The module TypeComposer creates an output image having the same extent and page extent as in input image0, having the data type selected in the parameter Output Type.

The components of the voxels of the output image are read from the corresponding voxels at the input image(s). The first component is read from input0, the second from input1, etc. If a component from any of the inputs is not valid or out of range, it is filled with the default value for that component (normally 0).

It is a useful module to create images with user defined/extended data types from scalar input images.


Connect the images coded in the voxel components to the inputs. Use the same order as the components of the type of the output voxels.

E.g. if the output image has complex components then the first component (the real part) if read from input0 and the second (the imagery part) is read from the second input.


Data from input images is always requested in the data type of the voxel component of the output which corresponds to the input connector, i.e. the input data of input n is cast to the type of the component n of the output type. Thus non scalar information is lost.

Decompose the input image voxels with e.g. a TypeDecomposer module if explicit voxel components shall be (re)composed to another type.


If you need to construct a type with more than 6 scalar values, use TypeComposerN instead.


Default Panel


Input Fields

The images containing the components of the voxels for the output image have to be connected at the inputs.

Unused inputs can be left unconnected.

If inputs are left unconnected which specify components of the output voxels, those components are filled with component defaults.


name: input0, type: Image


name: input1, type: Image


name: input2, type: Image


name: input3, type: Image


name: input4, type: Image


name: input5, type: Image

Output Fields

The only output is for the image composed from the component values of the input images. Voxel components which were requested from invalid areas of input images (or where the corresponding input images were not connected) are filled with the default value specified for that comopenent.


name: output0, type: Image

Parameter Fields

Visible Fields

Output Type

name: outputType, type: Enum, default: double

Defines the output data type.


Title Name
int8 int8
unsigned int8 unsigned int8
int16 int16
unsigned int16 unsigned int16
int32 int32
unsigned int32 unsigned int32
float float
double double
int64 int64
unsigned int64 unsigned int64
complexf complexf
complexd complexd
quaternionf quaternionf
quaterniond quaterniond
vec2 vec2
vec3 vec3
vec4 vec4
vec5 vec5
vec6 vec6
vec7 vec7
vec8 vec8
vec9 vec9
vec10 vec10
vec16 vec16
vec32 vec32
vec64 vec64
Vector2i8 Vector2i8
Vector2i16 Vector2i16
Vector2i32 Vector2i32
Vector2i64 Vector2i64
Vector3i8 Vector3i8
Vector3i16 Vector3i16
Vector3i32 Vector3i32
Vector3i64 Vector3i64
Vector4i8 Vector4i8
Vector4i16 Vector4i16
Vector4i32 Vector4i32
Vector4i64 Vector4i64
Vector5i8 Vector5i8
Vector5i16 Vector5i16
Vector5i32 Vector5i32
Vector5i64 Vector5i64
Vector6i8 Vector6i8
Vector6i16 Vector6i16
Vector6i32 Vector6i32
Vector6i64 Vector6i64
Vector7i8 Vector7i8
Vector7i16 Vector7i16
Vector7i32 Vector7i32
Vector7i64 Vector7i64
Vector8i8 Vector8i8
Vector8i16 Vector8i16
Vector8i32 Vector8i32
Vector8i64 Vector8i64
Vector9i8 Vector9i8
Vector9i16 Vector9i16
Vector9i32 Vector9i32
Vector9i64 Vector9i64
Vector10i8 Vector10i8
Vector10i16 Vector10i16
Vector10i32 Vector10i32
Vector10i64 Vector10i64
Vector16i8 Vector16i8
Vector16i16 Vector16i16
Vector16i32 Vector16i32
Vector16i64 Vector16i64
Vector32i8 Vector32i8
Vector32i16 Vector32i16
Vector32i32 Vector32i32
Vector32i64 Vector32i64
Vector64i8 Vector64i8
Vector64i16 Vector64i16
Vector64i32 Vector64i32
Vector64i64 Vector64i64
mat2 mat2
mat3 mat3
mat4 mat4
mat5 mat5
mat6 mat6
matf2 matf2
matf3 matf3
matf4 matf4
matf5 matf5
matf6 matf6
vecf2 vecf2
vecf3 vecf3
vecf4 vecf4
vecf5 vecf5
vecf6 vecf6
vecf7 vecf7
vecf8 vecf8
vecf9 vecf9
vecf10 vecf10
vecf16 vecf16
vecf32 vecf32
vecf64 vecf64