author Florian Link
package MeVisLab/Standard
dll SoPathTracer
definition SoPathTracer.def
keywords streamlines, stream, flow, cylinder


The SoPathTracerLines module provides rendering of thick lines (actually cylinders with round caps) to the SoPathTracer scene.

The lines are gathered from the inScene Open Inventor scene and are converted from all SoLineSet and SoIndexedLineSets that are encountered.


This rendering shows a close-up on brain fibers, renders using thick lines.


Default Panel


Input Fields


name: inScene, type: SoNode

The input scene that is scanned for lines.

Parameter Fields

Field Index

Enable Clipping: Bool
Enabled: Bool
Flip Clipping: Bool
Radius: Float
Update: Trigger
Update Mode: Enum

Visible Fields


name: enabled, type: Bool, default: TRUE

Enables the rendering.

Enable Clipping

name: enableClipping, type: Bool, default: TRUE

If enabled, Open Inventor clipping planes affect the rendering.

Flip Clipping

name: flipClipping, type: Bool, default: FALSE

If enabled, the Open Inventor clipping planes are flipped before being applied to the surface.


name: update, type: Trigger

Scans the input scene for lines.

Update Mode

name: updateMode, type: Enum, default: AutoUpdate

Update mode.


Title Name Description
Off Off If off, the lines are only update on Update.
Auto Clear AutoClear If the inScene changes, the rendering is cleared.
Auto Update AutoUpdate If the inScene changes, it is rescanned for lines.


name: radius, type: Float, default: 1

The radius of the lines in millimeters. Currently all lines have the same radius, we will support different radii in the future.