25.3. Modules (Scripting) Wizard

This wizard creates functioning macro modules by generating the template files <ModuleName>.def and <ModuleName>.script (optional: <ModuleName>.mlab and <ModuleName>.py).

For the first dialog, see Section 25.2.1, “First C++ Module Wizard Dialog”.

In the second dialog, the module properties can be set and a local macro can be chosen as starter for the macro module.

Figure 25.15. Project Wizard

Project Wizard

Add Macro Network File

Enable if the macro module shall encapsulate a module network. Either generates an empty <ModuleName>.mlab document or uses an existing one.

Add Python

Creates an empty file (<ModuleName>.py ) which is included in the module's definition file <ModuleName>.script. Used to define script commands embedded in the MDL script code to implement dynamic user interfaces.

Click Next for the next screen, if you want to add fields, see Section 25.4, “Module Field Interface”, Otherwise, click Create to create the new macro module.

After module creation, the module database has to be reloaded before the new module can be used in a network.