26.6. Edit Area

In the Edit area, the source code is displayed. For each open file, a tab with the file name is displayed. For the supported languages MDL, Python, HTML, CSS, XML, and JavaScript, syntax highlighting is available.

For the text portions of .mhelp, CSS, HTML, and XML files, MATE performs a spell checking based on hunspell. If a word is unknown to the spell checker, it is underlined in red; the context menu of this word offers to replace the unknown word with a selectable known variant or to add the word to the user's dictionary.

The spell checker is based on hunspell and uses three dictionaries: the standard American English dictionary, a MeVisLab-specific dictionary, and the user dictionary where new words are stored to.

At the bottom of the area, the line in which the cursor currently stands is displayed. In addition, the cursor position in the source code in terms of level/depth is displayed, if applicable.

Figure 26.12. MATE Edit Area

MATE Edit Area

Figure 26.13. MATE Edit Area — Code Completion for Keywords

MATE Edit Area — Code Completion for Keywords

Code completion is available for the supported languages MDL, and Python. Select the option with the cursor keys and press ENTER.

In Python scripting files, the auto-completion offers information about functions of included libraries and about local variable names.

Figure 26.14. MATE Edit Area — Code Completion for Commands Defined in MDL

MATE Edit Area — Code Completion for Commands Defined in MDL

For the supported languages, context-specific help is available. Either press F1 (Windows/Linux) or right-click to open the context menus and select a help to be displayed in the default browser (may be set in Section 4.3.4, “Preferences — Supportive Programs”).

Figure 26.15. MATE Edit Area — Context Menu

MATE Edit Area — Context Menu


If you double-click a word in the editor, the word is being selected and all other occurrences of that word are highlighted in the text (except they are keywords). To remove the highlighting, just hit ESC.