author Florian Link
package MeVisLab/Standard
dll SoPathTracer
definition SoPathTracer.def


The SoPathTracerMaskVolume module provides an 8bit mask volume, that can be used by a SoPathTracerVolume and SoPathTracerVolumeInstance to mask the volume. A typical use-case is to use it together with SoVolumeCutting, which can provide a mask volume interactively.

A mask volume has a Volume Name. This name can be used in multiple SoPathTracerVolume and SoPathTracerVolumeInstance modules by specifying the volumeName as maskVolume.


In this rendering, the mask volume has been used to cut away distracting structures using SoVolumeCutting.

Parameter Fields

Visible Fields


name: enabled, type: Bool, default: TRUE

Enables the mask volume.

Volume Name

name: volumeName, type: String, default: mask

The name of the mask volume. This name can be used in other modules to reference the mask volume by name.