26.3. Menu Bar

In the menu bar, the following entries are offered.

In the File menu, New, Open, Close, Save, Save As, Revert To Saved, Recent Files, Project, Recent Projects, Project Workspace, Recent Project Workspaces, Close Project Workspace, Session, Recent Session, and Quit are available.

Figure 26.2. MATE File Menu

MATE File Menu

In the Edit menu, Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy, Paste are available. In addition to these standards, a number of options for searching and code formatting are available. In the search, regular expressions may be used.

Figure 26.3. MATE Edit Menu

MATE Edit Menu

In the View menu, select the user interface areas for display: Attached Module toolbar, Outline area, Project Workspace area, Session area, Debug Output area, the search functions Search in Documentation area, Find Results area, Find toolbar, the Python debugging options Stack Frames area, Variables area, Watches area, Evaluate Expression area, Breakpoints area, Debugging toolbar, and the GUI editor options Preview area, Tag Editor area, MDL Controls area, and the Fields area.

Figure 26.4. MATE View Menu

MATE View Menu

In the Window menu, the files in the Edit area can be closed and selected: Close, Close All (you will be asked if you want to save changes).

Figure 26.5. MATE Window Menu

MATE Window Menu

In the Debug menu, debug options are available, see Section 26.8, “Python Debugger”.

In the Extras menu, the following options are available:

Figure 26.6. MATE Extras Menu

MATE Extras Menu