MeVisLab Release Notes

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Release Notes
Version 3.7.2 Stable Release (2023-09)
New Features
Version 3.7.1 Stable Release (2023-07)
New Features
Version 3.7 (2023-05)
Fixes and Enhancements (MeVisLab)
Modules and interfaces provided by Fraunhofer MEVIS
Version 3.6.1 Stable Release (2022-12)
New Features
Version 3.6 (2022-10)
Fixes and Enhancements (MeVisLab)
Modules and interfaces provided by Fraunhofer MEVIS
Version 3.5 (2022-06)
Deprecation Strategy
Fixes and Enhancements (MeVisLab)
Modules provided by Fraunhofer MEVIS
Version 3.4.3 Stable Release (2021-10)
New Features
Version 3.4.2 Stable Release (2021-05)
New Features
Version 3.4.1 Stable Release (2020-11)
New Features
Version 3.4 (2020-09)
Fixes / Enhancements (MeVisLab)
Fixes / Enhancements (Modules)
Modules and Libraries Provided by Fraunhofer MEVIS
Windows Edition
macOS Edition
ADK (also known as Application Builder)
Version 3.3 (2020-03)
Fixes / Enhancements (MeVisLab)
Fixes / Enhancements (Modules)
Modules and Libraries Provided by Fraunhofer MEVIS
Linux Edition
macOS Edition
ADK (also known as Application Builder)
Version 3.2 (2019-08)
Qt 5.12 update
Fixes / Enhancements (MeVisLab)
Fixes / Enhancements (Modules)
Modules and Libraries Provided by Fraunhofer MEVIS
Windows Edition
Linux Edition
macOS Edition
ADK (also known as Application Builder)
Version 3.1.1 Stable Release (2018-12)
New Features
Version 3.1 (2018-06)
Python 3 Upgrade
Support for 10bit displays
Physically-based Path Tracing (CUDA only)
OpenVDB integration (sparse grid support)
Fixes / Enhancements (MeVisLab)
Fixes / Enhancements (Modules)
Modules and Libraries Provided by Fraunhofer MEVIS
Windows Edition
macOS Edition
Application Builder (previously known as ADK)
Version 3.0.2 Stable Release (2018-01)
New Features
Version 3.0.1 Stable Release (2017-08)
New Features
Version 3.0 (2017-06)
Qt5 Porting Issues
Python 3 Switch Preparations
Fixes / Enhancements (MeVisLab)
Fixes / Enhancements (Modules)
Modules and Libraries Provided by Fraunhofer MEVIS
Windows Edition
macOS Edition
Linux Edition
Releases before 3.0

Release Notes

This document lists the most relevant changes, additions, and fixes provided by the latest MeVisLab releases.

Version 3.7.2 Stable Release (2023-09)

New Features

  • Various small updates for third-party libraries. A notable change is that we now use OpenSSL 3.0 instead of the 1.1.1 series.


  • Fixed: DicomImport accidentally did set interface field values from a non-GUI thread, which isn't allowed in MeVisLab.

  • Fixed: VoxelizeMarkers crashed if there were no markers to voxelize.

  • Fixed: WEMLoad crashed if loading a VRML file that was written by SoSceneWriter in VRML97 format.

  • Fixed a potential crash in SoCSOSplineEditor.

  • Fixed some memory leaks in WEMLoad.

  • Improved layout of the letters in the VectorEdit control.

  • CMake: Make it possible to use find_package(MeVisLab) in parallel sub-directories, without a find_package(MeVisLab) in a common parent directory. (The CMAKE_MODULE_PATH variable was previously only extended by the first find_package(MeVisLab) call, but this only applies to the current directory and its sub-directories.)

  • ADK/ApplicationBuilder:

    • Python site-packages in MeVisLab user packages were not signed for add-on installers.

    • The necessary OpenCV libraries were not added automatically to installer when using the VideoWriterML or VideoWriterInventor modules.

    • Windows: Fixed calling "Dependencies" tool in the DynamicDependencyAnalyzer.

    • Linux: The OUTPUT_PYTHON_EXE variable wasn't set correctly.

  • Small documentation fixes.

Version 3.7.1 Stable Release (2023-07)

New Features

  • The TestWebEngineView example module now contains a demonstration for how to use the WebEngineView control to show PDF documents.

  • Various small updates for third-party libraries.


  • Fixed: SoView2DLabel and SoView2DRectangle could display rectangles with a missing corner pixel on certain OpenGL implementations. The rectangles are drawn differently now.

  • Fixed: SoCSOSplineEditor didn't switch back to edit mode when deleting all currently set seed points.

  • Fixed a memory leak in the ImageResample module.

  • Fixed the example networks for VideoWriterML and VideoWriterInventor, which were broken after the last update to RunPythonScript.

  • Fixed: Pylint error checking in MATE could not resolve PythonQt and Inventor imports.

  • The MLAB_AUTOMATIC_POSTBUILD_COPY step in CMake was optimized to only update library files if they really did change.

  • Fixed: [ADK/ApplicationBuilder] Python wildcard imports, followed by a comment and another wildcard import, would cause an error message when building installers (e.g. for scipy).

  • Various small documentation updates.


  • It was discovered that the persistence format for (Vessel)Graph objects — if you switched it to binary by using the useBinaryPersistence method on the object wrapper — has changed between MeVisLab versions 3.4.3 and 3.5. Binary files saved by MeVisLab 3.5 and later can't be read with MeVisLab 3.4.3 and earlier.

    This is because the code uses the serialization function of the Boost library, which isn't backwards compatible to older Boost versions. If you need compatibility of persistence files in both directions, you should stick to the non-binary format.

Version 3.7 (2023-05)

Fixes and Enhancements (MeVisLab)


  • The MeVisLab executable got a -noninteractive command-line option to print certain error messages to the console instead of opening a dialog.

  • Do not reset the author name when changing the target package in a module wizard.

  • The profiling view in the IDE marks modules that have been removed in the meantime with a strike-out font now.

  • Switched MATE and the TestCenter to use the new WebEngineView (instead of the deprecated WebKit-based WebView).

  • Added high-resolution cursors for the viewers.

  • Improve context help function of the scripting console.

  • Fixed a few places where modules or MeVisLab itself didn't work with Unicode characters in file names.

  • Added a workaround for the Quick Module Search drop-down list not always showing on Linux.

  • Fixed a crash in the Inventor Viewer control when referencing a SoNode field without an Inventor scene.

  • MATE editor: When adding or removing user packages in MeVisLab, MATE immediately reflects this change without restarting now.

  • Fixed an issue that field updates from modules running in a separate process could be received during a long-running calculation. No update notifications were emitted in this case and other problems could be caused. The updates are now properly delayed until after the calculation.

  • [Windows only] MeVisLab tries to make sure that module panels are wide enough so that there is a space in the title bar with which they can be dragged around.

  • The Project Wizard got an option to create backups of files that would be overwritten.

  • The Convert Pro Files to CMake... conversion script got a bunch of small improvements.


  • The TestCenter got an option to always use the current MeVisLab in secure mode (instead of the configured MeVisLab, which may be any installed - or removed - version).

  • Call (setUp|tearDown)(Class|Module) when executing Python unittests in the TestCenter. (This uses some protected methods of unittest.TestSuite.)

  • Added new test functions hasNoWarning, hasWarning, hasError, hasWarningAndError, and hasInfo to TestSupport.Base. They act as context managers that can be used with the "with" statement and are easier to use than the old expectXyz functions which needed to be given a function and arguments to execute.

  • Do not crash on encoding error in secure mode.

  • Prevent crash when closing the TestCenter while tests are still running.

  • Fixed: The Run All Tests function on a module would not use the configuration configured for the TestCenter itself.


  • PythonPip

    • Allows to install Python packages to a user's MeVisLab package now (instead of just to the Python directory in MeVis/ThirdParty). A site-packages directory is added to the selected MeVisLab package and added to the Python path in MeVisLab.

    • When installing or removing Python packages with PythonPip, ThirdPartyInformation entries and library .mli files (the latter are used for correctly composing application installers) are automatically updated.

  • Added an MLAB.setShouldStop() method, which is mainly useful for testing.

  • Added an optional pixelScaleFactor argument to the updateLayout method of SoView2DWrapper, and removed the is3D argument, which wasn't useful.

  • Added the column number as argument to the doubleClickedCommand of the ListView control.

  • Fixed some flashing when using the setContentString method of the DynamicFrame control.

  • Worked around an import error with PyTorch.

  • Fixed: The .pth files from installed Python packages were not evaluated, which could lead to some imports not working as documented, e.g. in the case of PyWin32.


  • Removed the interim (build number) member from ml::Version. It interfered with our compiler cache.

  • Added the static method View2DFont::createFont. Made the implementations of View2DFont private.

  • The DCMTree::Dict::info method automatically tries to prefix the tag name with "RETIRED_" if a tag isn't found without it.

  • The method CSOGenerateSeedPoints::redistributeSeedPointsEveryNthPathPoint got a flag whether to send or not send update notifications.

  • Let CMake also install .pdb/.debug files if the CMake variable MLAB_INSTALL_PDBS is set.

  • The CMake function mlab_install now supports the OPTIONAL argument, so that a missing library doesn't fail the install step.

  • Fixed that that mlMatrix4.h include would not work without another include.

  • The OpenCV library can now be accessed component-wise in CMake.

  • _MLsnprintf and _MLsscanf are deprecated now, please use snprintf and sscanf instead.

Application Builder

(for those users with an ADK or Application Builder license)

  • Applications will now use the application title in certain dialogs which previously always used "MeVisLab".

  • Improved the error message when using an invalid license while generating installers.

  • The Python import analysis has been refactored to cope with more complex cases of import statements.

  • MeVisLabAppConsole didn't consider itself to be an application run-time, so it didn't accept valid license files.

  • It is now possible to run an application with the developer's license (if the license is bound to a computer).

Windows specific

  • DLL loading in MeVisLab doesn't look at the PATH environment variable anymore, but instead uses the AddDllDirectory system call, which doesn't have a length limitation and should prevent libraries being loaded from "foreign" directories.

    Directories outside the installed or registered packages can be added separately by specifying the variable ExtraDllLoadPaths in the MeVisLab preferences file. Hint: You can use environment variables in the value(s).

  • The tool check window of the ToolRunner now indicates that either DependencyWalker or Dependencies is sufficient to fulfill the requirements for a DLL dependency checker.

  • AddOn installers did not correctly detect a MeVisLab SDK installed in the user path.

Linux specific

  • Starting MeVisLab through the starter script will correctly forward SIGTERM and other signals.

  • Fixed application wrapper script to work with space characters in the installation path.

  • Enabled GStreamer support in OpenCV. This fixes the VideoWriterML and VideoWriterInventor modules on Linux.


  • Added missing StudyInstanceUID tag to some DICOM files in the demo data directory.

Third-Party Libraries

A lot of third-party libraries have been updated in this release.

See the list of available third-party libraries here.

Note that this is not the complete list of third-party components used in MeVisLab, for this you should consult the About dialog of MeVisLab, or use the ThirdPartyInformation module.

Some notable updates:

  • Qt has been updated to version 5.15 (from 5.12).

  • The PythonQt scripting wrappers for Qt have been re-created to fix an issue that virtual method QGraphicsItem::itemChange() could not be overridden for all derived classes.

    (Actually this fix has already been in the 3.6.1 release.)

  • The Python packages Matplotlib and Sphinx have finally been updated. Matplotlib is still an older version though.


  • DicomImport:

    • Optimized reading of image data from large multi-frame files.

    • Correctly handle reversed slice order for RTDose images.

    • Improved error and log handling. The error log model now contains the error message and the name of the tag causing the error (if applicable).

    • Correctly handle 2D+T flag on multi-frame files.

    • Do not create frame-specific tags for single images

    • Fixed incorrect interpretation of MONOCHROME1/2

    • Improve handling of incorrectly specified character encodings and of encoding errors.

    • Ignore DICOMDIR files on import.

    • Handle leading and trailing spaces in DS/IS values.

    • Fixed a crash at program exit after having accessed imported images on Linux.

    • Fixed a possible conflict between imported private DICOM tags and the private tags used internally to hold per-frame tags.

  • CurveCreator: Fixed a bug that the title of a single curve would not be set if the title separator was not set.

  • Added a new macro module MaskSliceInterpolator which can interpolate sparse mask slices. It is based on an algorithm that interpolates 2D distance values (inside values being negative) between defined slices.

    Also added an alternative C++ module SliceDistanceTransform, which basically does the same.

  • SignedEuclideanDistanceTransform: Has been re-implemented to be faster.

  • Threshold: Fixed handling of fractional threshold values on integer images.

  • OrthoSwapFlip: Avoid to create too many output change notifications.

  • ImageComposer: Fixed that an invalid time was used when adding images in the t dimension.

  • Improved error handling of LoadBase and LocalBase

  • SetDicomTreeOnImage: Added a requireValidDicomTree option flag, which invalidates the image output if no DicomTree is provided.

  • DrawVoxels3D:

    • Added support for copying the second input image to a given location

    • Added a voxelWriteMode with modes "WriteAlways" and "WriteIfNotZero".

    • Fixed that the clampedVoxelWriteValue wasn't always updated anymore.

  • The auto-completion in the interactive console of RunPythonScript has been fixed.

  • WEMLoad: Added support for binary .ply files.

  • WEMReducePolygons: Behaves deterministically now.

  • SoWEMRendererEdges: Implemented support for an per-edge PVL. Added new overrideSelectedPVL that can override the PVL that is passed from the renderer. Removed unused selectedPVL and availablePVLS.

  • SoSceneLoader: The Collada import has been disabled because of an unfixed security issue.

  • SoView2D: got an option field wrapAroundTimePointScrolling to wrap around when stepping through the time points with the cursor keys.

  • SoView2DLabel: got a borderColor field (default is white). Previously the border color was undetermined and might have been the same color as the text.

  • So3DMarkerEditor: Append unit (mm) if TEXT_LENGTH is selected as annotation, same as in the SoView2DMarkerEditor.

  • SoText2 and SoText3 would crash when trying to render Unicode characters > 255.

  • The SoShaderParameterPlane module got a flag transformToEyeCoordinates.

Modules and interfaces provided by Fraunhofer MEVIS


  • New module VoxelizeFibers.

  • New module FilterMarkersByMask.

  • Added clearance list support to ThirdPartyLicenseReport.

  • BoundingBoxListener: Added configurable epsilon.

  • Improved logging support for CachedPath module and cached_path Python library.

  • Added FieldValues() context manager to fmeTestSupport.MlabContext for temporarily setting field values.

  • Made it possible to log warnings on windows, by using include(FME_HANDLE_ALL_QA_RELEVANT_WARNINGS_AS_ERRORS), include(FME_HANDLE_QA_RELEVANT_WARNINGS_AS_ERRORS), or include(FME_WARN_TO_ERROR_PREPARE_MODE) in CMakeLists.txt.

    Revision of warning and error handling is still in progress.

    Supported only when depending on FME packages.

Functional changes/Bugfixes

  • Fixed memory leaks in

    • CurveProperties

    • SoNodeFilter

    • SoCSOManualCorrectionEditor

    • SoOverrideCursorShape

Version 3.6.1 Stable Release (2022-12)

New Features

  • A lot of third-party libraries have been updated to the latest version for this release.


  • Fixed: The installer wouldn't install the Visual Studio runtime when required (and possible) on Windows.

  • Fixed: MeVisLab linked against the system ICU library on Windows, which wasn't always available. Now it links against the version provided with the SDK, as intended. This only affected the Release mode.

  • Fixed: Lots of instances where a Debug mode DLL loaded a Release mode DLL though a Debug mode version of the same DLL was available (and in one case the other way round).

  • Fixed: Using the "Find" shortcut in a WebView control and typing an existing character would crash MeVisLab in Debug mode. (This actually was an assert in the code).

  • Fixed: The Linux installer contained copies of files that should have been symlinks. The installer got smaller in size as a result of the fix.

  • Fixed: On Linux one couldn't import the vtk Python wrappers in Debug mode.

  • The tool check dialog of the ToolRunner still listed the old required version for NSIS on Windows. Now it shows the correct required version 3.0.

  • Fixed: The Level planar CSOs option of the ExtractRTStruct module didn't work.

  • Fixed: The new XMarkerListToCSOList module interpreted the pointsPerMM field as "distance between points" instead.

    If you used this module with a value other than 1 you should check your usage.

  • The CLIImporter module now works without needing to install an additional Python package.

Version 3.6 (2022-10)

Fixes and Enhancements (MeVisLab)


  • The "Python 3 Support" user script has been removed, since MeVisLab uses Python 3 since version 3.1, and everybody should have migrated their scripts by now.

  • The module wizards should now work with Unicode characters in the path or values.

  • Removed the Debug Network button from the TestCaseManager, which wasn't functional anymore. If one wants to see the test network after execution one can add a EXPECT_TRUE(False) at the end of the test and activate the Stop and inspect network on error option (previously just called Stop on error).

  • The option Open C++ Project in IDE has been removed from the context menu of modules. This didn't really work with the new CMake-based build system, where the location of the build directory isn't as fixed as it was with the old qmake-based system.

  • MATE:

    • Fixed a crash in the Python debugger when using an expression in the Evaluate Expression view that was also set in the Watches view.


  • Fixed a bug with reference counting of Python object arguments of a queued connection between user-defined signals and slots.

    This was done by using type PythonQtSafeObjectPtr instead of PyObject* for the Python arguments. This might affect connections between signal/slots defined in Python code and signal/slots defined in C++ – the C++ signature might need to be adapted in these cases.

  • Added the MeVisLabJobScheduler framework to the SDK. This is a framework for convenient execution of batch jobs from MeVisLab.

    Please see MLABJobSchedulerClient for how to use this.

  • Modules and controls got a new droppedFilesCommand (notice the plural!) alongside the existing droppedFileCommand, where you get the dropped files all at once if more than one file was dragged and dropped onto a module/control.

  • TestSupport.ScreenShot.createOffscreenScreenShot got an extra optional parameter backgroundColor.

  • Importing of Python modules from a Projects sub-directory (via mlab_projects) would fail if the file path to the package itself would also contain a Projects directory.

  • Added a range check to those methods of MLABDicomTag that take an index parameter.


  • The type multiplexing of the calculateOutputSubImage method of classic ML modules without image handler can now be done through the C++17 function std::visit. The support for this can be found in the include file mlTSubImageVariant.h of the ML project. Code examples and ML project wizard have been adapted accordingly.

Application Builder

(for those users with an ADK or Application Builder license)

  • Linux Users: The default for the finish page of the installers has changed. The option to run the application after the installer has finished must be enabled explicitly with the variables $INSTALLER_FINISHPAGE_RUN and $INSTALLER_FINISHPAGE_RUN_TEXT.

  • The default encoding of .mlinstall and .mli files is now UTF-8 on Windows, the same as it was on Linux and macOS already. Also fixed some bugs with Unicode characters in paths.

  • The Windows installer generation can alternatively use Dependencies instead of DependencyWalker for DLL dependency analysis.

  • Missing or failing dependency analysis tools will now also lead to a non-zero exit code of the whole installer generation step. (Previously you needed to scan the log for errors.)

  • The --content-list-file/--verbose option of didn't collect all files contained in the generated installer in all circumstances (especially on Windows), mostly just the directories.

  • Windows: The minimum required version for NSIS is 3.0 now.


  • The Mesa OpenGL software driver included with the Windows version of MeVisLab is not a single DLL anymore. If you copied this DLL for your purposes, you now need to copy the whole content of the directory Package/MeVisLab/IDE/bin/Mesa.

  • The option to immediately run MeVisLab from the SDK installer has been dropped, since this caused some problems.

  • The SDK can now be installed without administrator rights (in the users directory) on Windows.

  • Documentation:

    • The Scripting Reference in 3.5.0 contained a lot of inaccessible members, this has been fixed.

    • The module help files now contain a reference to appropriate scriptable classes (if available) at input or output fields of type MLBase.

    • Added a new installation guide, which also covers usage in a Docker container.

Third-Party Libraries

A lot of third-party libraries have been updated in this release.

See the complete list of available third-party libraries here.

Note that this is not the complete list of third-party components used in MeVisLab, for this you should consult the About dialog of MeVisLab, or use the ThirdPartyInformation module.


  • DicomImport:

    • DicomImport and DicomImportExtraOutput: Breaking Change: The field selectedItem uses now an internal unique Id to select the current volume and not an index anymore. The set of Ids of the recent partition operation can be retrieved either from the id attribute in the outputModel or via the scripting interface of outImportResult.

    • Breaking change: The item tree shown in the panel of the DicomImport module now has one level less (the series level), instead the volumes will be displayed with the modality and series description.

      This was necessary because different DICOM series might now be combined to a 4D volume. If the constituting DICOM series had different series descriptions, no series description will be displayed for that volume.

    • One can also provide a list of files instead of just a directory as input for the import process. Files can also be dragged onto the panel.

    • Moved the import process completely into the background. The UI will only block briefly when selecting a volume for the first time now.

    • Enhanced multi-frame files will now be split into the component frames internally and re-composed during the import step to satisfy the given sorting and partitioning rules.

    • The Stop button turns into a Clear button if the import has already finished.

    • Just requesting the file paths of a volume from the DicomImportResult is faster now.

    • Fixed an issue with importing multiple simple multi-frame files. (Some multi-frame files could be skipped.)

    • Added an import option to always split time points.

    • DicomImport and DicomImportExtraOutput got an extra output outDicomTree which will provide the Dicom tree of files that have no image data (marked with <no image data> in the list).

    • The import step will also consider the GridFrameOffsetVector tab of multi-frame images to determine the correct voxel size in the z dimension.

  • Added the modules ExtractRTStruct and ComposeRTStruct module to convert a RTSTRUCT DicomTree object into a CSOList object and vice versa.

  • WEM modules:

    • WEMClipPlaneToWEM: The triangulation algorithm for closing a clipped WEM was replaced with a conforming Delaunay triangulation. The resulting WEMs should now always be well-formed.

    • WEMModify can center the whole WEM now, not just the individual WEM patches.

    • Fixed: The combination of WEMGeodesicClip with WEMDemergePatches could cause a crash.

    • Fixed: Getting the nearest point on a WEM surface with the MLWEMNearestPointWrapper scripting wrapper could in fact return a point that was not the nearest for WEMs with very different triangle sizes.

    • WEMDemergePatches will print a warning now when saving a WEM to STL format when this might break the mesh structure (because the input WEM has multiple nodes at the same position).

    • SoWEMConvertInventor: Got an option useNodeColors to use the diffuse color of a shape for the WEM nodes.

  • OrthoProjection: Is now more precise in calculation of the possible value range in minPos/maxPos mode.

  • When expanding an image in the t dimension with SubImage the last time point value is replicated now instead of using a default invalid date time value.

  • SoVolumeCutting: Fixed a crash when interacting with the module while no reference image was connected.

  • Fixed: Using a SoInteractionMapping below a SoSeparator would not work correctly.

  • The inspector modules used in the Output Inspector have been moved to their own group, which makes them invisible in the search by default.

  • Added the modules CSOListToXMarkerList and XMarkerListToCSOList.

  • Improved marker dragging behavior in the So3DMarkerEditor.

  • DrawVoxels3D: Improved behavior for min/max image values and undo when the update mode is Copy Input Image.

  • Added the module MemoryCacheBuffer which allows to store a list of images (accessible by setting an index).

  • Fixed an issue with the OffscreenRenderer and repeatedly applied lights that could occur with some OpenInventor scenes on subsequent renderings.

  • Fixed a possible crash in SoDiagram2D when input curves and input style palette were changed at the same time.

  • Fixed wrong rounding in DicomRescale when the input voxel type was a float type and the output an integer type (or vice versa).

  • Fixed the update behavior of ApplyLUT for images that required internal rescaling (e.g. voxel type int32 or float).

  • Fixed a cause for rare crashes in the constructor of the OrthoReformat3 module.

  • Worked around an issue of the Qt based font rendering (enabled by setting the value View2DEnableQtFontRendering = yes in the preferences file) being slightly cut off in SoView2D and SoDiagram2D when used on Windows with a display scaling factor of 150% or greater.

Modules and interfaces provided by Fraunhofer MEVIS


  • Added the dicomweb.DicomWebAdapter python class to wrap dicomweb-client for convenient DICOM series/study retrieval and storage through DicomWeb/WADO (PACS) APIs.

    The dicomweb-client Python package currently needs to be installed separately through PythonPip to use this class.

  • New module AutoSwitchBase, for automatically selecting the non-null instance of two base inputs.

  • New module LinePlaneIntersection: Calculate the intersection of a plane with a line.

  • New module PointPlaneDistance: Calculate the distance of a point to a plane.

  • New modules ComposeImageVector, DecomposeImageVector, ComposeVector6, ComposeVector6FromVector3AndComponents, and DecomposeVector6: Complement the existing Compose/Decompose modules, for use with 6D (image) vectors (e.g. with XMarker modules).

  • New module CurvesFromXMarkerList: Create curves by sampling XMarker properties (such as position and vector components) along a given dimension (e.g. list order or time)

  • New module MultiFileVolumeListPROutput: Experimental module to display basic graphical annotations (Presentation States) on DICOM frames.

Functional changes/Bugfixes

  • The C++ ParameterInfo class no longer derives from QVariantMap, but instead contains one. The map can be accessed via the data member now.

  • (BaseWith)ParameterInfoWrappers now catch exceptions and show the information in an extra 'error' key

  • Module XMarkerListFilter: Fixed a bug when filtering XMarkers without a name.

  • Module ReadTextFile: The content of the loaded file is not stored in network files anymore.

Version 3.5 (2022-06)


We have suspended the macOS support of MeVisLab in this release. We are working to bring it back in one of the next releases.

Deprecation Strategy

MeVisLab has grown over the last twenty and more years. The users and we, the manufacturer, have learned over this time that several approaches were replaced by better solutions. But many of the older possibilities were kept in the code to remain backward compatible. This old structures hinder or slow us down to come up with better and more productive ways. We realized this already in the past and marked modules and interfaces as deprecated. During the development of version 3.5 we identified more old and obsolete modules and interfaces and marked them as deprecated as well.

We decided that we will follow a clear deprecation strategy starting from now on. That means that all MeVisLab modules, C++ and Python interfaces, and source code macros that were marked as deprecated are kept throughout the version 3.x for backward compatibility. But they will be removed from MeVisLab with the next major release.

Fixes and Enhancements (MeVisLab)


  • Added a user script to help convert .pro files to CMakeLists.txt.

  • The support for .pro files has been removed from the ToolRunner, as we switched to CMake files. We believe that the support for CMake files integrated into most IDE's is sufficient for everyday use.

  • If manual saving of internal networks is disabled through Package.def also disable auto-save for internal networks.

  • Clicking on the background of a network deselects all modules.

  • The console log file is always written UTF-8 encoded.

  • One could force a reload of a module from MATE while a modal dialog is open, which would crash. This is now prohibited.

  • TestCaseManager: Python coverage can now be enabled globally. Test coverage per test case is discarded then, to keep the test report small in size.

  • Removed the limit on parallel threads from the Preferences dialog.

  • MATE:

    • Python checker: You can switch between mypy and pylint with a keyboard shortcut now (default is Ctrl+F4).

    • The default version of pylint that is installed by default is 2.11.1 now. The default version of rope was updated to 0.20.1.

    • When using Find and Replace in Files with regular expressions, replace \1 with captured text, like in Find and Replace.

    • Allow to skip/abort replacing in files if a file seems to have changed since the search.

    • Avoid crash if F1 is pressed for am MDL tag under the cursor with no validator entry.

    • Avoid crash in help editor if the usual first section ("Purpose") was removed manually from the help file.


  • Make Python wrappers for QMutexLocker, QReadLocker, and QWriteLocker (in PythonQt.QtCore) work as context managers.

  • MLABPopupMenuControl::clearItems() did not destroy sub menus.

  • ctx.showWindow() in standalone applications could open windows on the wrong screen.

  • Fixed a crash in pylint caused by PythonQt when trying to sub-class, e.g., SoDragger.

  • Change default behavior of MLABFileDialog.getSaveFileName. The new default behavior is to ask to confirm overwrites.

  • Added TestSupport.Base.ignoreWarning/ignoreError methods that don't complain if no warning/error is printed.

  • One can add the variable _mlab_do_not_reload to a Python module to exempt it from reloading (triggered with ExtrasReload Imported Python Modules).

  • Replaced the scripting methods MLABModule::killTimer and MLABModule::startTimer and printed a message in the replacement code that the user probably wanted to use another method.

  • MeVisLab remembers the last directory one opened files from in a file dialog. These stored directories can now be accessed with MLABFileDialog.lastFileDialogPath and MLABFileDialog.setLastFileDialogPath.

  • Make auto-revert of TestSupport.ChangeSet reliable. (Previously, it was only executed when the object was garbage collected.)

  • Connecting a callable to the valueChanged signal of an MLABField wrapping an ML/OpenInventor field would not be triggered if there was no other reason to create a field sensor.

  • Use a dedicated enum CSOVoxelWriteMode for the voxelWriteMode attribute of MLCSOListWrapper and MLCSOWrapper.

  • Added an optional parameter to TestSupport.Base.expectErrors() to prevent changing the message severity, so that application code that evaluates MLAB.priv().hadLogErrors() can be tested.

  • Set a default exception handler when calling async methods from MeVisLab, so that exceptions are visible.

  • The class DCMTree::StructuredMF can also look into FunctionGroupSequence tags for frame-specific tags now, and this ability is employed by the MLABImageField methods getFrameSpecificDicomTag and getSharedDicomTag now.

  • Added new helper Python class TestSupport.NotificationCounter.NotificationCounter.

  • Added new helper Python method TestSupport.DicomTreeCompare.compareDicomTrees.

  • A module test can be disabled completely by adding testGroups = disabled to the test definition.

  • Some Qt and Inventor classes had no proper != operator in the Python bindings, so that Python fell back to comparing object (pointer) identity. (The == operator on the other hand was used correctly.)

  • Not every numpy base scalar type that could be set (as an array) on a PythonImage module could be mapped to the corresponding ML datatype.


  • EventFilter: Handle the case when the eventFilter method is being called recursively.

  • The Splitter control got a childrenCollapsible attribute.


  • The used C++ standard has been raised to C++-17 (from previously C++-11).

  • The build system was changed from qmake (*.pri, *.pro) to CMake. See our CMake documentation. In MeVisLab there is a user script to help converting .pro files to CMakeLists.txt files.

  • More strict compiler warnings are enabled. Many warnings are treated as errors now, for details see ./cmake/module/MeVisLabCompilerSettings.cmake.

  • Processes started with MLABUtils::launchApplication will not inherit file handles anymore.

  • Refactored the MLABLogging mechanism to be thread-safe. On the downside, messages from the IDE can't be captured through the ML logging mechanism anymore.

  • Fixed a memory leak in the handling of ML images (when they are split into more than 512K pages according to page size and image size).

  • The ml::DateTime class in MLUtilities will behave slightly different when confronted with invalid dates/times now. (Previously, it silently corrected some invalid date/times.)

  • Added the ScopeGuard helper class to call code when a scope is left. See MeVis/Foundation/Sources/MLUtilities/mlScopeGuard.h.

  • CSOCreationScope and other scopes now print an error when the end of the scope is reached but the necessary setId hasn't been called.

  • MLUtilities got a header file mlUnicodeString.h with conversion functions between UTF-8 encoded std::string and UTF-16 encoded std::wstring.

  • Added a - seemingly useless - std::string variant of StringConversion::writeToStdString which helps with the use of writeToStdString in template code.

  • The ml::TypedEnumField can also be used with enum classes now.

  • PythonQt and the Qt and Inventor Python bindings have been moved to MeVis/ThirdParty.

  • Starting to use a more efficient Dicom tree data structure, DCMTree2. So far, it is only used internally. It is planned to replace the DCMTree with the new one in the next major release.

  • The Compiler definition MEVIS_64BIT was removed. There hasn't been a 32bit version of MeVisLab since some time.

  • The include directories of some projects/third-party libraries have changed. Accordingly some includes statements might need to be adapted.

  • Deprecations:

    We put special care on marking deprecated code parts and pre-processor macros, and enclosed those with the #if ML_DEPRECATED_SINCE(3, 5, 0) ... #endif macro function. Per default this code is enabled and does not cause any warnings.

    We recommend the following migration strategy to avoid using of the deprecated code:

    • Define in the CMakeLists.txt file of the project that shall be adapted the pre-processor symbol ML_DEPRECATED_WARNINGS, e.g. with the statement target_compile_definitions(<target> PRIVATE ML_DEPRECATED_WARNINGS).

    • Now all code parts trigger a compiler warning that use the old code. The default compiler setting is that warnings are treated as errors. So these warnings have to be fixed before a clean build is possible. Follow here our detailed guidelines either in the corresponding header files or the further description below.

    • Since it is not possible to trigger a deprecation warning on all platforms for all different kind of deprecated code, it is possible to hide the deprecated code by adding a pre-processor symbol like ML_DISABLE_DEPRECATED_BEFORE=400000 where the number here would correspond to version 4.0.0. So all deprecated code before that version would be hidden. So this could be achived by adding this statement target_compile_definitions(<target> PRIVATE ML_DISABLE_DEPRECATED_BEFORE=400000) to the project specific CMakeLists.txt. When there is a successful build, then the migration was successful.

    Some of the things that are newly marked deprecated:

    • The file ./MeVis/Foundation/Sources/ML/mlBasics.h is marked as deprecated.

      The file ./MeVis/Foundation/Sources/MLUtilities/mlUtils.h is marked as deprecated.

      The file ./MeVis/Foundation/Sources/MLUtilities/mlSystemIncludes.h is marked as deprecated.

    • In file ./MeVis/Foundation/Sources/MLUtilities/mlErrorMacros.h the following macros are marked as deprecated:

      • ML_CHECK_NEW should be replaced with new.

      • ML_CHECK_NEW_TH should be replaced with new.

      • ML_DELETE should be replaced with delete.

      • ML_DELETE_ARRAY should be replaced with delete [].

    • In file ./MeVis/Foundation/Sources/MLUtilities/mlTypeDefs.h the following macros are marked as deprecated:

      • ML_MIN should be replaced with std::min().

      • ML_MAX should be replaced with std::max().

      • ML_ABS should be replaced with std::abs().

      • ML_CLAMP should be replaced with std::clamp().

      • ML_IS_64_BIT_SYSTEM: All places which depend on this definition should be cleared.

    • In file ./MeVisLab/IDE/Sources/Libraries/MLABTools/Tools/mlabBasics.h the following macros are marked as deprecated:

      • MLABScopedPointer should be replaced with std::unique_ptr<T>.

      • MLABScopedArray should be replaced with std::unique_ptr<T[]>.

    • In file ./MeVisLab/IDE/Sources/Libraries/MLABTools/Tools/mlabMacros.h the following macros are marked as deprecated:

      • MLAB_DELETE should be replaced with delete.

      • MLAB_DISALLOW_COPY_AND_ASSIGN should be replaced by using C++11 delete on copy constructor and assignment operator.

    • In file ./MeVisLab/IDE/Sources/Libraries/MLABTools/Tools/mlabLocations.h the following functions are marked as deprecated:

      • MLABLocations::executableDirPath, use QCoreApplication::applicationDirPath instead.

      • MLABLocations::homeDirPath, use QStandardPaths::writableLocation(QStandardPaths::HomeLocation) instead.

      • MLABLocations::tempDirPath, use QStandardPaths::writableLocation(QStandardPaths::TempLocation) instead.

      • MLABLocations::userDocumentsPath, use QStandardPaths::writableLocation(QStandardPaths::DocumentsLocation) instead.

    • The methods of ml::TreeNode that acted on char* values are deprecated (because they are prone for memory leaks); variants of these methods acting on std::string were introduced that should be used instead.

    • In the same way, some methods of ml::Base using char* values have been deprecated and replacement methods using std::string have been introduced.

Application Builder

(for those users with an ADK or Application Builder license)

  • Installer language extensions:

    • Added IFSET and IFNSET statements, which ignore the value of a variable (unlike IFDEF/IFNDEF, which treat 0 or an empty value as undefined).

    • Added EXISTS/ISDIR/ISFILE operators, which can be used in IF statements.

    • Added the INCLUDE_IF_EXISTING command, which does not complain if the given file does not exist.

    • Added the command INCLUDE_DEPENDENCIES_OF. This command follows the dependencies declared by .mldepends files and includes all .mli files in any <package>/Configuration/Installer/Libraries directory that have the name of one of these dependencies.

      .mldepends files are also created for executables now.

    • When the EXECUTE command in an .mlinstall file fails with an error code the whole installer generation fails with an error code now. If you want to ignore error codes of a command, use the new EXECUTE_NO_FAIL.

  • Installer language variables:

    • Make Windows installer execution level configurable: Set variable INSTALLER_NSIS_EXECUTION_LEVEL to Standard, Highest, or Admin.

    • Set file version (and other) attributes of a Windows installer if the variable INSTALLER_FILE_VERSION is set in the installer definition.

    • Allow to set no license text (by setting an empty INPUT_LICENSE_TEXT) for a stand-alone application.

      The license text can also be configured in the installer wizard.

    • The MeVisLabApp executable can be renamed in a standalone installer by setting the variable STANDALONE_EXECUTABLENAME.

  • A third-party report is automatically generated when an installer is built.

  • ModuleDependencyAnalyzer: A Python import from <package>/Modules/Scripts/python should not add the entire Modules/Scripts/python directory to the installer anymore.

  • Overhauled dependency analysis, so that less third-party dependencies should be added unnecessarily.

    Please let us know if something broke for you since a previous version.

  • Standalone application installers now include the OpenSSL libraries by default. (This can be suppressed by adding $WITH_OPENSSL 0 to your .mlinstall file.)

  • Use the application name in the splash message (if set) instead of the executed module name.


  • The MeVisLabPackageScanner got an option -printPackagePaths that prints the package paths separated by line feeds.

  • The FMEwork/ITK and FMEwork/VTK packages have been moved to MeVisLab/ITK and MeVisLab/VTK.

  • The QtWebKit support will be removed with MeVisLab 4.0. This library has been superseded by QtWebEngine and isn't maintained anymore.

    If you currently use the WebView control, please replace it with the new WebEngineView.

    Direct embedding of MeVisLab panels isn't possible with the new control anymore (since the web engine runs in a separate process), but this can be emulated with Remote Rendering. If you use this feature, have a look at the code of the TestWebEngineView module for how this can be done.

Third-Party Libraries

A lot of third-party libraries have been updated in this release, too many to list them all in this place, so only a few will be mentioned.

See the complete list of available third-party libraries here.

Note that this is not the complete list of third-party components used in MeVisLab, for this you should consult the About dialog of MeVisLab, or use the ThirdPartyInformation module.


As of 3.5 we will publish our whole third-party repository on GitHub (the actual code for the libraries is downloaded on-the-fly and built with Conan).

  • Notable updates:

    • boost has been updated to version 1.78.0

    • dcmtk has been updated to version 3.6.6

    • Mesa (used in the software OpenGL driver on Windows) has been updated to version 20.3.4

    • Python has been updated to version 3.9.11.

    • Qt has been updated to version 5.12.12.

  • Removed:

    • Box2d

    • Template Numerical Toolkit


  • Added a new module DicomImport, which does a multi-threaded, asynchronous import of DICOM files. It replaces an old, deprecated module with the same name which called an executable for the import, which then wrote DICOM/TIFF pairs to the file system.

    There is a similar module in the Public SDK by our partners at Fraunhofer MEVIS, called DirectDicomImport.

  • WEM modules:

    • WEMSave: Didn't auto-detect the .geom file suffix.

    • WEMLoad: Also recognizes upper-case file suffixes.

    • WEMLoad: Enforce binary STL format if file ends on .stlb .

    • WEMLoad: Could crash on loading certain .wrl (VRML) files.

    • WEMSurfaceDistance: startPos and endPos were swapped.

    • Fixed a thread-safety issue in WEMIsoSurface when running in background.

    • WEMModify: Rotation was not correctly applied if the scale factor was 1.

    • Fixed a crash in SoWEMInteract after reloading the module and then updating a connected input.

  • CSO modules:

    • To make the purpose clearer, CSOConvertToImage has been renamed to CSOVoxelizeContours, and CSOConvertTo3DMask to CSOGenerateSmoothSurfaceFromSparseContours.

    • The deprecated module CSOInterpolate has been removed. It just wrapped the module CSOShapedBasedInterpolation by Fraunhofer MEVIS, which still exists.

    • Added a SoCSOAngleEditor module which allows to set/edit 3 points to define an angle in an image (the angle value is displayed).

    • Added a CSOLabelPlacementDistanceLines module for improved label placement for distance lines.

    • CSOLabelRenderer: Had a problem with a CSO (temporarily) consisting of only one seed point.

    • The CSOFilter module generated CSOs and CSOGroups with ids that were immediately changed without further notification.

    • Improved rendering of SoCSODistanceLineEditor when ghosting.

    • Improved shadow rendering of all SoCSOEditorExtensions.

    • All CSO editor modules: Change the maximum value for defaultSeedPointSize to 16.

    • CSOIsoGenerator: Improved symmetry of generated contours when Interpolate contours is on.

    • Fixed that CSOList::removeAll() would leak the memory used by the CSOList when undo was enabled, e.g., when done from the CSOManager with removeAllCSOsAndGroups.

  • View2DIsoContourShader: Changed voxel value scaling slightly, so contours correspond better to those generated with CSOIsoGenerator.

  • Made background and margin color of SoLUTEditor configurable.

  • SoView2DDrawVoxels3D: Got an autoSwitchDrawMode option that adapts the Disk* and Square* modes automatically to the current viewer orientation.

  • DrawVoxels3D: copyInputImage trigger field did not work correctly for Off/Clear update mode.

  • DicomRescale: Also modifies the PixelPaddingValue and PixelPaddingRangeLimit tags now.

  • Added RescaleType to the info fields of the DicomRescale module.

  • Allow (temporary) invalid input for AccumulateImage.

  • VoxelizeMarkers: Fixed that distanceMode WorldDistance, despite the name, operated in voxel space.

  • Added ThirdPartyInformation module to list available third-party libraries. (Actually it was already there, but not visible yet.)

  • Fixed the ListModules module.

  • Loading a CurveList with a LoadBase module will print a warning about the loaded data being a memory leak. This is a conceptual problem that will be fixed in one of the next MeVisLab versions.

  • Added new module CurveCreator to create a CurveList object from text data.

  • Implemented an isUnderMouse attribute for SoView2DRectangle in the same way as was already done for SoView2DLabel.

  • Added support for label drawing to SoView2DRectangle.

  • One can't change the global variables of the RunPythonScript module itself in executed code anymore.

  • The algorithm of the Radon module was re-implemented.

  • Added new module SoCoordinateSystem, which does smarter rendering than SoAxis.

  • SoDiagram2D uses the same font rendering as SoView2D now, which also allows to render any Unicode characters through Qt (with View2DEnableQtFontRendering = yes in your preferences file).

  • Fixed that SoView2DOverlayMPR would print error messages if the overlay got smaller than one pixel.

  • Histogram: Prints a warning if the mask image is used in label mode and the mask image has a float data type (which suggests it isn't a label image).

  • SoPostEffectMainGeometry and SoPostEffectTransparentGeometry can work on buffers (e.g. created with SoPostEffectCreateBuffer) that are smaller than the actual render size to improve performance.

  • DicomDeidentify: When defining special handling of private tags, private tags in a sequence were not handled correctly if the private creator tag for this tag was (only) in the same sequence (which is proper DICOM).

  • DicomTool, under the DICOM Send section: Fixed that the dcmSend tool mode didn't work (anymore) on Windows.

  • The UndoManager module didn't correctly apply the maxNumberUndoSteps when loading from a network.

  • The module ColorModelConverter got a new mode "Gray to RGB" and overall better handling for when the wrong number of input color channels are present.

    Also renamed mode "RGB to RGB" to "Identity".

  • The following modules are marked as deprecated now: AngleLines2D3D, BaseBypassOp, ColorTable, ConnectedComponents, ContourManager, CSOBulgeProcessor, CSOFreehandProcessor, CSOIsoProcessor, CSOLiveWireProcessor, CSOModifyProcessor, CSOPrimitiveProcessor, CSOTransformationProcessor, DicomBrowser, DicomService, DistanceLine2D3D, DistanceTransform, Draw2D, EatDicomImport, ImportDialog, KernelFilter, LiveWire, LoG, MovieCreator, Negation, ObjectManager, OpenImage, RegionToContour, SaveImage, SoAngleLines, SoAngleToObjects, SoAsciiText, SoCake, SoDistanceLine, SoFixedFunctionShader, SoMainAxis, SoMinimalDistance, SoRuler, SoScreenSpaceAmbientOcclusion, SoShapeToPointSet, SoThresholdToPointSet, SoView2DCSOEditor, SwapViewer, WEMClip

Modules provided by Fraunhofer MEVIS


  • New module PDFViewer for embedding a PDF into an MDL panel.

  • New XMarkerList modules:

    • MarkerDistanceToPoint

    • MarkerDistanceToPlane

    • ProjectMarkersToPlane

    • FilterMarkersByPlane

    • FilterMarkersByDistanceToPlane

    • MirrorMarkersWithPlane

    • XMarkerPathLength

    • DuplicateXMarkers

    • CreateRandomXMarkers

    • AccumulateXMarkerLists

    • RigidTransformationFromMarkerLists

    • XMarkerListTransformation

  • New module IntersectCSOWithPlane.

  • New DICOM modules:

    • Added new module MultiFileVolumeListREGOutput displaying lots of information of DICOM registration matrices.

    • Added new module MultiFileVolumeListSMImageOutput for displaying Whole Slide Microscopy information of DICOM files.

    • Added new module MultiFileVolumeListDOCOutput for extracting Encapsulated documents from DICOM files and new module DicomDOCSave to support export of Encapsulated documents as DICOM files.

  • New ParameterInfo data structure for C++ and Python for documenting algorithm parameterization:

    • Basically represents a dictionary of information that can be passed between modules through ml::Base/Python objects (implemented via QVariantMap in C++ and dict in Python)

    • Comes with functionality to collect parameters from a MeVisLab network (see Python function parameter_info.network_info.createMlabNetworkInfo) with or without caching, extensible to other sources.

    • New BaseWithParameterInfo base class for C++ ml::Base objects that provide such info via getParameterInfo().

    • Comes with ParameterInfoWrappers for Python access to C++ objects.

    • Comes with the ParameterInfoInspector module as output inspector for C++ and Python objects of type ParameterInfo or with a getParameterInfo() method.

    • See also:

  • Added Python context managers to fmeTestSupport.Context for temporarily adding entries to a dictionary (AdditionalItems), or specifically to the environment (EnvironmentVariables)

Functional changes/Bugfixes

  • PCL

    • Many PCL algorithms have changed alpha defaults (in e.g. RGBA values) from 0 to 255 which influence all algorithms and tests which depend on that.

    • PCLMarchingCubesHoppe, PCLMovingLeastSquares, PCLConcaveHull, and PCLConvexHull create significantly different results because the algorithms in the third party library PCL have been rewritten.

    • PCLClusterStatistics creates different, and better scaled clusterEigenValues now. The new eigen values have the same relation to each other than the old ones.

    • Removed the module PCLVizualizer, which is not really needed any more.

  • Fixed Tutorial_MeVisLabAndPython.

  • Updated help overview "DICOM in MeVisLab".

  • Speed-up for ImageCalculationByPlane.

  • VideoLoad was reworked.

  • itkImageFileReader and itkImageFileWriter: do not support Philips REC/PAR image files any more.

  • itkImageFileWriter: Some ITK file-I/O backends or respectively their used thirdparty-libraries do not recognize write failures into non-existing directories or on write-protected files. Some checks have been added for better recognition of such undetected write failures; however, not all can be detected.

  • InterpolateXMarkerList now allows direct linear interpolation for marker vectors

  • ExtrapolateXMarkersPolynomial: Fixed sampling of fitted result

  • GVRContourOverlay: Improved contour rendering to avoid texture sampling artifacts and removed obsolete smoothness parameter from panel

  • OpenIGTLink integration:

    • OpenIGTLinkSenderModules touches field outMessageCreated after the corresponding OpenIGTLink message has been asynchronously created

    • OpenIGTLinkTrajectoryConversion supports trajectory elements with negative radius

  • AsynchronousIO framework: Fixed crash when using SocketInterfaceWrapper::asyncWrite and asyncRead caused by objects freed outside of the Python interpreter lock.


    • Applied some changes and fixes to support DICOM files > 4GB (as far as supported by the DICOM standard); added some error logs and checks for cases where inappropriate parameters are used.

    • Refactored, tested, cleaned up, and renamed Python wrappers for MultiFileVolume[List] and DirectDicomImport. Added wrappers for MultiFileVolumeListOutputs.

    • DirectDicomImport

      • Fixed: Valid unicode strings in volume list were displayed as hexadecimal codes instead of correct characters.

      • Fixed: Tag Replacements functionality would really just replace existing tags, not add new tags.

      • Fixed: If no appropriate loader for a DICOM file was found, always a misleading REG load error was logged.

      • Fixed: Correctly handles Raw data IOD without error messages now.

      • Fixed: Tolerance specifications for ImageOrientationPatient tags in DPL configurations were ignored.

      • Fixed: Invalid error messages about supposedly wrong dimensions of binary SEG data.

      • Fixed: Load failures (or in rare cases incorrect load) of a few binary SEG files.

      • Fixed: Import of some Siemens Set'n'Go Series with SetnGo postprocessor. Some modern ones, however, still may not be well supported.

      • Fixed: Files with suffixes .0 - .9 are handled preferably as DICOM data before checking other loader formats.

      • Fixed: Wrong handling of single frame Enhanced Multi-frame files.

      • Fixed: Different behaviour of swap of t and z extent between DirectDicomImport and itkImageFileReader.

      • Added warnings if volumes are composed which do not have temporally ascending time points.

      • Added support for Philips 3D US data.

      • Added support for correct display of Whole Slide Microscopy data. See also new related module MultiFileVolumeListSMImageOutput.

      • Added option to warn of overflows in the internal tag/tree cache.

      • Added programming support to deactivate some loader backends during runtime.

    • Tag dumps (done by many DICOM related modules):

      • Added a number of private tag descriptions to make their decodings more readable (especially for a number of Siemens devices and from Mayo Clinic).

      • Added a tag decoder for text-like private DICOM tags to make dumps of their contents better readable.

    • Added missing DICOM tags in exported DICOM FID files.

    • DicomEnhancedSave:

      • Added support for many tags. Most (also non-mandatory) tags can at least be copied from incoming data sets.

      • Added some checks in strict mode to detect (and possibly refuse) if multiple series shall be stored.

    • DicomSEGSave: completed support for saving multiple binary segments.

    • Dicom*Save modules:

      • Fixed lost patient name if it contained non-ASCII characters.

      • Added SOP Common Module tags to select character sets.

      • Added more/better derivation sequence information by using either better defaults or refusing to save if the necessary information is not provided.

      • Fixed: Corresponding cache entries from the internal DICOM cache are removed on save now, so importing the file again will load the new version.

      • Better support and defaults of whether (Enhanced) DICOM tags are inherited from input data or not before it is used for export.

      • Relaxed too strict laterality checks.

      • Fixed: Unsafe handling of tags with value representation AT.

    • DicomTreeCompare: Allows automatic cache clear before comparison to prevent comparison with outdated cache contents.

    • DicomConfigurableMessageFilter: Improved/added configurable messages.

Version 3.4.3 Stable Release (2021-10)

New Features

  • Implemented a isUnderMouse attribute for SoView2DRectangle.

  • OpenSSL was updated to version 1.1.1l.


  • IDE: Referencing field controls in a note item didn't always work.

  • IDE: The Output Inspector for vessel graph objects could modify the inspected object.

  • IDE: Avoid warning messages when reloading the module cache for write-protected packages on Windows.

  • MATE: Coloring of dots displayed for space characters (if enabled) could be displaced for some string constants.

  • MATE: Avoid crash in module help editor if starting section does not exist.

  • Removed the question mark in the title bar of dialog windows. This was a context help feature of Qt that was on by default, but nobody seems to be using it. If you, against all expectations, did use it, you can restore the flag from scripting with

    from PythonQt import Qt
    myWindowControl.widget().setWindowFlag(Qt.Qt.WindowContextHelpButtonHint, True)

  • Fix rendering of SoRenderSurfaceIntersection if another module enables the z-Buffer in OpenGL.

  • Fix some blend mode leakage of View2D text rendering, and some improvements to text rendering in SoView2DMarkerEditor.

  • SoView2DOverlayDecoration: Improve border and tick mark rendering, especially if the underlay is rotated.

  • SoView2DOverlay could scale float input values improperly when the underlay had a greater value range, leading to weak overlay images, especially if the value range difference was big.

  • Avoid the "Matrix is no rotation" warning in MPRPath caused by floating number precision problems.

  • LoadBase: Do not crash when trying to load an invalid vessel graph XML file.

  • The "Retrieve" operation of the DicomQuery module could fail silently if the target was not available.

  • Under certain circumstances scripting method MLABImageFields::getFrameSpecificDicomTag could return old values when the image in the field changes.

  • Removing a DICOM tag which was previously added to the same overlay DICOM tree, which also had the tag in its parent tree, didn't work.

  • Implemented MLABDicomTag::value for VR DT (date and time). It returns a QDateTime instead of throwing an exception.

  • Improved label placing behavior of CSOLabelRenderer with option tryToPlaceLabelsWithoutOverlap set.

  • Improved performance of CSOIsoGenerator.

  • The OpenInventor modules SoAsciiText, SoText2, and SoText3 for text rendering had issues and have been partially reimplemented.

  • ADK (Windows): If a symlink can't be copied during installer generation (because of missing access rights), fall back to a full copy of the linked content.

Version 3.4.2 Stable Release (2021-05)

New Features

  • WebEngineView:

    • The WebEngineView control gained the ability to print the current web page. (Set the enablePrinting attribute to get the context menu entry!)

    • Expanded the TestWebEngineView example module with a demo for embedding of Inventor viewers. Added a special RemoteRendering scripting wrapper for this.

      This is not as smooth as with the old WebView control though.

    • Also added a removeObjectFromWebChannel method to the MLABWebEngineViewControl wrapper, so that objects can be deregistered again.

  • Python now provides the bz2 and lzma compression modules. For this the following ThirdParty libraries were changed:

    • Updated bzip2 to version 1.0.8.

    • Added XZ Utils (specifically the liblzma part), version 5.2.5.

  • OpenSSL was updated to version 1.1.1k.


  • The module cache was not always updated on updates when located outside the installation directory (the default for macOS).

  • Do not create incomplete auto-backup network files in the IDE (could be caused by a timer firing at an inopportune time).

  • Fixed a crash in the MATE text editor when F1 was pressed for an MDL file and no validator entry exists for the tag under the cursor.

  • A small color fix for the dark mode in MATE.

  • Fixed an integer overflow in the MATE Python debugger for large integer values used as dictionary keys.

  • MATE now highlights the "nonlocal" keyword in Python files.

  • The window icon was not set on Linux.

  • Some small rendering fixes for macOS 11 Big Sur.

  • Avoid an unnecessary field update from a combo box Field control when losing focus.

  • Allow a greater timeout value for the IdleTrigger module.

  • Made QUrl::FormattingOptions work as arguments in the PythonQt wrappers.

  • Fixed a potential crash in PythonQt when the receiver of a signal was removed inside the signal callback.

  • Avoid a Qt assertion in DicomTagBrowser when expanding an empty sequence item.

  • Handle invalid private tags in the "creator" range in DicomDeidentify by always dropping them (instead of throwing an exception).

  • Fixed the ID handling of the addCSOCopy and addGroupCopy scripting methods on the CSOList wrapper.

  • Fixed a crash in the WEMThresholdToCSO module when it was applied to non-triangle WEM patches.

  • Fixed an additional offset in the C++ method CSOGeometry::backprojectTo3D.

  • Fixed a crash that could happen in the SoCSOLiveWireEditor module if the user removed all seed points.

  • Fixed the structure of closed CSOs generated by the WEMClipPlaneToCSO, WEMThresholdToCSO, and WEMClip modules, which were missing the closing path point list.

  • Fixed the mouse over check of SoView2DVoxelValue when the SoView2D is under a SoViewportRegion (and useManagedInteraction is off).

  • Fixed a buffer overflow of one byte in WEMLoad when loading non-WEM formats. This luckily didn't have any ill effects and was only detected through Debug mode on Windows, but still.

  • Make the acceptWheelEvents attribute also affect the slider in a Field control.

  • Do not crash when calling acceptEvent/ignoreEvent outside the event filter callback of the EventFilter control.

  • RTObjectSave and other DICOM saving modules didn't support Unicode filenames.

  • Small documentation improvements.

  • For ADK/Application Builder users:

    • Fixed handling of the -runapp argument with the MeVisLab executable for users with the necessary license features.

Version 3.4.1 Stable Release (2020-11)

New Features

  • Increased the maximum number of inputs of the ConcatenateImages module.

  • PythonQt: Make the classes QMutexLocker, QReadLocker, and QWriteLocker work as context manager (in with statement) in Python code.

  • The Field control gained the browseModes OpenReadOnly and DirectoryReadOnly.

  • Removed the warning message when module panels of loaded networks are moved because they were outside the visible desktop area.

  • Updated Qt to version 5.12.9.

  • Updated freetype to version 2.10.4.

  • Updated pydicom to version 2.0.0.

  • For ADK/Application Builder users:

    • Can override the execution level for NSIS (Windows) installers by setting INSTALLER_NSIS_EXECUTION_LEVEL to the desired value.

    • Can change the name used for registry values, preferences file, etc. without changing the application macro name by setting STANDALONE_APPNAME in addition to STANDALONE_MACRONAME.


  • MATE: When using the graphical scrollbar in dark mode, the scroll location was almost invisible.

  • Scripting: Fixed MLABGraphic.createDesktopScreenshot on Windows (still only returns the primary screen though).

  • Scripting: MLABDicomTree::parentTree() returns None if no parent tree exists instead of crashing.

  • DirectDicomImport: Enhanced Multi-Frame DICOM files with only one frame were not correctly loaded.

  • The SoCSOLiveWireEditor module didn't update its internal state correctly if the input image changed but the visible slice number stayed the same.

  • Fixed that the SoView2DCSOExtensibleEditor ignored the timepoint settings of extensions.

  • The shadow of CSO seed points was not rendered correctly when using the MESA software OpenGL renderer.

  • The check if a CSO is parallel to a plane only looked at the seed points of a CSO. But some types of CSOs only have one or two seed points, therefore the path points are now used too.

  • Revised the CSOIsoGenerator algorithm to produce a more predictable result when applied on pixel patterns.

  • The CSOFilter module copied CSOs and groups with an initial temporary ID that was changed afterwards without further notification. Now the original ID is used immediately.

  • Fixed scripting error when clicking Create New Package... in the Preferences dialog.

  • Fixed a crash in PyLint when editing a class derived from the OpenInventor SoDragger Python wrapper.

  • Python: Merged the fixes for bpo-13487 and bpo-35615.

  • Minor documentation fixes.

  • For ADK/Application Builder users:

    • Fixed ZIP compression failing if files have a modification date before 01-01-1980.

Version 3.4 (2020-09)

Fixes / Enhancements (MeVisLab)

  • IDE

    • Documentation: Added a section about recognized values in mevislab.prefs and possible environment variables to the MeVisLab Reference Manual.

    • You can provide a PreloadModule tag in your preferences file to preload custom modules in your IDE. This feature is meant to allow customization of the IDE (e.g. to set a variable to a file path that should be determined at runtime).

    • Where available we now use the SPDX license identifiers (from for third-party libraries in the about dialog.

    • Pressing the space bar in the network view of the IDE toggles to/from the special view, where previously you needed to hold the key to get it (which prevented tool tips from appearing).

    • Added the preferences variable disableImmediateDebugOutputConsoleRefresh which can be added to the preferences file to disable immediate console outputs, which can be slow and have unwanted side effects.

    • Fixed non-integer GUI scaling factors set with the environment variable QT_SCALE_FACTOR.

  • TestCaseManager

    • Added a keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F5 for running the selected test in the TestCaseManager (available on Windows and Linux).

    • Clear list of test functions if no test case is selected.

    • Ensure that tests started from a module's context menu and from the TestCaseManager do not interfere with each other.

    • Added tooltip to Python coverage check box (if checked) that Python Coverage might list additional Python modules.

  • MATE (integrated editor)

    • One can set the expected outer scope for MDL include files (which helps MATE with auto-completion) by adding a comment line // mdl-validator: ValidatorScope, for example: // mdl-validator: Window.

    • Improved the file search in the project workspace.

    • Some improvements/fixes for the Find In Files dialog.

    • Added basic support for QML files, the GUI description language of Qt.

  • C++ API changes

    • Removed some global button mask enums from SoManagedInteraction.

    • Do not crash when using a diamond shaped network pattern with automatic updates that leads to invalid image page accesses.

  • Controls

    • Field control: Make hintText attribute work if comboBox = Yes and edit = Yes.

    • ListView control: Do not change column resize mode on hide/show of column.

    • Can select horizontal tabbing when editing cells in the ListView and ItemModelView controls with the tabDirection attribute.

  • Scripting

    • If a control implemented with a Python class has the method controlDestroyed it will be called when the control's destructor is called.

    • The QWidget.fontInfo() and QWidget.fontMetrics() methods didn't work in PythonQt.

    • MLABWebEngineViewControl now has a method setWebPage to set an own QWebEnginePage instance.

    • Warn about unknown variables in MLAB.replaceMDLVariables.

    • Added a method qmlModel() to the MLAbstractItemModelWrapper which returns a model suitable for use in the QuickView control. Also added usage examples in the TestQuickView example module.

  • Other fixes and improvements

    • MeVisLab has a changed logo, new icons and splash screens.

  • Third-party libraries

    • Updated libjpeg to version 9d (Note: May return slightly different pixel values when loading jpeg files now)

    • Updated libjpeg-turbo to version 2.0.4.

    • Updated libtiff to version 4.1.0.

    • Updated sqlite3 to version 3.32.3.

    • Updated CryptoPP to version 8.2.0.

    • Updated OpenSSL to version 1.1.1g.

    • Updated TBB (Threading Building Blocks) to version 2019 U1.

    • Python

      • Added cryptography package pycryptodomex, version 3.9.8.

      • Updated dateutil to version 2.8.1.

      • Updated SQLAlchemy to version 1.3.17.

      • Updated six to version 1.12.0.

Fixes / Enhancements (Modules)

  • SoView2D and extensions


    • Fixed SoView2DVoxelValue behavior in SoOrthoView2D when not using Managed Interaction mode (no value was shown in two of the three views).

    • Fixed a crash in SoView2D when building the look-up-table for too large min/max value ranges.

  • Other Open Inventor modules

    • One can now use the #version directive in SoGVRShaderFunction.

    • SoViewportRegion got more display options and can use a Python callback for calculation of position and size of the viewport. See the "Details" section of the module's help for how to do this.

  • MeVis Path Tracer

    • Removed the broken AutoUpdateColors mode from the SoPathTracerMesh module.

  • CSO

    • CSOLabelPlacementGlobal: Added start and end angles for label placement.

    • CSOLabelPlacementGlobal: Added a CSOList input that can be used as label placement boundary.

    • SoCSOLabelRenderer: Do not move explicitly placed labels when tryToPlaceLabelsWithoutOverlap is set.

  • WEM

    • WEMExtrudeCSO: Fixed error handling.

    • WEMExtrudeCSO: Added new extrusion mode RELATIVE_TIMES_DIRECTION.

    • WEMTreshold: Fix crash on non-triangle-mesh inputs.

  • ML modules

    • EuclideanDistanceTransform: Added an option to treat the surrounding border as "foreground" value.

    • Switched the MLVolumetry project (Histogram et al) to use type double instead of float for interface fields and computations.

    • DicomDeidentify can retain selected private tags now through an allow-list.

    • DicomDeidentify: Fixed some mis-handling of DICOM sequence data.

    • ImageSave: Added an option to prevent auto-adding of the file extension.

    • The default TIFF compression of ImageSave is now LZW.

    • ImageLoad: Avoid crash when trying to load unsupported float16 tiff images.

    • Fixed a crash in DicomFrameSelect if no frame-specific information was available.

    • Arithmetic1: Fixed handling of min/max value for values smaller than zero.

    • Exported helper classes from the MLOpenCVModules library for use with own OpenCV modules.

    • CalculateGradient: Fixed min/max value range calculation.

    • Window: Can handle negative image values now.

    • RemotePanelRendering: Can now limit the number of modules that can use the GPU at a time with the environment variable MLAB_NUMBER_CONCURRENT_PANEL_RENDERING to avoid a possible bottleneck with graphics drivers.

  • Macro modules

    • Tried to make the module panels of XMarkerListContainer and StringListContainer clearer.

  • Other

    • The OpenCVUtils Python module has been moved from package FMEwork/ReleaseMeVis to MeVisLab/Standard.

Modules and Libraries Provided by Fraunhofer MEVIS


  • Additions

    • New modules LoadYAML and ReadYAML for reading YAML files or strings.

    • New module DirectoryIterator to conveniently iterate through directories on MeVisLab network level.

    • Added XMarkerListDistance which computes the distance between two XMarkerLists.

    • New module SeverityChannelLoggingZmqSource to log received ZeroMQ messages via SeverityChannelLogging (Boost.Log-based).

    • Started FME Python Toolbox (Public SDK) documentation with at least few documented packages (hopefully growing).

    • New module ThirdPartyLicenseReport for comparing licenses of third parties included in MeVisLab against an allow-list.

    • New MDL controls

      • DockWidget for adding Qt dock widgets ( to application windows.

      • GUIScriptTemplate for reusing the same MDL GUI with different field names (best used with MDL style prototypes). Search for GUIScriptTemplate in .script files of FMEstable/ReleaseMeVis for examples.

  • Extensions and changed behavior

    • fmeTestSupport.Paths python module: renamed IsSubPath() to isTrueSubPath(), improved implementation, and added isSubPath() that also returns true for equal paths. New method normalizedPath().

    • The CachedPath module for remote directory file/dir caching is no longer experimental, improved the underlying file_caching Python package.

    • Improved the error handling of the ImageFromFile module.

    • The HistogramFeatures module now uses the double datatype.

    • The library [ML]AsynchronousIO has been refactored to expose an abstract interface for I/O channels (such as Sockets) in order to transparently support TLS sockets. No changes to networks should be necessary as deprecated names have been introduced.

    • The [ML]OpenIGTLinkProtocol libraries have been refactored and separated into an independent C++ as well as two ML dependent libraries MLOpenIGTLinkConversion (to/from ML datatypes) and MLOpenIGTLinkCommunication (ML modules). The MLOpenIGTLinkProtocol library now is only responsible for channel I/O and supports custom message types via factory plugins. There are incompatible changes of module interfaces: The OpenIGTLinkProtocol module does not support the device name field anymore as this is message specific and should be set on the message creators (such as the ML modules or own message creating code). The convenience macro modules OpenIGTLinkServer and OpenIGTLinkClient should be compatible.

    • Multiple improvements and fixes in MultiFileVolumeListDraftView.

  • DICOM and file IO

    • New experimental modules:

      • MERACrawler, MERAQuery, and MERAVolumeInspector to create and access search indexes to image/DICOM volumes.

      • DicomEnhancedSave to export Legacy Converted Enhanced MR DICOM files also supporting compression.

    • DicomSegSave can also export fractional SEG images.

    • Removed .rek/.rec file support.

    • Many DICOM export modules perform stricter checks for the Laterality tag to prevent DICOM standard violations.

    • DirectDicomImport implicitly converts volumes with formerly left-handed world matrices on irregular volumes to right-handed ones.

    • Loader backends implemented with modules have been moved into the project ModuleLoaderBackends.

    • A new loader backend for DirectDicomImport automatically supports histology file formats .btf, .czi, .dzi, .jp2, .mi, .mrxs, .scn, .svs, .tif, .tiff, .wsv on systems where the HistoLoad module is available (it is not included with the Public SDK).

Windows Edition

  • Installer: The uninstaller will remove the environment variables MLAB_ROOT and MLAB_COMPILER_VERSION from the environment again if they are still unchanged.

macOS Edition


This release requires at least macOS 10.14 (Mojave) and Xcode 10.3 for development.


This version will probably not work with macOS 10.16/11 (Big Sur). We recommend to refrain from updating to this macOS version if you need to use MeVisLab 3.4.

ADK (also known as Application Builder)

  • Can use <, <=, >, and >= lexical string comparison in IF statements in .mli/.mlinstall files.

  • The splash screen of own applications now supports semi-transparent pixels.

  • We added the -fail-silently-if-license-invalid cmdline argument to MeVisLabApp.

  • Automatically set window icon on Windows if a file <applicationname>Icon.png exists in Packages/MeVisLab/IDE/bin.

  • MeVisLabWorkerService: Make sure workers are used in the order they were started.

  • Use correct ReleaseOptimized variable for standalone-installers, which activates some performance optimizations.

  • Ignore already encrypted Python files when pre-compiling Python files for a stand-alone installer.

  • Improved Python parsing of the raise <exc> from <exc> statement in the ModuleDependencyAnalyzer.

Version 3.3 (2020-03)

Fixes / Enhancements (MeVisLab)

  • IDE

    • One can now promote a local macro to a global macro from the context menu of the module.

    • Fields of imported panels in the GUI only allow dragging to/from other fields now if they are exported as internalName on the module of the window.

    • Closing the IDE will now also close all module panels (if MeVisLab should be terminated).

    • Prevent recursive reloading of modules while pressing and holding F5 key.

    • Fixed 'object' not working in console of the PythonObjectInspector - it's '_object' now.

  • TestCaseManager

    • Ask the user if the debugger should be disabled if Python coverage is activated (since only one of these can work at a time).

    • Function parameters can now be passed as dicts (keyword arguments instead of position arguments) to iterative tests in a test case.

    • Improved error handling for secure testing mode.

    • The tearDownTestCase() function is also called for cancelled tests now.

  • MATE (integrated editor)

    • MATE got a dark mode on Windows and Linux (available from the Preferences panel).

    • Added support for mypy besides Pylint (not simultaneously though).

    • Update default Pylint version to install to 2.4.1. Also added inference limit config value, which can improve performance when set to a lower value.

    • For modules with several scripting source files, Pylint (or mypy) is applied to the combined source to improve the output - note that this is only detected if there is an associated module in a connected MeVisLab instance.

    • The Watch area in the Python debugger got a context menu command to remove all watches at once.

    • Improve the behavior of the Python debugger if accessing object attributes to display them in the debugger causes Python exceptions.

  • C++ API changes

    • Added method CSOGeometry::computeClosestPathPoint which really returns the nearest path point of a CSO.

  • Controls

    • Added a tooltipField attribute to all controls, which allows to set the tool-tip of a control through a field.

    • Fixed initial visibility of buttons using the visibleOn attribute in a ButtonBox control.

    • Fixed sorting in ListView control if initial item values are changed later on.

  • Scripting

    • Users can now add a custom entry to the context menu of modules. Just add a .def file with a ModuleAction to your package, which should have a title, condition (a short Python expression) and a userScript attribute. Have a look at the ModuleAction in Packages/MeVisLab/Standard/Modules/Macros/Wizards/LocalToGlobalUserScript/LocalToGlobal.def for an example.

    • Added method enableAlternatingRowColors to the MLABListViewControl.

    • Added method setAllowRenaming to the MLABIconViewControl.

    • One can get the parent Dicom tree of a MLABDicomTree wrapper with parentTree().

    • Added the scripting commands MLAB.prefsFileNames() and MLAB.userPrefsFileName().

    • Allow to set additional image dimension information on an MLWritablePagedImageWrapper with setCDimensionInfos(), setTDimensionInfos(), and setUDimensionInfos().

    • Added deepCopy method to the CSOList scripting wrapper.

    • Fixed MeVisLab hanging when using keyword arguments on a slot that didn't have the kwargs parameter.

    • Fixed the requestStopProcessing call on remote modules to not apply to anything that is sent to the remote module after this call.

    • Changed output of MLAB.detailedSystemId() and MLAB.systemInfo() (at least on some platforms). MLAB.detailedSystemId() is deprecated now, since it actually isn't very detailed. We recommend to use PythonQt.QtCore.QSysInfo instead.

  • Other fixes and improvements

    • One can now set the variable ProfilingTraceFile in the preferences file to employ the profiler from the start to debug startup problems.

    • Added a -printJSONInfo option to the MeVisLabPackageScanner.

  • Third-party libraries

    • Updated Qt to version 5.12.6.

    • Updated fontconfig to version 2.13.1.

    • Updated libzeromq to version 4.3.2.

    • Added the dcmmkdir tool from the dcmtk library.

    • Python

      • Updated pyzmq to version 18.1.0.

      • Updated jinja2 to version 2.10.3.

      • Updated MarkupSafe to version 1.1.1.

Fixes / Enhancements (Modules)

  • SoView2D and extensions

    • Improved placement of SoView2DLabel.

    • SoView2DLabel: Can set margin to background borders.

    • SoView2DOverlayDecoration got an option to draw the border outside the image.

    • Added the updateLayout method to the SoView2D scripting wrapper to update the viewer layout manually.

  • Other Open Inventor modules

    • Make SoMouseGrabber switchable to Managed Interaction, and use that feature accordingly in InteractiveRampLUT and View2D.

    • The SoXxxxMenu menu widgets got a field to control the factor for darkening/brightening on mouse-over.

  • MeVis Path Tracer

    • Added support for IBL_Equirectangular projection to SoPathTracerBackgroundLight (automatically detected from input image).

  • CSO

    • Added filled rectangle, filled circle, and filled triangle to seed point styles.

    • Seed points now scale with the line thickness.

    • Improved interactive movement of labels.

    • Added new flag restrictToImageBoundaries on SoCSOPointEditor.

  • WEM

    • Improved the WEM output inspector.

    • One can select a simple sub-division mode in WEMSubdivide now.

    • Fixed that PVL values were doubled in any WEMProcessor module.

  • ML modules

    • Added a bunch of graph editing modules:

      • GraphManager: Enables graph editing with undo/redo.

      • LabelTrees: Sets labels to trees in order of descending size.

      • LabelSelectedTree: Sets labels to a selected tree.

      • LabelFromEdgeToLeaves: Sets labels from a selected edge down to the leaves.

      • LabelByThresholdedVolume: Sets labels for image voxel values under the skeleton positions.

      • GetTreeLabels: Retrieves tree labels.

      • ConnectEdges: Connects edges in a graph.

      • DisconnectEdges: Disconnects or removes edges in a graph.

      • RemoveTree: Removes a tree.

      • SetRoot: Sets a new root in a tree.

      • SplitGraph: Splits a graph and removes trees if label values criterion is not met.

      • SetLabelToTreeDepth: Sets labels accordings to tree depth from roots to leaves.

      • SetImagePropertiesToGraph: Sets image properties (matrix, image extend) to a graph.

      • GraphToMarker: Converts a graph (nodes, edges) to XMarkers (Positions, Vectors).

      • GraphViewer: Offers a view of the logical structure of a graph.

    • Resample3D: Ensure that the output size is at least 1 in each dimension.

    • VoxelizeInventorSceneGPU works on Radeon cards now.

    • SoImageFileSampler: Added options to generate seamless and Mip-mapped textures.

    • Added the DicomDeidentify module for anonymization of DICOM data.

    • Fixed handling of WindowCenter and WindowWidth for VOI LUT Function "LINEAR" in DicomLUT and RampLUT modules - note: this needs to be enabled in existing networks.

    • LUTCombiner now allows scaling of the input LUTs.

  • Macro modules

    • DicomTool does not write multi-frame information to the individual slices it saves anymore.

Modules and Libraries Provided by Fraunhofer MEVIS


  • Additions

    • New module NormalizeGeometry for standardization of image geometry (orientation and resolution).

    • New modules for fast and customizable cheapest path search on XMarkerLists (XMarkerListToCostGraph, CostGraphCheapestPath, CostGraphGenericCostPlugin, CostGraphEdgeLengthCostPlugin, CostGraphClosestVertex).

    • New module XMarkerListImageData that reads image data at marker positions and modifies marker properties (vector, type) based on it.

    • New inventor module SoToggleOnResolution allows to toggle scene graphs based on the viewer resolution and/or the viewer ratio.

    • New module CSORemoveSelfIntersection.

    • New GVR extension module GVRGammaCorrection.

    • New module CompareScreenshotsStable.

    • New modules UDPStringSender and UDPStringReceiver for sending and receiving strings over asyncIO UDP sockets.

  • Improvements & extensions

    • DICOM and file IO

      • Several internal quality improvements and minor fixes.

    • PCL

      • The output inspector also displays PCL object information now.

    • Improvements to SimulatedHighDPIViewer:

      • added new rendering mode Offscreen that fixes problems with some inventor modules, such as SoViewportRegion.

      • added event forwarding.

Linux Edition

  • Fixed that MeVisLab could not be started directly from the installer.

macOS Edition


This release requires at least macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) and Xcode 9.4 for development. macOS 10.15 (Catalina) is not officially supported yet.

  • MeVisLab will provide the root certificates of the macOS system keychain to OpenSSL automatically if none exist at default locations and the environment variable SSL_CERT_FILE is unset. Default locations searched in order are:

    1. ~/Library/Application Support/<BundleName>/Certs/cacert.pem

    2. ~/Library/Caches/<BundleIdentifier>/Certs/cacert.pem (this is the place, where the auto-generated certificates archive is stored)

    3. ~/Library/MLAB_OpenSSL/cert.pem

    4. /Library/MLAB_OpenSSL/cert.pem

  • Allow to setup quick-start permanently via the Preferences panel in MeVisLab.

  • PythonPip macro module installs/updates Python modules into the user's Python library (e.g. ~/Library/MLAB_Python/3.6/lib/python/site-packages) and the integrated Python interpreter loads modules from this location.

  • Store Module Caches outside the installed App Bundle (~/Library/Caches/<BundleIdentifier>/ModuleCache) and watch version to invalidate cache if necessary.

  • Keep dynamic libraries in their original packages when building an App, this will prevent duplicated libraries and reduce App size.

ADK (also known as Application Builder)

  • Support +L? and +?L for optional non-recursive collects in .mli/.mlinstall files.

  • Applications started with -runappbatch don't show the splash screen now.

Version 3.2 (2019-08)

Qt 5.12 update

We have updated our Qt version to 5.12.3. Between Qt 5.6 and Qt 5.12 some things have changed that might need your attention:

  • The (used) license for the Qt libraries is now LGPL 3 instead of LGPL 2.1.

  • The license for the Qt helper tools is now GPL 3 instead of LGPL 2.1, which means you can't link against them (which one doesn't do anyway because they are stand-alone tools) without publishing your code under a similar license. Some of these tools you will use when, e.g., compiling your own C++ modules, but none of them will be included in stand-alone applications by our installer wizards.

  • The qmake tool needed for translating .pro files into platform-specific project files now expects the compiler executable to be on the command-line on Windows and Linux. We tried to make sure that this happens automatically, but in case this doesn't work for your setup you should call the vcvarsall.bat from your Visual Studio installation with argument amd64 before calling the ToolRunner tool or the batch files created alongside the .pro files.

  • The QUrls returned when clicking a non-standard link in the WebView control might have a slightly different string representation than before. If you used this feature you should check if you need to adapt your code to the new format.

Fixes / Enhancements (MeVisLab)

  • IDE

    • Single files listed in the Deployment section of modules do not cause further dependency analysis.

    • Global modules don't have precedence over local macros anymore. Only if no local macro with the given name exists a global macro with the same name is used (and vice versa).

    • One can disable persistence of module panel positions and panel state by setting the DisableModuleWindowsPersistence variable in the preferences file. This helps avoid unnecessary differences in version control systems.

    • Only print package dependency warnings when loading networks in the IDE.

    • Longer enum value lists in the HTML help of a module get a scrollbar.

    • The automatic panel of modules can be opened with Alt+[Shift|Control]+double click and Alt+Enter.

    • Added the facility to display modules with a custom icon (per module type) from a user script that can be selected in the Preferences dialog.

    • Fixed Python debugger updating local variables too late when function locals() (or something similar) is used in code.

    • Automatic reload of modules on double-click also considers changed MDL includes now.

  • TestCaseManager

    • Allow to run GoogleTest tests from a FunctionalTestCase. Example (to be put into a TestCase's python file:

      from TestSupport import CodeTest
      CodeTest.inject("$(MLAB_MeVisLab_Standard)/CodeTests/bin/MLBaseTest", ctx)

    • TestCases can decide to display the used sorting literals in the TestCaseManager (by setting showTestFunctionSortingLiterals in the .def file).

    • When typing in the filter line of the TestCaseManager, up and down keys change the selected visible test.

    • You can tell a test to use software rendering with the new keyword preferredRenderer=software (in the .def file of the test) when using secure testing (only on Windows, and on Linux when using the Mesa graphics driver).

    • Tests are by default always run with Secure testing if the environment variable MLAB_USE_SECURE_TESTING_BY_DEFAULT is set.

    • Module help screenshots made on HiDPI screens are now scaled down automatically.

  • MATE (integrated editor)

    • Make dot color (when visible whitespace option is active) configurable.

    • Made the Pylint timeout configurable.

    • Added new keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F3 to find the selected text.

    • Closed documents can be removed from the document session now.

    • Python syntax highlighting in MATE is now more exact with string and number literals. (Did you know that 1.3j is an imaginary number in Python?)

    • One can define and run custom commands from the project workspace context menu now.

    • Fixed and extended Go Back/Go Forward functionality. It now more closely resembles the functionality you may know from, e.g., Visual Studio.

    • Toggling between .script and .py file (default binding is Alt+Down) usually also works now if not connected to a module instance in MeVisLab.

  • C++ API changes

    • The SoPointingAction class can now declare it doesn't want dragMoveTo calls for mouse clicks, even if the mouse was slightly moved during the click.

    • Added a convenience macro SO_NODE_ADD_ENUM_FIELD to the Inventor headers.

    • SoDiagram2DExtensions now have more options in which layer to draw.

    • The AdjustDimInfo<> template was moved from the code of the SubImage module to the MLTools library.

    • Introduced a new ml::OpenGL::getVideoMemorySizeInMB() method which is smarter about returning the texture/video memory actually available in OpenGL.

    • Implemented the Base::deepCopy method on BaseList (and XMarkerList).

    • View2DSliceList::getSliceNormal() always returns the real slice normal (and not just the z vector) now.

    • The SoFieldData::getRemovedFieldNames() method of Inventor nodes is evaluated in MeVisLab now.

  • Controls

    • Added the WebEngineView control, which is similar to the WebView control, but uses the QtWebEngine widget based on Chromium instead of the outdated QtWebKit widget. The new control doesn't allow access to modules, scripting, or module panels of MeVisLab, since the browser engine runs in a separate process, but since the old widget isn't supported anymore we will need to remove the old one in one of the next versions and therefore we urge you to switch if you currently use WebView.

    • The expandY attribute of most controls defaults to auto instead of no now, so you now should rarely need to set this yourself.

    • Added a validator tag to the ComboBox control, which takes a regular expression against which to check the input of an editable ComboBox.

    • Added a insertSeparator method to the ComboBox script wrapper.

    • Added methods setModulePanel and setModuleWindow to the DynamicFrame control.

    • Implemented auto-indentation for the PythonTextView control.

    • Added support for direct texture transfer between processes in RemoteRendering (only on Windows, and on the same computer). Set the useDX11SharedTexture attribute on the RemoteRendering control to activate.

    • Added popupMode = [Instant|Delayed|MenuButton] support to the ToolButton control.

    • Added titleField support to the ToolButton control.

    • Added the acceptWheelEvents tag to some controls — default is true.

    • Added the tag comboEditable to the Field control.

    • Added a componentTitles attribute for Field and VectorEdit controls, and setComponentTitles and setComponentTitleAt scripting methods, which allow to override the default component titles of a vector edit control.

    • Fixed initial visibleOn state of panels included with the Panel control.

    • Added visibleOn expressions for MenuItem entries.

    • visibleOn expressions on controls are evaluated delayed to fix panel layouts growing in size in some situations. This could happen when an intermediate state was used for size calculation where widgets were temporarily visible together that were actually never shown together in practice.

    • Fixed layout flickering on Label controls with a frame and trimming enabled.

    • Added a windowActivatedCommand to the Window control.

    • The ListBox scripting wrapper got a sort method.

  • Scripting

    • When calling unknown methods on objects derived from QWidget a hint is printed that the user perhaps needs to do from PythonQt import QtGui first.

    • We enabled multi-threading in Python. In case of problems you can disable it with an entry PythonMultiThreading = NO in your preferences file.

    • Added MLABModule::callOnGUIThread scripting method to call a scripting function from any thread.

    • The Qt scripting bindings were updated for version 5.12.

    • Added an MLABSoPathField class which allows to access the Inventor node path result of (currently only) module SoPicking from scripting.

    • Removed the method MLAB.macRunPrivilegedCommand.

    • Removed the method MLAB.gpuTextureMemoryInMB, rather use MLAB.gpuVideoMemoryInMB.

    • MLABImageField.mapVoxelToWorld and .mapWorldToVoxel scripting methods also work on the Inventor SbVec3d class now.

    • Added scripting methods for adding and removing vessel voxels to the ml::Graph scripting wrapper.

    • Moved method MLAB.priv().aboutThirdPartyHTML() to MLAB.aboutThirdPartyHTML().

    • The arguments to OpenVDBGridWrapper::toWEM were switched around. If you used this, please adapt your code.

    • Added a new scripting wrapper that allows to find the real nearest point of a WEM triangle mesh (and not just the nearest node of the mesh). Obtain this wrapper with wem.createNearestPointOnSurfaceObject().

    • Fixed that WEMWrapper::removeWEMPatchAt took the argument as id of the WEM instead of as index. Also added WEMWrapper::removeWEMPatchById.

    • Added support for async Python functions in MeVisLab in general and in field listeners and test functions in particular.

    • Added a script wrapper for the MLABRecentFilesHandler, accessible with MLAB.createRecentFilesHandler.

    • Added the MLABTreeWrapper::deepCopy() scripting method.

    • Added scripting method MLABPackageManager.getMeVisPythonExecutable which returns the location of our Python interpreter executable.

    • Added the getTransform method to the scripting wrappers of SbMatrix and SbMatrixd.

    • MeVisLab now changes the PATH on Windows in a way that this change is also visible from Python in os.environ. This fixes that augmenting the PATH from Python would overwrite the changes from MeVisLab, which prevented loading of modules, e.g., after installing and using an externally installed NumPy.

  • Other fixes and improvements

    • We changed our policy on unlicensed use: An unlicensed MeVisLab SDK treats modules signed by non-MeVis owners as unlicensed now.

    • Fixed an issue with too long filenames generated in the Python coverage detection of the TestCenter.

    • Fixed that links to overview documents could not have a different title in mhelp files.

    • DICOM image loading duplicates the value of the PixelSpacing or ImagePixelSpacing tag when this tag only contains one value (thus fixing invalid DICOM files).

    • Project wizards can have a condition (a Python expression) which defines if the wizard should be shown.

    • Make module dependency analyzer detect DLLs from scripting wrappers.

    • Added some DicomTree error logging.

  • Third-party libraries

    • Updated Qt to version 5.12.3.

    • Updated QtWebKit to version 5.212.

    • dcmtk

      • Updated dcmtk to version 3.6.4.

      • Added tools dcmrecv and dcm2pnm to SDK.

    • Updated OpenCV to version 4.0.0.

    • Support for utilizing ffmpeg DLLs has been added to OpenCV on Windows.

    • Python

      • Updated NumPy to version 1.16.4.

      • setuptools has been updated to 40.8.0, pip to 9.0.3.

      • Building the boost Python binding now.

    • Upgraded the Mesa fallback software OpenGL driver for Windows to version 18.1.5.

    • googletest has been updated to version 1.8.1 and googlemock has been newly added.

    • Updated libxml2 to version 2.9.9.

    • Updated libpng to version 1.6.37.

    • Updated OpenSSL to version 1.0.2s.

Fixes / Enhancements (Modules)

  • SoView2D and extensions

    • Qt font rendering is now the default in SoView2D.

    • Added textShadowColor field to SoView2DAnnotation.

    • Added line stipple pattern to SoView2DPosition.

    • Fixed clipping planes in SoView2DScene when coordinate system is left-handed.

    • Added scripting wrappers for coordinate transformations to SoView2D and SoOrthoView2D.

    • Added alpha value parameter to DrawVoxels3DPreview.

    • Improved the undo behavior/interface of the DrawVoxels3D module.

    • Added an option to restrict drawing of the background color in SoView2D to the image area (useful when using a white background color and a blend mode like Minimum).

    • SoView2DRigidRegistrationEditor: Added an alpha field and a trigger to reset the rotation center, also made rendering of shadow optional.

    • Fix arrow lines not showing in SoView2DMarkerEditor in certain corner cases.

  • Other Open Inventor modules

    • Multiple SoRenderSurfaceIntersection modules share the same buffers now and the buffers are only resized if necessary.

    • Added the option Only render opaque objects to the SoPostEffectMainGeometry module.

    • The View3D module can be switched to RayCaster mode now.

    • Improved multi-core and hyper-threading usage of GVR framework, switched to using OpenMP.

    • GVR can render transformed volumes outside of the main volume now.

    • Switched GVR to use geometry shaders for the slab rendering by default.

    • Extended SoMarkerListPointSet and So3DMarkerEditor to allow filtering XMarkers by timepoints.

    • Added a new SoCameraWidget module for moving the Inventor camera from a widget.

    • Added new SoSlideWidget module similar to SoCameraWidget, intended for touch navigation in viewers.

    • SoPicking got a highlighted output flag and can provide two extra pointing actions (because sharing the same sub-scene between different SoPicking modules does not work).

    • SoPicking allows to get the picked color now.

    • Implemented an update mode for the SoSceneLoader module.

    • The AnimatationRecorder has been improved.

    • Removed the font field from SoExtText2, added a fontSize field instead, did the same for So3DXMarker and So3DMarkerEditor.

    • Add relative text placement in SoExtText2.

    • Allow GPU filling in SoRenderSurfaceIntersection when using the CPU intersection routine.

    • Added LoadInventorFile module to load .iv scene files.

    • SoGVRAmbientOcclusion supports other OpenGL buffer formats now and allows to specify a name for the sampler.

    • SoVascularSystem: Added smart snap mode to highlightMode which highlights the nearest node towards the root within a given range.

    • SoInput works with network paths on Windows now.

    • SoViewportRegion can now scale pixel values automatically for HiDPI screens.

    • SoFramebufferSampler2D/3D and SoCreateCubeMapSampler now ignore the lights in the scene above.

  • MeVis Path Tracer

    • Added volume ray to slice projection.

    • Support transformations and texturing.

    • Added bloom effect to SoPathTracer.

    • Added silhouette effect to SoPathTracerMaterial.

    • Added support for 8bit, RGBA, and gradient volumes.

    • Force full quality updates in SoPathTracer when rendering to OffscreenRenderer.

  • CSO

    • Added a WEMExtrudeCSO module for extruding CSOs to a WEM surface.

    • SoCSOLiveWireEditor only requests the input image if really required.

    • SoView2DCSOExtensibleEditor now sets the maskValid flag when interacting.

    • A new MLCSO API CSOGeometry::computeIsInPlane is used in CSOTrailRenderer.

    • Added a wrapper for the method CSOGeneratePathPoints::fillPathPointEllipse (and added an optional pointDistanceInMM parameter to all recompute... methods).

    • Added a close method to the CSO's Python wrapper to close an open CSO.

    • Seed points can also be rendered as triangles now (see module SoCSOVisualizationSettings).

    • SoCSOIsoEditor also works correctly on other timepoints than the first now if an image has more than one timepoint.

  • WEM

    • WEMModify got an option to merge all patches into one. This functionality is also available from the WEM scripting wrapper.

    • WEMSelectPatches can now filter by any PVL.

    • Added a scripting wrapper method to remove a PVL from a WEM.

    • WEMInfo now shows more information about PVLs.

    • Added option to make SoWEMRendererExtensions unpickable.

    • SoWEMRenderer now offers information whether mouse is over surface in performPreHitTest mode.

    • SoWEMBulgeEditor

      • Got an option to switch between local bulging and dragging the whole WEM patch.

      • Improved drag behavior.

      • Made amount of changing of the influence radius with mouse wheel configurable.

      • Various other improvements.

    • VoxelizeWEM works for multiple patches now.

    • Fixed finding of a starting position for polygonization in WEMVascularSystem.

  • ML modules

    • Added support for FloatPixelData DICOM tag to ImageSave and ImageLoad.

    • ImageSave can't save RGBA images in DICOM mode anymore, this wasn't done correctly anyway.

    • Added option to only render vessel voxels to the output image of the GraphToVolume module.

    • RemotePanelRendering can render modules in parent networks now (by specifying the "parent:" prefix), not just sibling modules.

    • Fixed some mouse coordinate offset problems with RemotePanelRendering.

    • Added new error handling mode ExactlyOneOpenInputIsError to the ImageCompare module.

    • One can now specify the page extent for the ImageCompose module (and for the VirtualVolume class).

    • DicomFrameSelect also gives a valid output if there are no frame specific tags at all.

    • Renamed/added some fields on module DistanceFromXMarkerList, and changed the behavior if the input marker list is empty.

    • The Sobel3D module now has an Estimation mode better suited for usage with GVR/PathTracer.

    • The heuristic for determining the 'best' keyframe for mapping markers in the MPRPath module when the option Markers correspond to frames is off has been changed (and hopefully improved).

  • Macro modules

    • Some old modules were deprecated: SwapViewer, Negation, DicomBrowser, DicomImport, DicomService, OpenImage, SaveImage, ImportDialog.

    • Added support for faster dcmsend application to the DICOMTool module.

    • ImageLoadMulti can also work with 0-based indexing now.

    • Added dimension parameter to SignedEuclideanDistanceTransform.

    • Module DicomTool can store/send image blocks with a gantry-tilt now.

Modules and Libraries Provided by Fraunhofer MEVIS


  • Additions

    • New module ShortestPath for Dijkstra calculation of the shortest path in an image.

    • New python package file_caching that helps when working with slow, possibly remote and unreliable data sources through semi-transparent on-demand caches configured on a per-system level.

    • New (experimental) module CachedPath that wraps some of the file_caching functionality into a macro module.

    • New helper modules Switch2 (switches between exactly two image inputs) and AutoSwitch (auto-switches between one default and an optional 'override' image input).

    • New module CSVReader for reading comma-separated value files.

    • Added module ModuleHtmlPostProcessor which can transform module help files into something suitable for application documentation.

    • New documentation: FME Python Toolbox (Public SDK) is a reference of the Python packages in the Fraunhofer MEVIS part of the SDK.

  • Improvements & extensions

    • DICOM and file IO

      • Extended and revised the C++ interface of the DICOM libraries with many improved checks.

      • DICOMTreeItemModel now also takes an MLBase input which may be a DicomTree or a MultiFileVolumeListRefCounted (from DirectDicomImport and related modules).

      • Added private creator "Fraunhofer MEVIS" with private tags SourceIndexOfDecomposedFrame and SourceSOPInstanceUIDOfDecomposedFrame.

      • Improved handling of SOPInstanceUIDs from enhanced multi-frame files.

      • Added "Frame Tags View" tab in MultiFileVolumeListDiagnosis to get easy overviews about same tag in multiple frames.

      • Added further suppression to DicomConfigurableMessageFilter modules.

      • Added sorting for tag "DimensionIndexValues" in default configuration of DirectDicomImport to improve imports of Slide Microscopy (SM) files.

      • Added option in module MultiFileVolumeListFilterOutputs to search for an arbitrary tag value and to select the used boolean operations.

      • Added support in DirectDicomImport for color enhanced multi-frame MR files.

      • Added support in DirectDicomImport to sort according to binary tag contents (e.g. Palette LUTs).

      • Fixed unnecessary rare warnings in DICOM overlay calculations (e.g. in MultiFileVolumeListImageOutput and DirectDicomImport).

      • Fixed incorrect shifts in DICOM overlay calculations.

      • Fixed incorrect buffer sizes written when binary images are written as DICOM SEG with DicomSEGSave.

      • Fixed crash of default MultiFileVolumeListFilterOutputs after simple add/remove.

    • PCL

      • Added module PCLIntensityRankFilter which performs a rank filtering on intensity replacements of each point of a point cloud.

      • Added module PCLR2SonicWCLoader which can load certain sonar data files.

      • Added module PCLIterativeClosestPoint that finds the closest match between points of two point clouds.

    • Other

      • Added SoText2D node support in CompareInventorSceneSampling.

Windows Edition

  • Long file path support has been established/restored for our MeVisPython interpreter.

  • ImageLoad and ImageSave (or rather the library MLImageIO) can handle paths longer than MAX_PATH on Windows now. Note that a special registry setting is still required to make this work on the system (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\FileSystem\LongPathsEnabled).

  • Command line arguments were not parsed with the correct character encoding.

  • The Dependencies tool is supported as a replacement for DependencyWalker when checking DLL dependencies from a modules's context menu.

  • Added the option FullscreenFlickerFix, which can be set in the preferences file, to work around a temporary black screen when showing fullscreen panels.

  • The Visual Studio 2017 version of MeVisLab can also be used with Visual Studio 2019. If you change the environment variable MLAB_COMPILER_VERSION to VS2019-64 you also don't get annoying project conversion dialogs for your C++ module projects.

Linux Edition

  • MeVisLab will use the correct available RAM in docker containers when deciding on default memory consumption.

macOS Edition


This release requires at least macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) and Xcode 9.4 for development.

  • macOS 10.14 (Mojave) is officially supported now (macOS >= 10.14.4 and Xcode 10.2 recommended)

  • MeVisLab is now signed with an Apple Developer Certificate

  • Added configurable & extensible Touch Bar support for MacBook Pro in the MeVisLab IDE (see MeVisLab 3.2 macOS Edition Guide) & MDL (see MeVisLab Definition Language Reference)

  • Movie recording updates:

    • support .mp4 in addition to .mov file type

    • added more user friendly video compression codec selection for the VideoWriter* modules

    • support HEVC (H265) codec

    • support professional codec types (Apple ProRes)

    • recognize codec type names „H264“ & „H265“ and use the corresponding values on macOS

    • use HQ settings for H264, HEVC & JPEG codecs

  • Added search for all Network documents containing a specific Module from within MeVisLab itself (Activate the context menu item Related FilesShow Network Files Using This Module of a module in a Network Window or in the Module Search View) (see also MeVisLab 3.2 macOS Edition Guide)

  • Previews of MeVisLab network files are now stored directly as extended attributes of the file. Previously, previews used the deprecated resource forks API and will no longer be displayed using QuickLook. Resave these files to update the preview.

  • ProjectGenerator helper now generates Xcode projects using the legacy build system due to a Qt incompatibility

  • ProjectGenerator helper now adds a Profiling setup for Apple Instruments to the default scheme for release builds of a module library (use ⌘I to start profiling a module in MeVisLab from Xcode)

  • Supportive Programs in MeVisLabPreferences may be set empty to use the system default application for the file extension or URL scheme

  • Fixed that the context help would not jump to the corresponding article (e.g. MDL controls help)

  • MeVisLab Workers (aka Background instances) can be hidden from the Dock by enabling the option Hide Worker instances from Dock in the General section of MeVisLab Preferences Panel

  • Setting the installer variable INSTALLER_MACX_BUILDZIP to 1 will generate a distribution PKZip file similar to a Finder archive

  • Added Swift programming language support for Xcode & Makefiles in .pro files

  • Added the MetalKernel1 module that allows to script and apply a Metal kernel to an ML image

ADK (also known as Application Builder)

  • The ApplicationBuilder add-on is called ADK add-on again.

  • One can use the variables UNIX, WIN32, MACOS, LINUX in templates used for installers.

Version 3.1.1 Stable Release (2018-12)

New Features

  • C++: Updated the Eigen library to version 3.3.5. This was necessary because newer updates of Visual Studio 2017 generate a compile error when including certain header files of this library.

  • C++: Support CUDA 10 in project generation.

  • C++: Added new template class TypedBaseField to ML library, which allows for convenient typed access of the contained Base object.

  • C++: Added method clearTriggers to the SoPointingAction class.

  • C++: Make libraries MLGraphUtilities and SoCoordUtils1 usable from own projects.

  • C++: Added macro SO_NODE_ADD_ENUM_FIELD as a shortcut for SO_NODE_SET_SF_ENUM_TYPE and SO_NODE_ADD_FIELD to Inventor.

  • The Field control got a browsingGroup attribute, which allows to store last used directories for different purposes separately. There is also a new optional parameter of the same name for the methods of the MLABFileDialog scripting class.

  • Added a scripting wrapper for some of the OpenVDB functionality. Using the wrapper can be more efficient than using the OpenVDB modules, since several level-set operations can be chained. See class MLOpenVDBToolsWrapper in the Scripting Reference for details.

  • Added function addQuadPatchFromNumPyArray to WEM scripting wrapper, and fixed addTrianglePatchFromNumPyArray, which didn't associate the nodes to the faces.

  • Also added function addPatchCopy to WEM scripting wrapper to copy a patch from another WEM.

  • Module DicomReceiver got a new field additionalStoreSCPOptions to specify additional command line options.

  • The minimum and maximum values of the BoundingBox module can be activated separately with checkboxes now.

  • Added isMouseOver field to module SoMenuItem.

  • Added relativeAnchorPoint field to module SoFixedMenu (used when not in pop-up mode to position menu items at a relative position of the viewing area).

  • Added performPreHitTest field to module So3DMarkerEditor.

  • The rotation field of module WEMModify is a real MLABRotationField now instead of just a MLABVector4Field, which means that you now can get/put an Inventor SbRotationd out of/into it in Python scripting.

  • Improvements for module CreateRTStruct:

    • Added field treatCollinearAsPlanar which allows to change how collinear CSOs are handled.

    • Input image modality is not restricted to CT or MR any more.

    • An error is reported if the input CSOList contains ungrouped CSOs.

    • Enhanced printed information about problems with referencing slices.

    • Make sure that the NumberOfContourPoints is consistent with the number of values in ContourData when writing CSOs.

  • Windows: The Mesa OpenGL fallback is always added to stand-alone applications if you don't set WITH_MESA to 0 in your .mlinstall file.


  • C++: Fixed new ML list field method updateValueAt not updating the value.

  • C++: Fixed that some memory allocation errors might fail silently.

  • C++: Backported a Qt patch for QProcess::start: Avoid a name collision in named pipes for processes started in parallel.

  • ComputedAttributes in an ItemModelView control didn't update when one of the attributes in the expression changed.

  • The ColorEdit control does not set the color to black anymore if the color dialog is cancelled.

  • Removed the zoom restriction from the Resample3D module (factors above 1000 were set to 1).

  • Modules based on OpenVDB crashed if used on WEMs with more than one patch.

  • Fix handling of keyboard shortcut events in RemotePanelRendering.

  • Fixed that SoDiagram2D used the color of the first style to draw the last curve when stylePaletteMode was STYLE_PALETTE_NAME.

  • Fix crash under certain circumstances when removing the SoView2DCSOEditor module from a network.

  • Fixed that the output of module SoPostEffectBackground in OffscreenRenderer turned all black when opening an internal network.

  • Fixed menu item placement in SoFixedMenu and SoBorderMenu: Items attached to lower/left border jumped around when resizing.

  • Improved blending of SoView2D font rendering with background.

  • Fixed an infinite Inventor loop in module View2DTouch. Also fixed usage of unknown field hiResRendering.

  • Ported some Python tutorial modules to Python3: Tutorial_BasicPython, Tutorial_MeVisLabAndPython, Tutorial_AdvancedPython.

  • Ported module CLIImporter to Python 3.

  • The ChangeSet Python class would cause an exception when the MeVisLab module on which the class was applied was already deleted when the destructor was called.

  • Fixed some bad handling of OpenGL clip planes (which probably nobody really noticed).

  • Number inputs in module GUIs didn't allow to type in (temporarily invalid) incomplete floating point numbers.

  • MATE: Do not place cursor on previous line when de-indenting.

  • MATE: Python refactoring with rope updated to new version 0.10.7 to fix that extracting a function failed.

  • MATE: Disabled pylint checks were not persistent.

  • MATE: Fixed that the positions of results of the Find in Files dialog were wrong if a result line was shown truncated.

  • Tools like MATE don't write to the same log file as MeVisLab anymore.

  • macOS: QuickLook and Spotlight plugins work again.

  • macOS: Hide "Show Tab Bar" menu items added for 10.12 and up.

  • macOS: Movie generation improvements (vertical flip of movies generated from image files, presentation time calculation for movies generated from memory images).

  • macOS: Fix crash in IDE if size of recent files list is set to zero on system..

  • Linux: Improved CUDA detection.

  • Linux: Translation tool could not be opened directly from a multi-language module.

  • Documentation fixes.

Version 3.1 (2018-06)

Python 3 Upgrade

We have upgraded our Python interpreter from Python 2.7 to Python 3.6 in this release. This requires our users to port their Python 2 scripts to Python 3 (if not already done).

To facilitate the porting, we provide the Python futurize library. (Note: This was removed again in MeVisLab 3.5).

On Windows, the Python 3 interpreter is now compatible with the official Python 3.6 interpreter. This allows to install binary packages from PyPi (the Python package index). A new PythonPip tool module facilitates the installation of Python packages from PyPi in MeVisLab.

Support for 10bit displays

MeVisLab now supports rendering with 10bit precision (using OpenGL). This requires a graphics card and monitor that support 10bit precision. The support has been tested on AMD/Barco graphics cards and on NVidia quadro graphics cards. We try to auto-detect the support for 10bit, but it can be enabled/disabled by the environment variable MLAB_OPENGL_10BIT as well. If enabled, MeVisLab automatically uses a 10bit capable OpenGL framebuffer (typically a RGB10A2 or RGBA16F buffer). By default, the SoView2D viewer will use a high-precision LUT if 10bit support is enabled. You can see if 10bit support is enabled in the first line of the MeVisLab log (after the graphics card details). It can also be checked in Python using MLABSystemInfo.glSupports10Bit().

Physically-based Path Tracing (CUDA only)

The MeVis Path Tracer offers a state-of-the-art Monte Carlo Path Tracing framework running on NVidia GPUs (CUDA). It supports high-quality physically based rendering of volumes, meshes, thick lines and other geometry. For details, have a look at the MeVis Path Tracer Overview.

OpenVDB integration (sparse grid support)

The OpenVDB library ( has been integrated into MeVisLab. OpenVDB supports sparse voxel grids and has a unique level set representation for meshes. It has been used to implement several new MeVisLab modules:

  • CSOToSurface creates a WEM surface from a list of CSOs.

  • MarkersToSurface creates a WEM surface from a marker list by rasterizing the markers as spheres.

  • OpenVDBLoad loads a sparse grid as an ML image volume.

  • OpenVDBSave saves an ML image volume as an OpenVDB sparse grid.

  • VoxelizeCSO, VoxelizeMarkers, and VoxelizeWEM voxelize the respective structures into a reference image coordinate system.

  • WEMLevelSetBoolean allows to perform boolean operations on closed WEM meshes using a level set representation.

  • WEMLevelSetFilter allows to apply a kernel filter on a level set generated from a closed WEM mesh and remesh the result.

  • WEMLevelSetOffset allows to enlarge or shrink a closed WEM using level sets.

  • WEMLevelSetRemesh remeshes a closed WEM using a level set representation.

Fixes / Enhancements (MeVisLab)

  • IDE

    • Added a context menu that allows editing of user scripts from the user script menu item itself.

    • Write the MeVisLab version to saved network files.

    • Support external links in note items.

    • 3D inspectors can zoom with the mouse wheel.

    • Prepend "./" to the displayed type of local macro modules.

    • The Run In Separate Process context menu entry shows a hint why it is disabled when it is disabled.

    • Connecting fields by dragging fields to the automatic panel was not undoable and also didn't mark the network as modified.

    • The MeVisLab Output Inspector now supports specialized inspectors for Python object sub-types.

    • Print an error message if a FieldListener has no field or no command given.

    • Fixed CTRL+Tab switching between networks in IDE and files in MATE.

    • Fixed inheriting module documentation if the module name is not the class name.

  • TestCaseManager

    • Can avoid per-function result directory by setting perFunctionResultDirectory to False in the .def file of the test.

    • Added option to display test report viewer inside the main TestCaseManager panel.

  • MATE (integrated editor)

    • Newly opened MATE documents are inserted after the tab from which they were opened.

    • MATE now downloads and installs Pylint version 1.8.4 by default.

    • Added option to run Pylint manually in MATE, and added a separate error check view.

    • One can specify a pylintrc file for the Pylint invocations in the preferences dialog.

    • Pylint check and Jedi auto-completion now regard the module's importPath.

    • Only highlight text or numbers on double-click.

    • Added (hidden) option to remove trailing spaces - this can be bound to a key shortcut in the shortcut manager.

    • Improved MATE startup performance by doing delayed package loading.

    • The replace-in-files dialog always writes system-specific line endings now.

  • C++ API changes

    • Added new ML list fields: ml::IntListField, ml::DoubleListField, ml::Vector2ListField, ml::Vector3ListField, and ml::Vector4ListField (similar to the Inventor multi-fields).

    • The mlError, mlWarning, mlInfo macros do not need an error type argument anymore. If omitted, ML_BAD_PARAMETER is used.

    • ml::Fields don't have a copy constructor anymore.

    • Added new getInterpolatedValue() method on ml::PagedImage which allows to fetch a tri-linear interpolated value at an arbitrary location.

    • ml::Rotation now creates a 180° rotation for exactly opposite vectors (previously it did nothing).

    • The Inventor class SoEvent now has a mouseButtonMask property that contains the currently pressed mouse buttons.

    • Allow to override existing cursor shapes in Inventor viewers with SoViewerProxy::defineCursor.

    • Added a BLANK_CURSOR value for the cursor shape enum field in Inventor modules.

    • Renamed internal Inventor class SoLightPath to SoLightweightPath because the name was confusing.

    • The destructor of Inventor class SbProjector was made virtual.

    • Added a ML_EXPLICIT_FALLTHROUGH define to all platforms, which expands to [[fallthrough]] (C++17) on platforms where an implicit fallthrough would result in a warning at compile time.

    • Added new method ml::OpenGL::isMesaSoftwareRenderer() to check if MeVisLab runs with an OpenGL software renderer.

  • Controls

    • Added a PythonTextView control for editing Python code in modules. It supports auto-completion of the underlying module context, context sensitive help and an extended context menu. Many modules that offer Python scripting now make use of this control (RunPythonScript, PythonArithmetic, ...).

    • ItemModelView can show a color and a checkbox in the same column.

    • Implemented an alternatingRowColors attribute on ItemModelView.

    • Added alternateBase (needed for alternatingRowColors), toolTipBase, and toolTipText color roles to MDL style.

    • Added clickedColumnField attribute to ItemModelView control, which writes the column index onto which the user (double-)clicked to the given field.

    • Introduced ComputedAttribute to ItemModelView control. This allows to compute a virtual attribute from other attributes using the same expression parser as, e.g., the dependsOn mechanism.

    • Implemented dependsOn/visibleOn on the Row element of the Table control.

    • Added new listview mode on TabView control. This facilitates the creation of preferences-style panel with a listview instead of a tabbar to select tabs. The listview can be made hierarchical by using the tabHierarchy tag on TabViewItems.

    • Fixed initial enabled state of TabView with only one child.

    • Fixed that dependsOn of ButtonGroupControl items always affected the first item.

    • When a parent checkbox in an ItemModelView control switches several child checkboxes, these are collected into one ItemModel update event.

    • Removed slicerScale attribute on Slider control (it didn't work anyway).

    • The Space key is not titled "Any" anymore in the EventFilter control. Also added the numerical "keyCode" info.

    • Call shouldCloseCommand if a modal dialog panel is closed with the Escape key.

    • Use system proxy settings by default in WebView control if no proxy is specified in the Preferences dialog of MeVisLab.

    • The Field control now recognizes the comboItems attribute.

    • Fixed wrong auto-alignment groups on the Grid control. Previously all Grid children got the same width, regardless of their column.

    • The More button on a Field control now shows a non-editable dialog if the control is non-editable.

    • Fixed problem with auto-repeat in step-buttons of number widget if a dialog is opened on value change.

  • Scripting

    • New field wrapper classes for the ML list fields and some Inventor multi-fields: MLABIntegerListField, MLABDoubleListField, MLABVector2ListField, MLABVector3ListField, and MLABVector4ListField.

      Since previously these fields were wrapped with MLABStringField you will now get an info message if you use the old value property which has a string type. You should rather use the new listValue property or stringValue()/setStringValue().

    • Added mlab_projects Python meta package for importing Python modules from MeVisLab module projects. (Not supported in auto-completion!)


      from mlab_projects.MySuperDuperProject import Utilities
      in Python code to import the Python module Utilities from file $(MyPackage)/Projects/MySuperDuperProject/Modules/Scripts/python/

    • Added MLAB.cryptStringUTF8()/MLAB.decryptStringUTF8() scripting methods with UTF-8 support.

    • Added setVr method to MLABMutableDicomTag.

    • Python object __object__ in the module context can now be any Python object to be visible through ctx.object(). Previously the auto-conversion of Python sequences or maps caused a conversion to a different object type.

    • The field associated with a control can now be accessed with the field() method.

    • MLABProcess.runCommandInConsole now has an option to wait until finished.

    • Added new scripting methods on macro modules to determine the sub-type (local, ad-hoc).

    • Added scripting method ctx.shouldAvoidSideEffects(), which returns true if a module is created just for editor auto-completion.

    • MLABModule::addModule does not print package dependency warnings anymore.

    • Print an error message if a call on a module could not be performed because there was no script context.

    • Using the MLABHttpDownload scripting class failed for large downloads in the GB range.

    • Added new scripting method MLABFileManager.setApplicationSupportUmbrellaDirectoryName() so applications can select another name than 'MeVis'.

  • Other fixes and improvements

    • Improved CUDA building support, support CUDA 9.

    • Connecting a bool field to float/double fields correctly sets 0 or 1 (only worked for Inventor fields before).

    • Do not ignore legacy values in lazy loading modules.

    • Save persistent flag of fields if required in lazy loading modules.

    • Worker processes (of remote modules) ignore the Logfile variable now.

  • Third-party libraries

    • Python

      • MeVisLab's Python distribution was updated to Python 3.6.4.

      • Added pyodbc Python ODBC bridge, version 4.0.21 (Windows only, typically used with sqlalchemy).

      • setuptools was updated to version 38.5.2.

      • NumPy was updated to version 1.14.2.

      • pip was updated to version 9.0.1.

      • coverage was updated to version 4.5.1.

    • Updated Qt to version 5.6.3.

    • Removed ospray library from ThirdParty, but re-added current embree library, version 2.17.0.

    • boost.random can be used in own projects now.

    • Use other method to determine MAC address for UUID generation in dcmtk to avoid certain crashes.

    • The storescu tool supplied by dcmtk library now supports on-the-fly compression.

    • The OpenSSL library was updated to version 1.0.2o.

    • Added OpenMP runtime for MacOS, version 6.0.

Fixes / Enhancements (Modules)

  • SoView2D and extensions

    • Added module SoView2DCine that allows more control over SoView2D's cine mode.

    • The new SoView2DCurrentState module returns the visible portion of an image for use with SoView2DRectangle.

    • More control over ruler color in SoView2DRuler and SoView2DAnnotation.

    • Added a stepSize field to SoView2DSlicer.

    • SoView2DOverlayMPR supports left-handed coordinate systems now.

    • SoView2DDrawVoxels3D can draw a brush preview now.

    • The SoView2DMarkerEditor module was moved to its own library.

    • SoView2D key commands are always available when the mouse is over the viewing area, not just over the image area.

    • SoView2DExtensions also show the "Alt" modifier option in their panel.

  • Other Open Inventor modules

    • Added new modules for menus in OpenInventor scenes: SoFixedMenu, SoBorderMenu, and SoPopupMenu, with SoMenuItem. In contrast to SoView2DMenu these support Managed Interaction and are more flexible.

    • Added new modules to query the OpenGL state: SoGLClearError, SoGLColorDepthInfo, SoGLGet, SoGLStateInfo.

    • Introduction of the new Managed Interaction Inventor draggers. Have a look at the MIPlaneDragger macro module for how to use them.

    • Added SoMetaInformation1d and SoMetaInformation1i modules.

    • Added a selectOnlyOnClick option to SoSelection and SoSelection2, which doesn't perform the selection if the mouse was moved while holding the mouse button.

    • Added a keepViewportWhileDragging option to SoViewportRegion.

    • Improved compatibility of Managed Interaction modules with classic event handling modules in Inventor scenes.

    • Added support for sRGB interpolation in SoLUTEditor and LUT base classes.

    • Allow to add control points by dragging from the borders in the SoLUTEditor.

    • Allow to choose slab start/center/end for the intersection (and an optional offset) in SoRenderSurfaceIntersection.

    • SoCrosshair can render thin cylinders instead of lines now.

    • Added ADD_BEFORE_INORDER modification type to SoShaderPipelineFunction.

    • Various changes to SoVascularSystem, e.g.:

      • Can work on a copy of the input graph.

      • Enhanced highlighting capabilities.

      • Can choose between integer and float LUT evaluation.

    • Support local transformations in SoDrawInstanced.

  • CSO

    • Added functions to CSO scripting wrappers for seed point selection.

    • CSOConvertToImage got an outputTypeMode field to grant more control over the voxel type of the output image.

    • SoCSO3DRenderer, So3DMarkerRenderer: Added functionality to only render CSOs/markers of selected timepoint.

  • WEM

    • Fixed an endless loop in WEMSubdivide.

    • SoWEMRenderer can cache WEM patches now (e.g. to quickly switch between time points).

    • Added module WEMRayIntersect and scripting wrapper WEMBoundingVolumeHierarchy for a fast ray intersection with WEM surfaces (based on the embree library).

    • WEMIsoSurface will cope with images with left-handed coordinate system now.

    • The WEMBulgeEditor uses different values (signs) in the PVL for preview and interaction.

    • Added global normal output to MarkerListToWEMPlane module.

  • ML modules

    • Added modules QPainterImage and QImageToML for ML image generation through Qt classes.

    • Added the ChromaKey module (for green screen handling of video images).

    • Replaced Type(De)Composer8|16|32|64 with Type(De)ComposerN, which have a dynamic number of visible inputs/outputs.

    • Added fillValue field to ConcatImages.

    • The BaseClear module got inputValid/outputValid fields.

    • Added an option useKeyFrameDistanceForSliceThickness to the MPRPath module.

    • Fixed automatic voxel size and bounding box calculation of the MPR modules.

    • Added Minimum and Replace modes to the AccumulateImage module.

    • The new GraphToVolume module allows to rasterize a ml::Graph to a volume.

    • ImageSave can now save RGB floating-point TIFF images with a linear (gamma=1) sRGB ICC profile.

    • ImageCompare now prints an ML_CALCULATION_ERROR instead of an ML_PROGRAMMING_ERROR if images differ.

    • We did a clean-up of MLVesselGraph library, some old modules were removed.

    • Avoid crashes in GVR modules when the image min/max values are not correct, i.e., there are voxel values outside the stated range.

    • Make CurveToHistogram always correctly update its output.

    • Fixed auto-updating of maximum volume limit in RegionGrowing module.

    • Fixed property extension loading in MLImageFormat.

  • Macro modules

    • Created new utility module ExportImagesAsSlices.

    • A new PythonPip tool module allows to install Python packages from PyPi.

    • Lots of fixes and improvements to the AnimationRecorder.

    • Added undo/redo to DrawVoxels3D.

    • GVROrthoOverlay has a blendMode field now.

    • Speed-up loading of file list in ImageLoadMulti.

    • Renamed CommandNotifyer to CommandNotifier and improved panel.

    • Removed the outdated ImageViewer application from the SDK.

Modules and Libraries Provided by Fraunhofer MEVIS


  • Additions

    • New module WalkSiblingDirectories that can be used to compare the contents of two folders file by file.

    • New module SoMIMouseOver allows to detect mouse over and click on child geometry using Managed Interaction.

    • New module SoMIRotateCameraPlaneDragger allows for rotation in the camera plane using Managed Interaction.

    • New module SoMITranslateCameraPlaneDragger allows for 2D translation in the camera plane using Managed Interaction.

    • New module SoView2DInfo that displays SoView2DExtension infos.

    • New module DynamicLayout that creates a layout using an MDL file and embeds viewers found in the connected Inventor graph.

    • New module SoActionFilter that allows to select which actions are applied to the child graph.

    • New module InventorGuard that combines SoIdentifier and SoActionFilter such that the child graph can not be added directly to the scene.

    • New module SoNodeFilter that filters the Inventor scene graph based on node names or types.

    • New module ComposeBoundingBox that calculates a composed bounding box of two aligned images.

    • New module ApplyOrthoOrientation, extending NormalizeOrthoOrientation with an additional "FromReference" mode, which applies the same ortho-orientation (transversal, sagittal, or coronal) as a given reference image.

    • New module OrthoCombination, does a combination of three images in different orthogonal orientations into a single one with a defined orientation, which puts the images from the different inputs in separate sub images in the c, t, or u dimension. This allows for convenient combination using modules requiring a single input image (e.g. OrthoProjection or kernel filtering).

    • New module ImageFromFile that loads a single image from a directory or file of (almost) any image file type supported by MeVisLab (basically an extension to LoadAny, internally making use of it if everything else fails).

    • New module ApplyGlobalModalityLUT, allowing for normalizing DICOM data containing either a single frame-unspecific (i.e. "shared" or "global") or multiple frame-specific RescaleIntercept or RescaleSlope values to a single, frame-unspecific, user-defined intercept, slope, and data type. (combining ApplyDicomPixelModifiers and DicomRescale).

    • New module BoundingBoxInReferenceSystem that computes the smallest SubImage of input1 that would contain all (reformated) voxels of image0..

    • New module LUTColorAtIndex that gets the color at the given LUT index.

    • New module LUTColorAtValue that gets the color at the given LUT value.

    • New module SoView2DSetPosition allows to set the slice index of connected SoView2Ds such that a given position is matched best.

    • New module BoundingBoxListener notifies changes of the Inventor scene boundingbox. Optionally an object selection is used.

    • New module RotateAtTarget allows to compute the orientation for a given position, target point and up-vector.

    • New module ImageAlignedBoundingBox calculates the image-aligned bounding box of the input image in world coordinates.

    • New module WorldAlignedBoundingBox calculates the world-aligned bounding box of the input image in world coordinates.

    • New module ApplyTransformationMatrix allows to apply a transformation given as matrix on the input image.

    • New module GVRContourOverlay that draws a contour of a mask image using a GVR secondary volume.

    • New modules PointSender/PointReceiver that allow to send point lists over a communication channel.

    • New module FilterCurveList to filter a CurveList by curve properties such as title or style.

    • New module SetMarkerCTUCoordinates to set non-spatial coordinates for a whole XMarkerList.

    • New module TranslateXMarkers to translate all positions in an XMarkerList.

    • New module ExtrapolateXMarkersPolynomial to extrapolate an XMarkerList based on a polynomial fit.

  • Improvements & extensions

    • Added simpler, bulge-like node movement to WEMExpandToMarkers.

    • The macro module CSOImageStatisticsOverTime now allows more than one input CSO.

    • Renamed NormalizeOrientation to NormalizeOrthoOrientation.

    • ImageCache macro and CacheManager python module now support progress output.

Updated third-party libraries in FMEWork/ThirdParty

  • Updated CTK-CLI python package to version 1.4.

  • Updated pydicom python package to version 1.0.1.

  • Removed mock python package.

Windows Edition

  • The Mesa OpenGL fallback driver has been updated to version 17.5.3.

  • HiDPI support has been improved, especially for setups with multiple screens of different resolutions.

  • Fixed a small color conversion bug in the video generation with OpenCV under Windows - videos were slightly too dark.

macOS Edition


This release requires at least OS X 10.11.5 (El Capitan) and Xcode 8.2 for development.

  • Full Support of macOS 10.13 (High Sierra)

  • Worker and Background Processes started from the IDE will show up in the Dock and allow network inspection via Context Menu Entry 'Show IDE'

  • Support of OpenMP development with Xcode 9.0 and newer (OpenMP runtime is included with MeVisLab)

  • Symbol visibility is restricted to explicitly exported symbols

  • ADK

    • Support of INSTALLER_MACX_PREINSTALL_COMMAND & INSTALLER_MACX_POSTINSTALL_COMMAND for executing shell commands during the installation of pkg installers (aka guided installers)


Application Builder (previously known as ADK)

  • Not showing diagnostic info messages for MeVisLab console applications.

  • Do not display certain dialogs if MeVisLab is run in batch mode.

  • When setting the preferences variable ShowFieldHelpInApplications the field help is shown in applications.

  • Can specify installer icon under Windows with INSTALLER_WINDOWS_ICON (and added a new default installer icon).

  • Removed support for putting .py and MDL files into a zip file in standalone installers.

  • Overhaul of the multi-language support in MeVisLab:

    • Calling the language tools from the public SDK works now.

    • Can open Qt Linguist from the context menu.

    • Can set the language from the module's context menu.

    • Better detection of translatable strings.

    • Translations will be applied to web panels.

  • Make it possible to use the Unicode plugin in the NSIS installer with INSTALLER_CUSTOM_NSIS_TOP_INCLUDE.

Version 3.0.2 Stable Release (2018-01)

New Features

  • MLABModule::addRemoteModule: Connection can be SSL encrypted.

  • Added isMouseOver and isDragging fields to SoView2DSlider.

  • Set isFilePath attribute on icon path fields of SoView2DMenuItem.

  • Can link against the SoRenderers and SoWEMModules libraries.

  • Use the http proxy configured on the system by default.

  • Automatically convert Python unicode strings to QByteArray in object wrappers using UTF-8 encoding.

  • SoCSO3DRenderer can apply a LUT to the CSO rendering now if a CSO module sets the extra value per path point.


  • SoOrthoView2DBase did not update its fields sliceOrigin2 and sliceOrigin3 correctly.

  • Setting list values from NumPy lists in Python wrappers could crash under certain circumstances.

  • Fixed MDL tag value auto completion in MATE.

  • Fixed crash when using titleField of box control.

  • Fixed incorrect parsing of DirectDicomImport config on MacOS.

  • Fixed an endless recursion in Python profiling when recursive object references were encountered.

  • Make MPR module work with left-handed coordinate systems.

  • Fixed a crash in the DynaCurve module when the timeData enum is changed.

  • Do never replace content of Debug Output when clicking links, always open in separate browser.

  • Support http and other Sphinx default roles in text of note items.

  • The editing dialog for note items didn't always show.

  • Fixed a restart issue with the MacOS Dock after adding items.

  • Fixed undoing of CSO changes not triggering the needed notifications.

  • Fix a bug in the item parser of SoView2DLegend.

  • Fixed light state leakage in SoPostEffectRenderer.

  • Fixed SoDepthPeelRenderer rendering on Intel graphics by adding a depth bias.

  • Fixed crash in CSOConvertToImage when changing number of time points.

  • CSOIsoGenerator clears the CSOList if the updateMode is set to AUTO_CLEAR.

  • Fixed SoView2DOverlayMPR showing the wrong overlay when zooming in.

  • Module SoShadowMapping didn't work under SoGroup nodes.

  • Correctly resize PVLs of WEMs in WEMThreshold.

  • Changes to the upVector of MPR module didn't trigger recomputation.

  • Fixed endoscopic rendering in GVR raycaster not clipping octree nodes correctly.

  • Fixed crash on Intel graphics when using shaders without own uniforms.

  • Avoid crash in VTKCowHairExample from welcome screen (only crashed on Nvidia graphics cards).

  • Fixed wrong default memory cache size in IDE when main memory size is 16GB or more (on 64 bit systems).

  • Fixes to Python futurize.

  • Fixed crash when listening to Shortcut events (which isn't a key event) in the EventFilter control. Also added some more key code names for key events.

  • Fixed cursor shapes not updating for Inventor viewers when rendered with a RemotePanelRenderer.

  • ADK: Also sign files in TestCases directory of projects in the Projects directory of a package.

Version 3.0.1 Stable Release (2017-08)

New Features

  • Added support for Visual Studio 2017. For this compiler we are abandoning our previous naming scheme (Visual Studio 2015 had the id VC14), and name it VS2017 instead.

  • Added KeepDimension option to slab render modes of modules MPR and MPRLight to allow separate depth or time projection.

  • WEMSubdivide got support for localized subdivision using a PVL list.

  • The module SoClearBuffers got a dedicated depth value to set the depth buffer to an explicit value.

  • The module SoView2DAnnotation got margin fields.

  • Restored original behavior of MLABMacroModule::addNote() and MLABNoteItem::setText() to add plain text notes (which is faster) and added new methods MLABMacroModule::addReSTNote() and MLABNoteItem::setReSTText() to programmatically create and edit ReST notes.

  • MLABPackage::isUnderVersionControl() also detects git repositories now.


  • Fixed a crash in SoWEMRenderer on deconstruction (when an input was still connected).

  • Fixed a crash in CSOVoxelCrop when no input was connected.

  • Avoid crash in WEMImageData when filling a custom PVL but not specifying a name.

  • Fixed value "bleeding" error in FloydSteinberg module.

  • Fixed dependsOn mechanism on items of the ToolButtonGroup control.

  • Fixed SoView2DOverlayMPR sometimes rendering the wrong overlay when using a lot of overlays.

  • Fixed WEMSubdivide sometimes not terminating when applied on non-closed WEMs.

  • Fixed MoviePlayer control not working on Linux because of a missing library.

  • Fixed MLWEMWrapper::getWEMPatchIndex(int id) which returned the total number of patches instead of the index of the patch.

  • Can disable Pylint checks also for the Py3k pass in MATE.

  • Fixed Python auto-completion of Qt properties in MATE.

  • Fixed jumping to error messages in the ToolRunner.

  • Fixed some wrong cursor position problems on the network area in HiDPI mode.

  • Fixed the "Save to Image" button of the MatplotlibCanvas control.

  • Make the ML_ENUM_VALUE macro also work with C++-11 strongly typed enums.

  • Speed-up of add-on installation on Windows.

  • Some small module help updates.

Version 3.0 (2017-06)

The main reason for the change in the major version number is that MeVisLab is now based on Qt5.6. This change also caused some other changes, so you should read the release notes carefully.

Qt5 Porting Issues

  • The clickedCommand and mouseButtonClickedCommand of the ListView control only react on left-click now. If you want to react on right-clicks, use the pressedCommand or an EventFilter.

  • We switched to a new OpenGL widget in Qt. In case of problems you can get back the old widget by setting the environment variable MLAB_QT_OPENGL_WIDGET to old.

  • The (legacy) support for JavaScript scripting in modules has been removed entirely.

  • ActiveX support has finally been dropped entirely.

Python 3 Switch Preparations

We are planning to switch from Python 2 to Python 3 with one of the next releases. To ease the switch we made it possible to make the Python scripting code compatible with both versions.

For this, we introduced a Python 3 Compatibility Warnings option in the Preferences... dialog under the Scripting section. This will emit warnings about non-compatible code when the code is executed. This will also enable warnings about non-compatible code in MATE if Pylint is installed.

There is also a User Script under ScriptingPython 3 SupportFuturize Python Scripts that will automatically convert your code to be compatible with Python 3. It is advisable to check the changes though, since they sometimes tend to be in the category 'works, but is not pretty', and can be done better by a knowledgeable user.


  • The PythonQt wrappers for Qt have been upgraded to Qt5. PythonQt for Qt5 still follows the package naming of Qt4, so, e.g., QWidget is still in QtGui (instead of QtWidgets) and QWebView is still in QtWebKit (instead of QtWebKitWidgets) and so on.

  • Changed methods (oldnew):

    QtCore.QDir.convertSeparators -> QtCore.QDir.toNativeSeparators
    QtCore.QRegExp.numCaptures -> QtCore.QRegExp.captureCount
    QtCore.Qt.escape -> MLAB.escapeString
    QtCore.QTextStream.writeBoolean() -> removed
    QtCore.QUrl has been redesigned in Qt5 and the API has changed substantially. The new class QUrlQuery offers some methods that have been removed from QUrl.

  • PythonQt has the following new modules: QtMultimedia, QtQuick, and QtQml.

  • PythonQt now supports QtCore.Slot, QtCore.Signal, QtCore.Property (compatible to PySide/PyQt), and the creation of dynamic meta objects.

  • QSound has been moved to QtMultimedia.

  • Improved __nonzero__ check in some PythonQt wrappers.

  • Added support for Python compare functions (__eq__, etc.) in QObject wrappers.

Fixes / Enhancements (MeVisLab)

  • IDE:

    • The context menus of fields and modules have been re-worked to reduce the number of items. It may take some time to get used to the new arrangement.

    • Added a projectsSearchDepth tag to the Package.def file of each package to set the maximum search depth for looking for projects in the Projects directory.

    • The number of warnings and errors in the console is now displayed in the status bar of the IDE.

    • MeVisLab now automatically handles UTF-8 files with BOM correctly.

    • Added NetworkPanel step buttons to modules that switch their inputs (previously we only allowed one button per module, now we can have a forward and a back button).

    • MeVisLab now checks if an MDL tag may be specified multiple times.

    • Unknown field types in the Interface section of a module give a warning now.

    • Cannot specify Image, MLBase, or SoNode field types in the Parameters section of a module anymore.

    • The image cache can now be cleared from a context menu on the cache size display.

    • Removed option to enable the classic ML host from preferences.

    • Improved network notes, they now use Sphinx markup and can link to objects in the network.

    • Newly created note items are also placed at the mouse cursor if this option is enabled for modules.

    • Added a isFilePath attribute for string fields in the Interface/Description section of modules. This activates a special handling in Field controls and in the automatic panel, and tries to convert the path value with MLAB.unexpandFilename when saved in a network file.

  • TestCaseManager:

    • Code tests can now be run (and compiled!) from the TestCaseManager.

    • The test case methods Base.verifyTrue and Base.verifyFalse require the argument to be really True or False now.

    • The TestCaseManager now shows the comments defined on a test case as tool-tip.

    • Show micro second precision in logging time stamps.

    • Support multi-selection of test cases.

    • Test cases can now be organized in "sections" (per package).

    • One can now select which packages should be visible in the TestCaseManager.

    • Expected errors and warnings in a test are not marked as error in the MeVisLab console anymore.

    • expectError/expectInfo/expectWarning should behave correctly now when used recursively.

  • MATE (integrated editor)

    • Added highlighting and auto-completion for .mli/.mlinstall files.

    • The integrated Python debugger can now break on Python warnings. This can be used to prepare the switch to Python 3 (when Python 3 compatibility warnings are enabled).

    • Python auto-completion runs in a separate process now which makes typing a much smoother experience.

    • MATE will save files automatically as UTF-8 (marked with a BOM at the start) if required by their content.

    • Added Extract Method and Rename refactoring functions for Python code.

    • Can change the font size in MATE with Ctrl+mouse wheel.

    • Pylint is installed with a fixed version to hopefully fix installation problems in the future.

  • C++ API changes

    • Managed Interaction now allows to dynamically remove (or add) interactions from/to a node.

    • Added a SO_NODE_ADD_FIELD_CALLBACK macro to Inventor for easily calling a class method when an Inventor field changes.

    • Enabled C++-11 support.

    • ml::SubImage::setOrigin keeps the original extent now.

    • Added templated getTypedValue() method to classes ml::BaseField and SoSFMLBase.

    • Added a addBase overload to ml::FieldContainer that takes a RefCountedBasePtr as argument. Also added addBaseWithAllowedType methods.

    • Added support for replacing the page on the outputSubImage in calculateOutputSubImage.

    • getTile calls can now take an optional progress update callback as argument.

  • Controls

    • The EventFilter control gives more complete information about ContextMenu events.

    • Added a contextMenuRequestedCommand to the ListView control.

    • The MoviePlayer control has been re-implemented to use the multimedia framework of Qt.

    • Added scripting method setItemToolTip to IconView control.

    • Added automaticParentCheckboxState feature to the ItemModelView control which sets the checkbox state of parent items according to the state of their children.

    • Added autoExpandToDepth attribute to the ItemModelView control.

    • Added a new GUIExample module, removed the old ExampleGUIScripting.

    • One has better control over icon sizes of button group controls with the new attributes iconWidth, iconHeight, and useOriginalIconSizes.

  • DICOM support

    • We can now decode RLE-lossless and JPEG-lossless image data in DICOM files.

    • Improved performance when reading DICOM files.

    • Dicom UID generation now uses a new prefix.

    • Added support for OL and UC VRs in DcmTree library.

    • Added new ml::DicomTree and ml::MutableDicomTree Base objects to MLDicomTreeImagePropertyExtension library, also added and improved wrappers for these objects.

    • Added modules CloneDicomTree, DicomTreeToDummyImage, GetDicomTreeFromImage, LoadDicomTree, SaveDicomTree, and SetDicomTreeOnImage which use the new DICOM Base objects.

    • Added a DicomTagNames Python module with all known DICOM tag names as members.

  • Scripting

    • MLAB.terminate now has an optional exit code argument.

    • The preferences dialog gained an option to enable Python 3 compatibility warnings (under Scripting).

    • Added the new MLABDicom global scripting object and moved DICOM related methods to it, keeping the old methods in MLAB as forwards, added new tagInfo() method.

    • Added a warning if a control with the same name was already registered in an MDL panel.

    • Added a no-op scripting method MLAB.moduleLiteral() to mark module names for dependency analysis.

    • Offering Principal Component Analysis via scripting on CSO, WEM, and XMarkers.

    • Added MLAB.macOpenFileInApplication() scripting function for macOS.

    • Handle SystemExit Python exception correctly.

    • Can copy&paste multi-line Python code into the scripting console and execute it normally now.

    • Many basic script wrappers can now return (or take) a NumPy array to improve performance.

    • Added scripting methods desaturateImage, grayScaleImage, and blendToColor to MLABGraphic.

    • Added a method to the IconView control to change the QImage of an item.

    • Added Inventor scripting wrapper methods to get a full path from a SoPath, and a quaternion from an SbRotation.

  • Other fixes and improvements

    • We added support for a "CUDA" CONFIG option in .pro files (you still need to install CUDA, though).

  • Third-party libraries

    • Updated Qt to version 5.6.2.

    • Updated dcmtk to version dcmtk-3.6.1_20160630.

    • Updated boost to version 1.62.

    • Added the boost_timer library to the possible CONFIG entries.

    • Updated Threading Building Blocks to version 2017 Update 3.

    • Updated OpenSSL to version 1.0.2k.

    • Updated zlib to version 1.2.11.

    • Updated libpng to version 1.4.20.

    • Updated libjpeg-turbo to version 1.4.90.

    • Added the icu unicode library.

    • Updated Crypto++ to version 5.6.5 and moved the include files to a sub-directory "crypto" (so you need to adapt your includes if you used this library).

    • Python

      • Updated NumPy to version 1.9.2.

      • Updated Jinja to version 2.7.3.

      • Updated Pygments to version 2.0.2.

      • Updated docutils to version 0.12.

      • Updated Sphinx to version 1.3.1.

      • Updated Mako to version 1.0.1.

      • Updated pip to version 8.1.2.

      • Added pyzmq.

Fixes / Enhancements (Modules)

  • SoView2D and extensions

    • SoView2D got support for Inventor picking when rendered in 3D.

    • Added a forceImageUpdate trigger field to SoView2D which can be used to force an immediate update to fields depending on the input image.

    • Added the module SoView2DArrowHeadSettings, used in SoView2DMarkerEditor and SoCSOArrowEditor.

    • Added new module SoView2DButton.

    • Added depth visibility feature to SoView2DLabel.

    • Added new module SoView2DGrid which draws a grid on the view.

    • Added new module SoView2DCurrentState to get at pixel spacing and viewing area of a SoView2D.

    • Added new module View2DIsoContourShader.

    • Added option useInputResolutionIfAxisAligned to the SoView2DOverlayMPR module.

  • Other Open Inventor modules

    • Added the SoClearBuffers module.

    • Created a new module InteractiveRampLUT that is used in View2DExtensions, View3D, and MLImageInspector.

    • Switched the zoom action of SoCameraInteraction to be a managed offset action.

    • Added SoUndoActions module which provides a Managed Interaction frontend for the UndoManager object.

    • Can zoom (and rotate) with mouse wheel in SoExaminerViewer if activated.

    • Changed headlight handling in SoExaminerViewer and SoCameraInteraction.

    • Added SeekToPoint pointing action to SoCameraInteraction module (must be bound to mouse button with SoInteractionMapping).

    • The SoPlaneDragger module got new fields enableMouseOverHighlighting and enableMouseOverCursor.

    • Fixed SoVolumeCutting on Linux.

  • CSO

    • The SoCSOEllipseEditor can create circles on single click now and resize circles/ellipses around their center.

    • New a facility in CSO editor modules to control path point density.

    • Added group merge mode to CSOMerge.

    • Added new module SoCSODrawOnSurface.

    • Make SoCSOImageStatistics honor the time point of the CSO.

    • Optimized CSOLiveWireGraph.

    • Added pointsPerMM argument to CSOList scripting wrappers.

  • WEM

    • Added a Octasphere shape (sphere constructed from octants) and a Dodecahedron mode to WEMInitialize.

    • The first input of WEMMerge is now called inWEM0.

    • Added normalMode field to WEMSaveAsU3D to support per-node and per-face normals.

    • Added an option to WEMModify to sort the faces of all WEMPatches in the z-direction.

    • WEMReducePolygons can now also stop on a maximum error value for edges.

    • Prevent smoothing and polygon reduction of the result of WEMVascularSystem at the leaf points by new option.

    • Added WEMBulgeEditor modules for 2D and 3D editing.

    • WEMThreshold will now intersect faces cleanly.

    • Added a WEMThresholdToCSO module which allows to generate CSOs at the interval borders of a PVL value set on the input WEM.

    • WEMClipPlaneToWEM can return the clipped remainder and clipping cover in separate patches.

  • ML modules

    • The VideoWriter modules can now also write separate image files.

    • The RemotePanelRendering module can now handle nested GraphicsViews (this needs to be activated with a flag).

    • Added an option to ComputeConnectedComponents to set image value or rank as default user data.

    • Switched the StopWatch module from using MemCache to ProcessAllPages.

    • Added a SetFileName module to override the filename associated with an image.

    • RemoteRendering supports HiDPI screens now.

    • Added support for tag name completion to DicomTagModify.

    • Added C, T, and U ramp to TestPattern module.

    • Added field allowInvalidInputs to MergeRegions.

    • Added MarkerPCA module which does a principal component analysis on an XMarkerList.

    • Speed up compare of DICOM trees in ImageCompare module.

    • Added new module ComputeMajorAxis to compute extent of mask items in 2D.

    • Added new module TransformWorldMatrix.

    • Added a recursive filter mode to the ItemModelItemFilter.

    • SubImageStatistics can now compute statistics for multiple mask regions.

    • Improved and renamed EuclideanDTF to EuclideanDistanceTransform.

    • Added new module SignedEuclideanDistanceTransform, which does a distance transformation to the inside and the outside of a mask image.

    • Added module ChangePageExtent which allows to change the page extent of an image per dimension.

    • Added ignoreOrigin option to PythonImage module and PySubImage class.

    • Fixed an offset miscalculation in OrthoReformat3 leading to crashes for large images.

  • Macro modules

    • The DicomTagBrowser module can now sort by column.

    • Added a 'finalize' section to the RunPythonScript module.

    • Added a onlySetIfChanged flag to the SettingsManager module.

Modules and Libraries Provided by Fraunhofer MEVIS


  • Additions

    • New module ImageCache that wraps different kinds of caches and provides additional auto update modes (e.g., 'auto-update only if valid and different') that can be helpful during prototyping, and a CacheManager Python module that can be used to dynamically add caches to a network.

    • New module ImageCacheForNetworkLoop that supports iterative updates in cyclic subnetworks.

    • New modules CSOImageStatistics and CSOImageStatisticsOverTime that calculate statistics of CSOs with respect to a given image.

    • New module CSOVoxelCrop and CSOWorldCrop that take a CSOList and a bounding box (in voxel or world coordinates, respectively) and removes all points from the CSO that are outside the box.

    • New module CSOOffset that can shrink or extend CSOs anisotropically.

    • New module CSOResample to resample seed points in a CSO to a given distance.

    • New module CSODifference that computes the difference between two CSOs as open CSOs.

    • New module ModifyCSOVisualizationSettings that modifies certain properties of a CSOVisualizationSettings object.

    • New module CSOOrthoEditor for to allow rendering and editing CSOs on an OrthoView2D.

    • New module WEMClipImagePlanesToCSOList that converts a WEM to a CSOList with CSOs on the planes of an image.

    • New module SetMarkerProperties to set common properties for all markers in a marker list.

    • New module ExtrapolateXMarkerLine that extends a dotted line of XMarkers linearly in both directions.

    • New functionality and modules in and general overhaul of the test hierarchy analysis for complex dependencies, i.e., the applicationTesting Python package and the TestHierarchy project.

    • New modules for ListBase-derived list (e.g., XMarkerLists) handling:

      • SplitList: Splits a list in two.

      • Sublist: Extracts a part of a list .

      • ListActionInspector: Shows info about the current action on the list.

    • Other new modules:

      • DetermineTestsOfModule

      • CreateModuleList

      • CreateTestCenterTestCaseList

      • FilterModuleList

      • ApplySetOperationToModuleList

      • LoadStructuredListFromJSON

      • SaveStructuredListToJSON

      • FindPythonCallsInDependencies

    • New Python classes TestCase, ModuleTestCase, and AlgorithmModuleTestCase supporting TestCenter tests that come in class form and support cleaner test setups (in fmeTestSupport).

    • New user script ShowExampleNetworkForSelectedModules.

    • Added Python wrappers for most standard *Load, *Save and *Compare modules.

  • Improvements & extensions

    • Several improvements to the AlgorithmModule and AlgorithmMacroModule base classes and the corresponding wizards.

    • The behavior of CSOListToStylePalette needed to be changed in order to fix several bugs in palette generation. The output StylePalette is now resized correctly so it can be empty or it can have less than 12 styles. In addition, palette colors and names are now cleared correctly before each update which may result in different outcome in existing networks. CSO labels are now also set as style names in "CSO Id" and "Group Id" modes.

    • CSOShapeBasedInterpolation can now compute the distance transform based on the CSOs and thus achieve sub-voxel accuracy.

    • CSOShapeBasedInterpolation and ImageShapeBasedInterpolation now have an additional distance map output and a "use distance to contour" flag.

    • CSOBoolOp improvements.

    • CSOBoostGeometry can now optionally convert polygons to CSOs with a single seed point.

    • CSOConvertToXMarkerList now has an additional mode where the relative position of the marker point in the CSO (start, inner, or end point) is stored as type.

    • XMarkerListSort sorting is now stable.

    • XMarkerListCompare can now ignore marker type .

    • XMarkerSamplePattern can now optionally process the whole input list.

    • Extended CurveGenerator.

    • Extended ApplicationVersioningSupport Python module by a new VCSQuery module obtaining SVN revision infos for paths.

    • Fixed Bootstrap update of trace images which failed if having averaged DTI data before.

    • FibersToGraph now outputs graph usable by WEMVascularSystem.

    • Several improvements to the ModuleSuggest user script.

    • SoCSOManualCorrectionEditor: General overhaul and improvements.

    • Performance optimization of QuadratureFilter .

    • Update of OpenCL stubs to current version (2.1) due to deprecated OpenCL 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2 methods.

    • Many network panels added or improved.

  • Bug fixes

    • In SoRampLUT, the range and width parameters were swapped in the mapping to the internal RampLUT module.

    • CSOVoxelSetListInfo now allows to select voxel set at index 0.

    • XMarkerListFilter now sets the ListBase:ActNew action when updating its output.

    • XMarkerListTransformation now copies the input marker IDs correctly to the output list.

    • XMarkerSamplePattern now updates normal when changing inputXMarkerIndex.

DICOM related changes

  • ReleaseToolsDICOM from ReleaseToolsDICOM.h and its corresponding namespace have been moved into the project DICOMTagTools and its corresponding namespace in file mlDICOMTagTools.h. Renaming and rebuilding projects should solve all compile and linkage problems; the signature of one tool function has changed:

    • DCMTreeInfo determineDCMTreeInfo(DCMTree::Const_TreePtr dcmTree);
      has been changed to
      void determineDCMTreeInfo(DCMTree::Const_TreePtr dcmTree, DCMTreeInfo &dcmTreeInfo);
      It may be necessary to include the header file mlDICOMTreeInfo.h to compile this.

    • Tools for conversion between ML and DICOM located in MLMultiFileVolume have been moved into new projects MLMLToDicomTools and MLDicomToMLTools. If you only make use of such tool functionality then you may reduce your project dependencies only to one or both of these projects and remove MLMultiFileVolume.

    • Many functions require a DicomMessageCollector (from project DICOMCachedIO) now which collects possible issues and other messages. The former way to return a descriptive string has been removed from a large number of functions.

  • Changes on DICOM related modules:

    • New module DicomSEGSave for exporting DICOM SEG files, supporting the DICOM Segmentation IOD.

    • New module MultiFileVolumeListSEGOutput for providing details on SEG files.

    • New module MultiFileVolumeListDiagnosisOutput: A diagnosis and analysis module for MultFileVolumeList, providing for example some basic statistic and search functionality as well as validity tests.

    • New module DicomConfigurableMessageFilter: for configuring messaging and logging of modules using this.

    • DicomModifyMultiFileVolumeExport provides an option to load MultiFileVolumeCache-files now.

    • DicomTreeCompare can detect differences in value multiplicity now.

    • DicomModifyImageTagsPlugin created exception errors on files where NumberOfTags tags does not have a value.

    • DicomTreeInfo and other modules posted unnecessary errors on empty file name selections and disabled update modes when files still do not exist.

    • DicomModifyTagsPlugin module does not accept private element tag IDs with lower 8 bits < 0x10.

    • DicomMultiFileVolumeListExport did not export pixel data any more if no ImageTagsPlugin loaded them explicitly.

    • MultiFileVolumeList*Output modules had an unbounded volume index and/or displayed volumes out of range.

    • Dicom*Save modules have an 'updateDone' trigger output now.

    • Dicom*Save (except of DicomSRSave) modules have an input connector for DicomTagModify modules now.

    • DicomTreeValidate does not post errors on default instantiation any more.

    • MultiFileVolumeListOutput* modules provide the currently used MultiFileVolumeList at a Base output for convenience now.

    • MultiFileVolumeList*Output modules have the functionality to display references to original files/volumes now.

    • FileListFilterPlugin has support for tag search in MF volumes as well as multi-value tag search support now.

    • DicomSCSave doesn't save some tags anymore that are disallowed by the standard.

    • DirectDicomImport:

      • Added some documentation about supported DICOM import functionality.

      • Improved performance of loading .nii files.

      • Fixed that Deformable Registration Object cannot be loaded.

      • Fixed problems with non-bitmask / fractional SEG files.

      • Fixed that same sized high dimensional (>4) NM DICOMs were sorted together to a broken image .

      • Fixed problems with separation of multi-segment SEG files.

      • Fixed that unknown standard tags were shown as unknown private tags.

      • Many optimizations in the import process have been implemented, especially on enhanced multi-frame files and large series. 2D pixel data is mostly loaded on demand now, which can speed up import times.


        Errors and messages related to pixel data accesses in DICOM data do not appear during import time any more but much later when data is accessed.

      • When importing data via ImageLoad, DCMTK issues were not caught in the DirectDicomImport log stream but logged in the console.

      • The panel has been modernized, many elements have been moved into specific dialogs which can be opened with buttons or with double click on a volume in the volume list, all elements and fields still exist; some buttons have been realized as more compact enumerator fields.

      • Fixed that "Position Reference Indicator" tag was removed when importing Enhanced MF DICOM files.

      • DirectDicomImport and related MultiFileVolumeList*Output modules produced too many/much error output for a single error message.

      • DirectDicomImport and itkImageFileReader handle handle Sign Extensions of pixel data as well as shifting now.

      • Can read Parametric Maps now.

      • Fixed that decomposing of enhanced multi-frame files did not maintain the structure of Functional Group sequences.

      • Fixed that writing relative paths did not work for enhanced DICOM images.

      • DirectDicomImport and other modules with bit-overlay outputs used SET instead of OR for overlay merges.

      • RWV (Real World Mapping Storage) data should not be handled as image data any more.

      • Fixed error on valid import of Enhanced DICOM files with private tags in Functional Group macro sequences.

      • Fixed crashes while importing corrupted XA data.

    • MultiFileVolumeListSROutput:

      • Handles retired SR data more strictly now. The module has been revised to provide permission flags which still allow retired structures.


        The module is not backward compatible any more, check functionality and reconfigure modules if they are stored in networks.

    • DicomREGSave:

      • Handling mismatch of MeVisLab Worldmatrix and DICOM world tags (ImagePositionPatient, etc.). Source can be selected now.

      • DicomREGSave and DicomSEGSave add tags of Common Instance Reference Module now.

    • MultiFileVolumeListDraftView:

      • Also supports other frame types than DICOM as well as enhanced multi-frame frames.

      • The robustness against frames without Image information was improved.

  • Other DICOM related fixes and changes:

    • Some functionality has been moved to new or other existing libraries.

    • The new Value Representation UR is handled in many places now.

    • Many input fields (for example in DicomREGSave) check values with VR CS for standard compliance now, invalid strings will not be saved any more.


      If your application stored invalid strings before, this will not work any more. This changes the behavior especially of Dicom*Save modules.

  • Known issues:

    • Currently DirectDicomImport cannot distinguish between DICOM images with RGBA value representation - as for example stored by ImageSave - (which do not obey the DICOM standard) and valid ones only having RGB photometric representation; therefore such images are shown incorrectly.

    • DirectDicomImport is missing support for "Philips3D" files.


  • Fixed a few misbehaving module operations.

  • Minor changes and cleanups, scripts ported to Python.


  • Changes:

    • Updated VTK to version 7.1, of 2016-05-03.

    • Renamed conversion module module MLBaseToVTKPoints to the more correct name MLBaseToVTKPolyData.

    • Dropped deprecation support for versions before MeVisLab 2.3.

    • Script components in generated module wrappers use Python instead of JavaScript now.

    • New isFilePath MDL feature is used for file names and paths. This may require a confirmation of values in file and path fields when updating networks with stored paths.

    • Removed a number of wrappers for deprecated VTK classes and of many others which do not make sense as wrapped modules. Also some deprecated and useless modules and fields have been removed

  • Caveats:

    • In some situations MeVisLab redraw events get lost when rendering objects in VTK renderers. This can lead to missing redraws of the MeVisLab GUI. Dragging at application borders can resize and redraw MeVisLab in such cases.

    • Some classes wrapped as VTK modules are still unstable or have missing example networks.

    • Many connectors and fields have changed. Usually they will automatically be reconnected to new connectors, however this is not always possible. Thus stored networks may be affected or become incompatible.

      • If stored field names could not be restored, in most cases (re-)saving the network removes the warnings.

      • If connections cannot be restored, carefully check which one is missing. In most cases they can be re-established manually.

Point Cloud Library

  • New module PCLStatisticalOutlierRemoval which uses point neighborhood statistics to filter outlier data.

  • New module PCLRadiusOutlierRemoval which filters points in a cloud based on the number of neighbors they have.

  • New module PCL83xLoader: Experimental loader for IMAGINEX Azimuth DELTA Sonar .837/.83B file pairs.

  • PCLBaseObjectWrapper has a another setPointMemberXYZIntensityReplacement function which allows to set a larger point set at once from NumPy arrays.

New third-party libraries in FMEWork/ThirdParty

Windows Edition

  • The Mesa OpenGL fallback driver has been updated to version 12.0.0.

  • HiDPI screens are supported on Windows now. Some small bugs may still exist though, especially for mixed display setups.

macOS Edition


This release requires at least OS X 10.11.5 (El Capitan) and Xcode 8.1 for development.

  • Full support for macOS 10.12 (Sierra).

  • Updated the MeVisLab macOS Edition guide.

  • Updated the OsiriX MeVisLab Bridge guide.

  • The ToolRunner application may be used to setup Xcode workspaces for dependent or related projects. See Creating Multi-Project Xcode Workspaces using ToolRunner in the MeVisLab 3.0 macOS Edition guide.

  • The OsiriXBridge modules, the plugin, as well as the documentation have again been included into MeVisLab. Support has been extended to Horos. The source codes are being published to the GitHub community repository.

  • For module development, the created Xcode projects will now build against the newest SDK shipped with Xcode and set the deployment target to the OS release against which MeVisLab has been build.

Linux Edition

  • One can create NetBeans C++ project files from .pro files now.

  • Added command line option -no-opengl for running batch jobs on Linux.


  • Make installation of applications possible without admin rights.

  • One can create TestCenter addon installers for applications now.

  • Improvements to .mlinstall/.mli files:

    • Added a PREPROCESS_MKDIR command that creates a directory immediately when encountered.

    • Added a PREPROCESS_CHECK_EXECUTE command that executes a command immediately when encountered and sets the LAST_EXIT_CODE variable.

    • Only specific environment variables are automatically imported into .mlinstall/.mli files as is (mostly those starting with MLAB_). All other environment variables need to be prefixed with ENV_.

  • Created a MeVisLabAppConsole executable that writes output to the console on Windows.

  • The ModuleDependencyAnalyzer collects *.ts (translation) files now.

  • JavaScript files are not signed in installers anymore.

Releases before 3.0

For the release notes of older MeVisLab releases see this document.