3.13. Using the Mini Map

When zooming into a network so that it is not fully visible in the workspace, a mini map is displayed (default setting). This allows navigating in the network. The settings and appearance of the mini map can be edited in the Preferences, see Section 4.3.7, “Preferences — Network Appearance”.

Figure 3.37. Mini Map

Mini Map

The highlighted area of the map can be dragged with the mouse. The network display is adjusted accordingly.

Figure 3.38. Navigating in the Mini Map

Navigating in the Mini Map

In case of macro modules, the network(s) from which the internal network is opened can be displayed in a hierarchy when the option Show parent navigation frames is set, see Section 4.3.7, “Preferences — Network Appearance” for details.

Figure 3.39. Parent Navigation Frame for Macro Modules

Parent Navigation Frame for Macro Modules

Parent navigation frames (PNF) can be used for navigating to networks higher in the hierarchy or to open internal macro networks of a parent frame.

Figure 3.40. Parent Navigation Frame Context Menu

Parent Navigation Frame Context Menu

If a parent network is not open, the PNF is rendered as plain, dark gray square. Upon clicking it, the network is opened and the PNF is updated to show the small mini map rendering.


The PNF shows not only the modules and their connections but also the highlighting state of modules. Make sure to select a macro before opening its internal network so that the PNF displays that macro as highlighted.