25.5. Packages

Packages are the way MeVisLab organizes projects. A package can contain any number of C++/Macro Modules, Installers, Documentation, etc. The creation of an own package is mandatory for SDK users, all other wizards require a valid target package.

With the Package Wizard, new packages can be created. For detailed information on the package structure, see the Package Structure documentation.

Figure 25.17. Package Wizard

Package Wizard

Package Group

Sets the package group in which the package is saved. Enter a name, for example your company or site name.

Package Name

Sets the package name. Select a typical user package name from the list or enter a new package name.

Package Owner

Sets the package owner. Meta description.

Package Description

Sets the package description.

Target Directory

Sets a target directory.

The information entered in the dialog is saved in the Packages.def file. The new package is added to the User Package Path, including all subdirectories and files (see the Package Structure documentation). After this, a reload of the MeVisLab module database is necessary to use the new package.