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If you want to develop your own C++ modules, select your compiler version - otherwise select any installer for your operating system.

Download MeVisLab 3.7.2 (28-09-2023)

Selected Platform: Linux 64Bit (Ubuntu 22.04)

MeVisLabSDK3.7.2_gcc11-64.bin (2505 MB)

For details on changes in this release, see MeVisLab Release Notes. Please read the Licensing page for MeVisLab licensing details.

No macOS variant was released for this version. Please use the 3.4.2 version instead.

MeVisLab makes use of open source libraries which require publishing their source code. The source code for these libraries can be obtained on GitHub.

System Requirements
MeVisLab has been tested on Ubuntu 22.04. Other systems have not been tested, but there is a good chance that it will run if the system's libc version is 2.35 or higher [1]. Since it was built on a Ubuntu 22.04, and compiled with GCC 11, it might be safer to use that if you plan to compile own C++ modules. You will need about 7GB of free disk space for MeVisLab.

Installing MeVisLab
Download the installer, make it executable [2] and start it. Passing --help as argument will list all available install options.
After the installation a readme file is displayed. It addresses some Linux specific MeVisLab topics.

[1] The version number can be obtained by executing 'ldd --version'
[2] The installer can be made executable by the command 'chmod u+x MeVisLabSDK*.bin'