genre Binary
author MeVis Medical Solutions AG
package MeVisLab/Standard
dll MLGeometry1
definition MLGeometry1.def
see also SubImage, Replicate
keywords concatenation, copy, merge, combine, append


The module ConcatenateImages concatenates a number of images in in an arbitrarily selectable dimension.

Alternatively, an offset vector can be specified which defines the position of each image relative to position of the previous images inside the output image.


Voxels in the output image which are not covered by any of the concatenated input images are filled with zero.

If the input images are overlapping, the values of later input images take precedence in the output image. This only can happen, if the Dimension is set to offset.

It is possible to use negative components for the offset vector. (The output extent will be appropriately enlarged into the negative direction in order to fully include all input images.)

If data types of the input images are different, the datatype of the output image includes the range of the output image (which is the union of all input ranges) and has a precision of at least the input datatype with highest precision. Otherwise no concatenation is performed.


Default Panel


Input Fields


name: input0, type: Image


name: input1, type: Image

input2 (hidden)

name: input2, type: Image

input3 (hidden)

name: input3, type: Image

input4 (hidden)

name: input4, type: Image

input5 (hidden)

name: input5, type: Image

input6 (hidden)

name: input6, type: Image

input7 (hidden)

name: input7, type: Image

input8 (hidden)

name: input8, type: Image

input9 (hidden)

name: input9, type: Image

input10 (hidden)

name: input10, type: Image

input11 (hidden)

name: input11, type: Image

input12 (hidden)

name: input12, type: Image

input13 (hidden)

name: input13, type: Image

input14 (hidden)

name: input14, type: Image

input15 (hidden)

name: input15, type: Image

Output Fields


name: output0, type: Image

Parameter Fields

Field Index

Adjust CDimensionInfos: Bool
Allow Invalid Inputs: Bool
Dimension: Enum
Fill Value: Double
Num. Inputs: Integer
Offset: IntVector6

Visible Fields

Num. Inputs

name: numberOfInputs, type: Integer, default: 2, minimum: 1, maximum: 16

Set the number of input images to concatenate. E.g. in order to compose RGB(A) images from scalar channel images, set Num. Inputs to 3(4) and Dimension to c.


name: dimension, type: Enum, default: t, deprecated name: DimensionID

Defines in which dimension the input images should be concatenated.


Title Name Description
x x  
y y  
z z  
c c  
t t  
u u  
offset offset Enables the Offset field to specify a user offset.


name: offset, type: IntVector6, default: 0 0 0 0 0 0

Sets the position of the second image inside the output image.

Adjust CDimensionInfos

name: adjustCDimInfos, type: Bool, default: FALSE

Toggle whether the result’s CDimensionInfos should be automatically derived from the number of channels (TRUE) or concatenated from the input (FALSE, default)

Allow Invalid Inputs

name: allowInvalidInputs, type: Bool, default: FALSE

If enabled, invalid input images are allowed. If enabled, at least one input image needs to be valid to get a valid output. The image properties (world matrix, dicom tags, …) are copied from the first valid image from the left.

Fill Value

name: fillValue, type: Double, default: 0