author Insight Software Consortium
package MeVisLab/ITK
dll MLFiltersPQR
definition MLFiltersPQR.def


This module wraps the class itk::PolylineMaskImageFilter to make it usable in MeVisLab.


  • Integration type = Wrapped ITK class
  • Module category = Filters
  • Included (toolkit) file(s): itkPolylineMaskImageFilter.h
  • Compiled only for 3D images
  • Compiled for (u)int8, (u)int16, (u)int32, float and double voxels
  • Wraps a class of type itkImageToImageFilter
  • Specific templates argument(s) differing from typical one(s)=InImageType, itk::PolyLineParametricPath<DIM>, ITKML_TYPENAME itk::Vector<double, DIM>, OutImageType


See Integration of ITK Algorithms in MeVisLab for further information about the ITK-MeVisLab binding.

Parameter Fields

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Go to for the documentation of the class itk::PolylineMaskImageFilter and its parameters.

See Common User Interface Parameters of itk Modules for information about parameters which do not belong to the itk::PolylineMaskImageFilter.