added as last or first element respectively.

fieldInfothe information of the field to be added.
indexThe position the field is saved at.
The list index the information was saved at.

Definition at line 548 of file FieldValueTests.py.

References TestSupport.FieldValueTests.FieldValueTestCase.FieldList._add(), and TestSupport.FieldValueTests.FieldValueTestCase.FieldValueList._add().

◆ load()

def TestSupport.FieldValueTests.FieldValueTestCase.FieldListBase.load (   self,

Load the given xmlNode.

xmlNodeNode to load field information from.

Definition at line 592 of file FieldValueTests.py.

References TestSupport.FieldValueTests.FieldValueTestCase.FieldList._loadField(), and TestSupport.FieldValueTests.FieldValueTestCase.FieldValueList._loadField().

◆ remove()

def TestSupport.FieldValueTests.FieldValueTestCase.FieldListBase.remove (   self,

Remove the element at the given index.

indexThe element's index.
True if removal succeeded.

Definition at line 564 of file FieldValueTests.py.

◆ save()

◆ swap()

def TestSupport.FieldValueTests.FieldValueTestCase.FieldListBase.swap (   self,

Swap the given two elements.

indexAThe first element's index.
indexBThe second element's index.
True if swapping succeeded.

Definition at line 578 of file FieldValueTests.py.

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