26.2. Text Editor User Interface

Figure 26.1. User Interface

User Interface

The user interface offers the following areas:

As of MeVisLab 2.2, another two specialized MATE user interface configurations are available, see Section 26.9, “Module Help Editor” and Section 26.8, “Python Debugger”.

As of MeVisLab 2.3, MATE also offers functionality of a a session manager and a GUI editor, see Section 26.10, “Session Management” and Section 26.12, “GUI Editor”

As of MeVisLab 2.7, MATE offers a project workspace, which is superior to the session manager of previous versions, see Section 26.11, “Project Workspaces”. There is also a rudimentary integration with the Pylint Python code checking tool, see Section 26.14, “Pylint Integration”