author Florian Link
package MeVisLab/Standard
dll SoPathTracer
definition SoPathTracer.def


The SoPathTracerIsoSurface modules renders an ISO surface of the specified volume. The volume needs to be provided via SoPathTracerVolume or SoPathTracerVolumeInstance.

The ISO surface is not generated as a mesh but rendered on-the-fly, so the ISO value can be adapted interactively without performance impact. It supports various materials using the SoPathTracerMaterial node, including the rendering of silhouettes.


In this rendering, the translucent part is rendered using a transparent ISO surface.


Default Panel


Input Fields


name: inMaterial, type: SoNode

The SoPathTracerMaterial that should be used for the surface.

Parameter Fields

Field Index

Alpha: Float Receive Shadow: Bool
Cast Shadow: Bool Source Volume Name: String
Color: Color  
Enable Clipping: Bool  
Enabled: Bool  
Flip Clipping: Bool  
Iso Value: Float  
Max Layers: Integer  

Visible Fields

Enable Clipping

name: enableClipping, type: Bool, default: TRUE

If enabled, Open Inventor clipping planes affect the surface.

Flip Clipping

name: flipClipping, type: Bool, default: FALSE

If enabled, the Open Inventor clipping planes are flipped before being applied to the surface.

Cast Shadow

name: castShadow, type: Bool, default: TRUE

Receive Shadow

name: receiveShadow, type: Bool, default: TRUE


name: enabled, type: Bool, default: TRUE

Enables the rendering.


name: alpha, type: Float, default: 1, minimum: 0, maximum: 1

The alpha value of the ISO surface. Opaque surfaces are much faster than transparent surfaces, since the first hit rays stop much earlier, while transparent surfaces require a full traversal.


name: color, type: Color, default: 0.5 0.5 0.5

The color of the surface.

Max Layers

name: maxLayers, type: Integer, default: 16, minimum: 1

Defines the numbers of layers that are rendered when the ISO surface is transparent (due to its alpha or the silhouette effect).

Iso Value

name: isoValue, type: Float, default: 1200

The ISO value (specified as dataset gray value).

Source Volume Name

name: sourceVolumeName, type: String, default: main, deprecated name: volumeName

The name of the volume or instance that should be used.