The module ImageComposer offers operations to concatenate one image after another to an existing volume in any of the 6 image dimensions or at a user defined position inside or outside another image.

The result image is stored in a virtual volume within the module until it is cleared or the module is deleted.


Since concatenation of images also requires correct concatenation of image properties in all dimension, each non existing image property for the c-, t- or u-dimension is filled up with ML_UNKNOWN codes or a default DateTime setting, respectively.

The image properties are generally given by the first image added to the module. Consecutively added images only change the image extents, the min/max values and the c-, t- and u-dimension information.


Default Panel


Input Fields


name: input0, type: Image

Output Fields


name: output0, type: Image

Parameter Fields

Field Index

Add: Trigger
Auto Add: Bool
Clear: Trigger
Fill Value: Double
Mode: Enum
Page Extent: IntVector6
Page Extent Mode: Enum
User Pos: IntVector6

Visible Fields


name: mode, type: Enum, default: AppendInZ

Defines the dimension in which the input image(s) will be concatenated.


Title Name Description
Append In X AppendInX  
Append In Y AppendInY  
Append In Z AppendInZ  
Append In C AppendInC  
Append In T AppendInT  
Append In U AppendInU  
Write At User Pos WriteAtUserPos Appends an image at any position in the six image dimensions defined by the vector User Pos.

Page Extent Mode

name: pageExtentMode, type: Enum, default: InitialImagePageExtent

Allows to specify how the page extent is determined.


Title Name Description
Initial Image Page Extent InitialImagePageExtent Use the page extent of the first image that is added.
User Page Extent UserPageExtent Use a user specified page extent.

Page Extent

name: pageExtent, type: IntVector6, default: 256 256 1 1 1 1

User specified page extent.

Fill Value

name: fillValue, type: Double, default: 0

Sets a fill value that is set to regions where the image extent is not overlapping.

Note that this value is cast to the internal image data type.


name: add, type: Trigger

If pressed, the current input image is concatenated with the output image according to the Mode.

If the input image is not connected, nothing happens.

Auto Add

name: autoAdd, type: Bool, default: FALSE

If checked, the input image is concatenated to the output on each touch of the image input.


name: clear, type: Trigger

If pressed, the output image is being cleared.

User Pos

name: userPos, type: IntVector6, default: 0 0 0 0 0 0

Sets a position to where the input image is added to the output image if Mode is set to WriteAtUserPos.