3.15. Network Selector

MeVisLab offers a network selector with a network preview similar to the Task Switcher or Flip on Windows systems.

The use of the network selector can be toggled in the Preferences on the General tab: Section 4.3.1, “Preferences — General”.

To open the network selector, hold down the right mouse button and turn the mouse wheel. With an open network selector, turning the mouse wheel selects a next or a previous network, depending on the direction in which the mouse wheel is being turned. On releasing the right mouse button, the currently selected network in the selector is set as the current network in MeVisLab. Also, the selected network is maximized in the IDE.

The network selector also opens on pressing CTRL+Tab or CTRL+SHIFT+Tab. Consecutive presses of those shortcuts navigate the available networks in the preview. On releasing the key combination, the last selected network is made active in MeVisLab.


The mentioned shortcuts are the defaults, refer to Section 4.3.10, “Preferences — Shortcuts” for the current shortcuts.

Figure 3.45. Network Selector in Action

Network Selector in Action