2.7. User Interfaces Controls

MeVisLab uses Qt for rendering the GUI (panels, etc.) and offers a scripting interface.

Every module comes with an automatic panel on which all fields and available settings are listed.

For improving the handling, user interfaces (“panels”) can be added for modules, see Figure 3.19, “Automatic and Settings Panel of View2D” for an example. Panels are written in MDL and offer the following possibilities:

The components of the user interface are controls.

To these controls, scripting can be added.

An example for the programming of a small module panel is given in Section 10.2, “Adding the Macro Parameters and Panel”.


See the ExampleGUIScripting module or other example modules. Enter “Test” in the quick search to get a list of available modules.

For further details on panel scripting, please refer to the MDL Reference.