25.4. Module Field Interface

Add fields to the interface of the module.

Figure 25.16. Module Field Interfaces

Module Field Interfaces


Adds a new field. Click first and then edit the field parameters.

Import All Fields

Imports all fields of all modules of the internal network.


Removes the selected field.

Remove all

Removes all fields.

For each field, the following may be entered, depending on the field type:

Field Name

Gives the field name. Has to be unique in the module.

Field Type

Gives the field type. Available types are String, Enum, Bool, Int, Float, Double, Progress, Notify, Base, and SoNode.

Field Comment

Adds a comment to the field, useful for the generated code.

Field Value

Gives the field value.

Enum Values (for enum field only)

Gives the enumerator values. Separate by commas.

This is the last screen of the Wizards. Click Create to create the module.