5.2. Adding a Second Viewer for the Subimage

Add the second viewer part, which consists of two modules:

The module help of SubImage offers the following purpose and usage tips for the module: “This module extracts subimages from its input image. [...] Connect an input image, set the coordinate mode and the size and position of the subimage.

On the SubImage module, check the option Auto apply so all changes to the module's parameter take an immediate effect. Also, set the module's Mode to “Voxel Start & End”, because we will use the start and end voxel position of the interactively drawn rectangle to define the subimage.

Figure 5.3. Viewer for the Subimage

Viewer for the Subimage

Just leave X, Y, and Z as Modifyable Output Dimensions; uncheck T here.

We have not yet defined how the world positions of SoView2DRectangle are connected to the subimage, so the current subimage is rather random, depending on the initial parameter state of the SubImage module.