ML Reference


The MeVis Image Processing Library (further called ML) represents a general approach to image processing. It is based on the following principal ideas:

  • image processing algorithms are represented as modules
  • modules are arranged in a directed graph representing the flow of image data
  • modules implement a unified image processing interface
  • modules are self-descriptive by exporting their parameters as fields
  • image data is processed tile by tile (paging)
  • image processing is done strictly request-oriented (pull model)
  • multithreading support for parallel image processing
  • image processing is up to 6 dimensional (x,y,z, color, time and user dimension)
  • pages/image fragments can be cached to avoid recalculations.

The ML is implemented in C++ and is available for various platforms and compilers. In addition to the C++ interfaces, the ML offers a C API (available via mlAPI.h).

The ML is based on the core libraries

for system independent utility functionality, basic linear algebra support and memory management (caching).

For notes on the deprecation of numerous names of classes, macros and methods, see ML Deprecation Notes or the Deprecated List. You might also have a look at CarrierTypes removed about further changes.

For additional ML specific notes please have a look at the pages