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The coordinator of test execution. More...

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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, cfgFile=None, verbose=False, slave=None, slaveEnvironment=None, isInsideTestCaseManager=False)
 The default constructor. More...
def __del__ (self)
def stop (self)
def shouldStop (self)
def getTestProgress (self)
def resetTestProgress (self, testCaseCount)
def updateTestProgress (self, finishedTestCase=None, additionalTestCaseCount=None)
def setUpdateProgressFunc (self, updateProgressFunc)
def setActiveTestCase (self, testCase)
def setTestCaseListener (self, listener)
def setTestCases (self, testCaseList)
 Set the list of test cases to execute. More...
def setTestCasesToIgnore (self, testCaseToIgnoreList)
 Set the list of test cases to ignore. More...
def setTestGroups (self, testGroupList)
 Set the list of test groups to respect. More...
def setTestSuites (self, testSuiteList)
def setModules (self, moduleList=[], filterList=[])
 Specify the list of modules to test. More...
def setPackages (self, testedPkgList=[], availablePkgList=[], ignoredPkgList=[])
 Specify the packages that should be tested and thought available. More...
def transferNodeFromExecutionToResultXML (self, nodeName, executionNode, testResultNode)
def shouldMeasurePythonCoverageGlobally (self)
def run (self, funcDict=None, stopSlaveAfterTestRun=True)
 The main method which handles all the request from the master. More...
def reset (self)
 Resets the master to the state after instantiation. More...
def getConfig (self)
def logMessageWithPID (self, message)
def logDebugWithPID (self, message)
def logErrorWithPID (self, message)
def logMessageWithLastError (self, message)
def stopSlave (self)

Public Attributes


Detailed Description

The coordinator of test execution.

The master can be used in two ways: either with tests executed in another MeVisLab instance or in the same. In the first scenario a new MeVisLab instance is started, the TestCenter module loaded via the runMacro parameter and communication handled using socket based interprocess communication. In the second one the slave is instanciated directly in the master.

Definition at line 193 of file Master.py.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

def TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.__init__ (   self,
  cfgFile = None,
  verbose = False,
  slave = None,
  slaveEnvironment = None,
  isInsideTestCaseManager = False 

The default constructor.

The constructor is used to make some basic settings, like usage of a given configuration file (the default is tc_cfg_<platform>.xml), being more verbose and offline usage.

cfgFileThe configuration file to load.
verboseShow more detailed information.
slaveRun the tests in the same MeVisLab instance using the given slave instance.
slaveEnvironmentEnvironment to use for the MeVisLab slave instance.

Definition at line 231 of file Master.py.

References TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.__com, TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.__config, TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.__lock, TestCenterAdvanced.Master.SlaveProcess.__logger, TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.__logger, TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.__shouldStop, TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.__slave, TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.__slaveEnvironment, TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.__testCaseListener, TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.__testedPkgList, and TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.__testProgress.

◆ __del__()

Member Function Documentation

◆ getConfig()

def TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.getConfig (   self)

◆ getTestProgress()

def TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.getTestProgress (   self)

◆ logDebugWithPID()

◆ logErrorWithPID()

◆ logMessageWithLastError()

◆ logMessageWithPID()

def TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.logMessageWithPID (   self,

◆ reset()

def TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.reset (   self)

Resets the master to the state after instantiation.

In particular, it removes the configuration and the results of the last test run. After resetting the master you can start another test run with other tests.

Definition at line 972 of file Master.py.

References TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.__testCfg, TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.__testConfigSkeleton(), and TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.__xmlRoot.

Referenced by TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.resetTestProgress().

◆ resetTestProgress()

def TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.resetTestProgress (   self,

◆ run()

def TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.run (   self,
  funcDict = None,
  stopSlaveAfterTestRun = True 

The main method which handles all the request from the master.

The master asks the slave to serve some request. This is divided into two major blocks; on the first hand verifying whether the given information is valid and what tests to execute and on the second hand to process the given tests.

funcDictA dictionary with information which test functions for which test cases should be executed.
stopSlaveAfterTestRunIf False, then the slave can be re-used for another test run after resetting the master.

Definition at line 835 of file Master.py.

References TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.__buildTestAgenda(), TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.__buildTestCaseAgenda(), TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.__config, TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.__doTest(), TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.__handleExtraTestCaseResults(), TestCenterAdvanced.Master.SlaveProcess.__logger, TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.__logger, TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.__slave, TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.__slaveProc, TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.__startSlave(), TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.__testCaseListener, TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.__testTypeAndName(), TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.__updateProgressFunc, TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.__xmlRoot, TestSupport.Logging.error(), TestSupport.Logging.info(), TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.resetTestProgress(), TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.setActiveTestCase(), TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.shouldMeasurePythonCoverageGlobally(), TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.stopSlave(), TestCenterAdvanced.Master.unicode, TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.updateTestProgress(), and TestSupport.Logging.warning().

◆ setActiveTestCase()

def TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.setActiveTestCase (   self,

◆ setModules()

def TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.setModules (   self,
  moduleList = [],
  filterList = [] 

Specify the list of modules to test.

The filters can be used to specify a larger list of modules, for example all the modules of a certain author ("author:Jon Doe").

moduleListList of names of modules to take into account.
filterListList of filters to select modules.

Definition at line 410 of file Master.py.

References TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.__testCfg, and TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.__xmlRoot.

◆ setPackages()

def TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.setPackages (   self,
  testedPkgList = [],
  availablePkgList = [],
  ignoredPkgList = [] 

Specify the packages that should be tested and thought available.

The packages tested are those that test cases are taken from. The available packages are those that should be expected to be there. This is important for checking the meta information like the seeAlso tags. In released installers all seeAlso links should only point to modules being the public packages.

testedPkgListThe list of packages tests are taken from.
availablePkgListList of packages that should be available.
ignoredPkgListList of package that should be ignored when using wildcard

Definition at line 430 of file Master.py.

References TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.__buildListOfTestFunctionsToExecute(), TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.__config, TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.__createTimeoutTooHighErrorFunction(), TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.__executeTestFunctions(), TestCenterAdvanced.Master.SlaveProcess.__logger, TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.__logger, TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.__sendRequest(), TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.__statusMessage(), TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.__testCaseListener, TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.__testCasesToIgnoreList, TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.__testCfg, TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.__testedPkgList, TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.__testTypeAndName(), TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.__verifyConfiguration(), TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.__xmlRoot, TestSupport.Logging.error(), TestCenterAdvanced.Master.unicode, and TestSupport.Logging.warning().

◆ setTestCaseListener()

def TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.setTestCaseListener (   self,

◆ setTestCases()

def TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.setTestCases (   self,

Set the list of test cases to execute.

testCaseListList of names of test cases to exeucte.

Definition at line 370 of file Master.py.

References TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.__testCfg, and TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.__xmlRoot.

◆ setTestCasesToIgnore()

def TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.setTestCasesToIgnore (   self,

Set the list of test cases to ignore.

testCaseToIgnoreListList of names of test cases to ignore.

Definition at line 381 of file Master.py.

References TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.__testCasesToIgnoreList.

◆ setTestGroups()

def TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.setTestGroups (   self,

Set the list of test groups to respect.

testGroupListList of test groups to take into account.

Definition at line 388 of file Master.py.

References TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.__testCfg, and TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.__xmlRoot.

◆ setTestSuites()

def TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.setTestSuites (   self,

◆ setUpdateProgressFunc()

def TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.setUpdateProgressFunc (   self,

Definition at line 338 of file Master.py.

References TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.__updateProgressFunc.

◆ shouldMeasurePythonCoverageGlobally()

def TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.shouldMeasurePythonCoverageGlobally (   self)

◆ shouldStop()

def TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.shouldStop (   self)

◆ stop()

def TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.stop (   self)

◆ stopSlave()

◆ transferNodeFromExecutionToResultXML()

◆ updateTestProgress()

def TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.updateTestProgress (   self,
  finishedTestCase = None,
  additionalTestCaseCount = None 

Member Data Documentation

◆ logfileDir


Definition at line 253 of file Master.py.

Referenced by TestCenterAdvanced.Master.Master.logMessageWithLastError().

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