3.6. Mouseover Information

When moving the mouse over modules, connectors and connections, the elements are first highlighted, then context-sensitive information is displayed.

Table 3.29. Mouseover Information

MouseoverDisplayed Information

Image connector

Open Inventor connector

Base connector

Data connection

Parameter connection

Parameter connections also offer the following features when the panels are visible:

Figure 3.7. Parameter Connection — Panel Mouseover

Parameter Connection — Panel Mouseover

Additional detailed information on image connectors is available if enabled in PreferencesNetwork, see Section 4.3.7, “Preferences — Network Appearance”.

Figure 3.8. Connector Image Preview

Connector Image Preview


In case of an ML image, the image preview is also slicable. For this, click the image preview and keep the mouse button pressed while moving the mouse up and down.

Figure 3.9. Connector Detail Info and Image Preview

Connector Detail Info and Image Preview


The amount/depth of visible information depends on the zoom level. An example for this is in the Getting Started, figure Connector Details Depending on Zoom.