Non-thread-safe Classes and Functions


file  mlClassicHost.h
 Implements the classic host processing for getTile/processAllPages.
file  mlHost.h
 Defines the class Host for the processing of image processing graphs (see class PagedImage and Module).


class  ml::Field
 Base class for all fields used in the ML. More...
class  ml::Module
 Base class for an image processing module of the ML. More...
class  ml::ApplicationProperties
 Static class that defines an interface to access properties of the host application. More...
class  ml::Runtime
 This class contains the runtime system of the ML. More...

Detailed Description

The following classes and methods in the ML are known not to be thread-safe. When using these classes or functions, the user has to either use appropriate locking or to make sure that the calls are only done from the main application thread.

Note: This list is not yet complete, but it will grow over time.