Chapter 26. MATE

Table of Contents

26.1. What is MATE?
26.2. Text Editor User Interface
26.3. Menu Bar
26.4. Module Menu
26.5. Outline Area
26.6. Edit Area
26.7. Preferences
26.8. Python Debugger
26.9. Module Help Editor
26.9.1. Context Menus
26.9.2. Formatting
26.9.3. How it Works
26.9.4. Internal HTML Preview
26.10. Session Management
26.11. Project Workspaces
26.11.1. Project Types
26.11.2. Context Menu
26.11.4. File Locator
26.12. GUI Editor
26.13. Scripting
26.14. Pylint Integration
26.14.1. Installation
26.14.2. Usage

26.1. What is MATE?

MATE is the internal text editor for MeVisLab. MATE is an acronym that stands for MeVisLab Advanced Text Editor.

MATE supports the programming languages MDL, Python, and JavaScript, offering auto completion (with a list of suggestions), context-sensitive specific help, syntax highlighting, and indentation.

It also supports HTML, CSS, and XML with simple syntax highlighting.

Additionally, MATE has a built-in debugger for Python scripting, a GUI editor for module panels, and functions as an editor for help files for modules (.mhelp).

For .mhelp, HTML, CSS, and XML, the editor checks the spelling of written text using hunspell.

Besides all this built-in functionality, MATE offers a scripting API to configure MATE on startup by user written Python scripting, as well as adding new features to MATE's GUI by writing Python user scripts, similar to Section 4.8, “User Scripts”

MATE also offers direct access to a module's panel and automatic panel, and related files via the Module menu.

For quick scripting, a scripting console is available.

The following file types are supported:

  • MDL files, namely

    • .dat (MeVisLab license files written in MDL)

    • .def (MeVisLab module definition)

    • .mhelp (MeVisLab module help file, see Section 26.9, “Module Help Editor”)

    • .mlab (MeVisLab network)

    • .prefs (MeVisLab preferences file, for packages or other purposes)

    • .script (MeVisLab MDL script)

  • Other MeVisLab specific files

    • .mlinstall, .mli (Installer specification used by the ADK add-on)

  • .py (Python)

  • .js (JavaScript)

  • .html (HTML)

  • .css (Cascading Style Sheets)

  • .xml (Extensible Markup Language)

  • .txt (Generic text files)

Open MATE via FileShow Integrated Text Editor (to start it without files) or FileOpen File in Integrated Text Editor (to start it with a file dialog for selecting a file).

MATE is also used as editor for source code by default (can be changed in the Preferences, see Section 4.3.4, “Preferences — Supportive Programs”). For example

  • for Related Files in the context menu of a module, when selecting one of the possibly available .def, .script, or .py files.

  • when clicking a link to a license .dat file or a module .def file in the Debug Output of MeVisLab.

MATE runs in a process separate from MeVisLab. This allows using it for Python debugging, see Section 26.8, “Python Debugger”.