genre File
author Jan-Martin Kuhnigk
package MeVisLab/Standard
dll MLParser
definition mlParser.def
see also SaveBase, DecomposeBaseList
keywords store, BaseLoad, restore, open, object, xml, file, data


The module LoadBase loads a ml.Base-derived object from a file.


There are several possible reasons for the Error - Object could not be loaded message.

Usually the reason is simply an incorrect file (a version conflict or something).

But the message will also appear, when you try to load (and thus create) objects of classes, that are declared in a DLL that has not been loaded yet.

For example, you can not load a SegObjList object, if the DLL mlSegmentation2 is not loaded. The solution is adding a module from that DLL on the network before pressing the load-button (usually there will be such a module in your network anyway, because you probably need it to process the object you want to load, so this error will occur seldom).


Default Panel


Output Fields


name: outObject, type: MLBase, deprecated name: outputBaseObject

loaded object

Parameter Fields

Field Index

&Delete: Trigger Up to Date: Bool
&Load: Trigger Use: Bool
Auto-Update Mode: Enum  
Base Directory: String  
File Name: String  
format: Enum  
nodeName: String  
Status: String  

Visible Fields


name: delete, type: Trigger, deprecated name: deleteObject

If pressed, the currently contained object is deleted.

This will automatically be done before loading a new one.


name: load, type: Trigger, deprecated name: loadObject

If pressed, the current object will be deleted and then the specified object is loaded from disk.

Auto-Update Mode

name: autoUpdate, type: Enum, default: AutoClear, deprecated name: autoLoad,autoLoadMode

Defines the update behavior of the module.


Title Name Deprecated Name Description
Keep Off AutoUpdateModeDoNothing,FALSE The module does nothing on any field change.
Delete AutoClear AutoUpdateModeAutoClear The module deletes the current object and clears the output on any field change.
Update AutoUpdate AutoUpdateModeAutoUpdate,TRUE The module deletes the current object and loads the specified object from disk on any field change.


name: status, type: String, persistent: no, deprecated name: currStatus

Shows status information about this module.

File Name

name: filename, type: String, default: object, deprecated name: fileName

Sets the filename of the object.


name: useBaseDir, type: Bool, default: FALSE

If checked, the Base Directory is used as a base directory from where the file is loaded relatively.

Base Directory

name: baseDir, type: String

Sets a base directory from where the file is loaded relatively.

Up to Date

name: upToDate, type: Bool, persistent: no

Shows if the output object is up-to-date.

Hidden Fields


name: nodeName, type: String


name: format, type: Enum, default: Auto


Title Name
Auto Auto