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TestSupport.Generic Namespace Reference


def getTestsToOmit (moduleName)
def logThatTestWasOmittedByConfiguration (testIdentifier)
def isTestOmittedAndLogIfSo (moduleName, testIdentifier)
def isTestOmitted (moduleName, testIdentifier)


string TESTS_TO_OMIT_TAG = 'testsToOmit'
string FORMAL_TEST_IDENTIFIER = 'formal'
string EXAMPLE_NETWORK_TEST_IDENTIFIER = 'example_network'
string PANEL_TEST_IDENTIFIER = 'open_panel'

Function Documentation

◆ getTestsToOmit()

def TestSupport.Generic.getTestsToOmit (   moduleName)
Return list of tests to omit for this module.
If the module does not define this tag or if it is empty, an empty list
is returned. 

Definition at line 17 of file Generic.py.

Referenced by TestSupport.Generic.isTestOmitted(), GenericTest.SharedTest.testOmitAll(), GenericTest.SharedTest.testOmitBoth(), and GenericTest.SharedTest.testOmitNothing().

◆ isTestOmitted()

def TestSupport.Generic.isTestOmitted (   moduleName,

◆ isTestOmittedAndLogIfSo()

def TestSupport.Generic.isTestOmittedAndLogIfSo (   moduleName,

Definition at line 34 of file Generic.py.

References TestSupport.Generic.isTestOmitted().

◆ logThatTestWasOmittedByConfiguration()

def TestSupport.Generic.logThatTestWasOmittedByConfiguration (   testIdentifier)

Definition at line 31 of file Generic.py.

Variable Documentation


string TestSupport.Generic.ALL_TESTS_IDENTIFIER = 'all'

Definition at line 13 of file Generic.py.


string TestSupport.Generic.EXAMPLE_NETWORK_TEST_IDENTIFIER = 'example_network'

Definition at line 14 of file Generic.py.


string TestSupport.Generic.FORMAL_TEST_IDENTIFIER = 'formal'

Definition at line 12 of file Generic.py.


string TestSupport.Generic.PANEL_TEST_IDENTIFIER = 'open_panel'

Definition at line 15 of file Generic.py.


string TestSupport.Generic.TESTS_TO_OMIT_TAG = 'testsToOmit'

Definition at line 11 of file Generic.py.